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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Bohandas, Nov 23, 2020.

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    I've made a class to help with debugging. It does this by adding a bunch of at-will abilities that might be useful when you're trying to test out your own mod but that aren't included in the game's normal debug mode, including:

    *Discover random craft recipe
    *Increase craft skills
    *Increase regen
    *Restore Mana
    *Reset Cooldowns
    *Remove curses/debuffs

    The invulnerability buff is currently bugged and does not negate slashing damage (This seems to be a problem with a game itself as the slashing resist appears in the character's stats and the buff's description when the buff is on. However, if any of you can think of some fix I've overlooked I'd like to hear it)

    At some point in the future I intend to add monster spawning, wall digging, teleportation, and map reveal

    Note also that the cooldown reset skill may be buggy. Steam's XML validator says it's written incorrectly but the downloadable XML validator on the gaslamp forum says it's fine, and I haven't got a chance to test that particular function myself yet.

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