Chronomancy: Time Manipulation Skill

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    His "level 7" is correct - 3 levels to get Time Flux, and 4 more levels to get another 5-tier skill tree to the capstone skill.

    I think my Clockwork Knight-based build is going to love this skill tree even more than that. :D
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    Yeah, I was deliberately looking at only core skills. Definitely Swift Sriker, CK, etc. will totally bust loose with Time Flux. :)
  3. How exactly does Lease of Time work? It sounds ludicrously overpowered if I understand it correctly.
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    2 turns of invulnerability and free skill using, 70 turns of cooldown.
  5. Ah, just two turns? And it only lets you use chronomancy skills I take it?
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    I don't mean to be rude, but isn't it supposed to say premonition, not precognition?
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    They're practically the same word, just the author's choice.
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    Not exactly the same, but in this case they can be used interchangeably.
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    Overall, I like this skill set, but I've had two bugs come up while messing around.

    First is that my past self always summons in dead as a pair of bloody boots. It doesn't seem to distract monsters very well like that. Not sure if it's a bug, or because my last character died.

    Second, while playing around with the skills in rapid succession, with time flux, lease of time, and grandfather clock, I ended up having the In the Flux of Time, or whatever it was called, buff on permanently. It could have come on as a result of trying to cast the grandfather clock on my own position, but I'm not sure what I did then.

    Of the mods I have, only the Chronomancy was loaded. I was running the game in debug mode though, but all I did with it was quicklevel once to get to try out the skills.
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    Really digging this mod. Clever, funny, unique. Love it. Amazed by your code. The seven timelines with all the teleporting around is amazing. Precognition is an inefficient way to kill baddies, but boy is it fun.

    Bugs I've found:

    1) None of the skills auto-load to the skill belt upon levelling up. For whatever reason, I have to manually add them to the skill belt. Other mods do not have this trouble, and I'm not sure what's causing it.

    2) Got a really nasty crash when Precognition came into effect off-screen inside a double-zoo with a closed door between me and it. I was stuck walking in place for about a minute, as if the turn were still being processed. Then my character pulled out her little idling handheld animation. Could not take a turn or interact with the game in any way. All the keyboard shortcuts ("m" for menu, "c" for character, "q" for quest, etc) became unresponsive. Had to use forcequit to escape to the desktop.

    Here's a screenshot in case it's at all unclear what I'm saying. A monster one tile off the right of the screen was the target of the precognition that's attempting to trigger on the next action. I can see it despite the never-opened door because I'm just north of the other (emptied) room of the double-zoo. Not sure if this is a result of the unusual situation, or if it's a sign that one of the possible spell-effects on Precognition is broken.
    Screen shot 2012-05-06 at 11.01.17 AM.png

    3) Time Flux says that those nearby are ravaged by the passage of time, but I've never seen it. Those little blue flashes that accompany it have never killed a monster, and I don't think any have even taken damage while it was running unless I poisoned or Precog'ed them before Fluxing. I think it's plenty potent as-is, since I've used it to avoid acid damage, eat grinch club sandwiches without danger, and wait for monsters who'd pinned me in to get bored and wander off so I could maneuver. It's a great power without it doing damage to monsters, but your flavor text sure makes it seem like it's supposed to do so, so this may be a bug.

    Balance issues:
    A) The level one "daydreaming" power is super good. Probably too good. It's clearly not as weak as you describe it being in your initial post. Even on Going Rogue, I've never had any new monsters spawning while daydreaming, so there's really no downside. At this point, food is only useful during zoos, as daydreaming takes care of just about all healing needs between fights. I realize to some extent this is the same as just punching spacebar, but it's so much less tedious, there's no reason not to do it. I suppose it'll be less impressive deeper in the dungeon, but boy has it made a breeze of NTTG GR (where I'm usually scraping by on food and raiding every vending machine I can). It could stand a longer time to make it less abusable, and/or reduced rates on the bonus healing and mana, and it would still be a nice alternative to "digest".

    Haven't quite unlocked the last few powers yet. Assuming my character didn't go bye-bye in the crash (haven't checked yet) I'll probably have more feedback for you in a couple days.
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  12. Null

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    1) That's because he duplicated them for the Time Skeleton. It's just a matter of ordering, if the skill is first it will place itself on the bar
    2) As for the crash I have no idea but the sight is just because Dredmor makes the entire zoo visible if you can see part of it. In this case the double zoos are being treated as one.
    3) It used to ravage nearby enemies before but he removed that without fixing the description.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I'll look into this. A few of the abilities seem to have hard to reproduce bugs (e.g. Bolt Time once froze my game).

    Yes, I should have noted this.
    • Cast "Summon Past Self" on yourself -> You die
    • Cast "Grandfather Clock Paradox" on yourself -> You become invulnerable
    Sorry about that.

    As Null said, this was related to the polymorph skills issue. I should probably take another look at it.

    I'm tempted to blame that on Dredmor. I think there's an old bug that locks up the game when a bunch of monsters are hit by mine effects while you're simultaneously moving or something. A bad spell should crash the game instead of locking it up.

    Null is right - old flavor text.

    Agreed. I'm almost tempted to just make Daydream into something like digest - 30 turns of paralysis that cancels when a monster hits you, no healing and with the 'ticking' effect removed so it goes by almost instantaneously.


    If you haven't tried out Grandfather Clock Paradox, I highly recommend it.
  14. Essence

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    +1 to that change in Daydream. :)
  15. Null

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    Btw you can fix both of the bugs for casting on yourself. The damage can just get affectsCaster="0" and the buff can just be removed after you cast it using self and removebuffbyname. You probably knew that though.
    You could make daydream tick every 5 turns or so, so that it takes some time and you see it passing by.
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    The damage is actually done by a buff (-999 HP, buff is called Kill Time). In both cases though, it is possible to use requirebuffontrigger to fix both bugs. Rather than In the Flux of Time, a specific copy of it can be made just for the summons, with each casting including a trigger on self to remove that buff after one turn, and the Kill Time trigger having a requirebuffontrigger dependency on the new summon specific In the Flux of Time buff. The only problem would be that if the user stays on the same square, despite that trigger being "self" it might ffect the monster as well. If triggers could be tuned to taxa, that could make for a real fix..
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    This really needs to be in the workshop.
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    I just came here to say that. Ninja'd by zara by like 2.67 hours. :p
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    I have just one question. How the flying f**k does the Grandfather Clock Paradox proc the teleport spell "Thinking With Portals" when it is not defined beforehand nor triggered by anything and is a standalone spell.

    EDIT: Nvm found it. I got to say this mod is really amazing.
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    One, please refrain from using swear words when they are not necessary.
    Two, take a look at "skillDB.xml" - the spell is being triggered here, as a "targetKillBuff" with required taxa being "Grandfather Clock".
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