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    Time-manipulation skill set. Intended to be an escape skill of sorts - basically a 'get out of jail free' card for when you'd normally be screwed.

    1. Phase Out​

    Use the power of boredom to bypass the normal flow of time! Refreshes you, but beware of being disturbed while phased out.​

    2. Precognition​

    You can see the future! Something terrible is going to happen to that monster... probably. Time will tell!​

    3. Bolt Time​

    Master the art of special effects to slow down time. Dodge everything! (Unfortunately so can those around you.)​

    4. Summon Past Self​

    Reach back through time to summon yourself as a distraction! Try not to think about it too much or you'll do your head in.​

    5. Time Flux​

    Sacrifice all of your mana to enter the flux of time and project yourself into the future! You cannot be harmed while projecting and those around you are ravaged by the passing ages.​

    6. Lease of Time​

    Contrary to popular belief, you cannot steal or buy time. The Universe does offer comprehensive time loans though - at a terrible price.​

    Still needs to be balanced / re-thought so I do not recommend any serious runs with this yet. Try it on debug mode (add -debug-flag to the launch options).

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    *Shakes fist for stealing of idea *

    Anyway pass along cool idea abilities:
    Rewind: returns you back to a previous space after a few turns. Allows you to check out something and escape back.
    Summon a monster at the caster's position, that monster being a glyph. Immediately kill it (the damage won't show up properly so you're good). At this point you trigger after however many turns a spell with the teleport effect. The summon needs to have a high amount so it overwrites any, but sadly because other summons don't, they'll overwrite it, as the glyph has ethical issues with undoing the creation of a creature (but simply summoning demons or hunting dogs that were already alive is okay).

    And was going to suggest Chronostasis, but it's basically a maintained Time Flux (without the paralyze of awesome).

    Borrowed Mana, gain full mana for a bit then lose all of it. So basically a last ditch effort to cast your strongest spells.

    Also: Zip it correctly dammit! Select the folders inside rather than the entire folder.

    EDIT: Phase out is awesome, didn't even think the player could be paralyzed.
    Okay everything is awesome, so so awesome. Good Job, this is great.
    Ravages of Time needs to continue affecting new creatures. Just make it dot the template on the player.
    Also, Time Flux doesn't stop you from countering, dodging or blocking.
    Same thing for the rest of the stases.
    Bolt Time is triggered wrong so you get a copy of the buff for every monster it hits (not that it matters much but you should be careful where it does).
    During Lease of Time, have the knock template trigger a targetmonster and hopefully that means it shouldn't knock back things that you'd want to use, like levers. If not make it trigger after one turn because delayed triggers can't be tied to non-living entities.

    And Brax never has anything wear off on him for some reason but that's not your fault.

    Nice combo is Time Flux right before Lease of Time Ends.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about the zip, forgot that mods can be zipped instead of needing the folder.

    Is there some trick to making this not crash the game? I've tried this before:

    <effect type="summon" ... />
    <effect type="damage" ... />
    ...but my game freezes (with the blood mana proc showing in the top left corner of the screen). Maybe it needs to be in a separate trigger. Really wish we could trigger spells on tiles instead of needing a monster/corpse.

    Could've sworn being paralyzed handled that (I used to decrease your counter/block/dodge while fluxed but took it out). I'll have another look.


    Really? For some reason I thought the paralyze duration stacked. Not sure where I got that idea.

    The thing is full of combos. That's the best part of Time Flux - it reduces all of your cooldowns. Bolt Time + Phase Out works pretty well too if you're desperate.


    There really are too many good ideas to fit in one time manipulation skill...
  4. Null

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    I triggered the damage separately and it worked for me. The damage won't show up properly is in reference to it showing in the corner. It's mostly non-noticeable.

    And yes I'd really like to make that suggestion that there be a way to put delayed triggers or dots on a tile.
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    Want me to add it to the mod sticky?
  6. Ruigi

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  7. Plenty of mancy to go around already - how about chronomiconomics? Necromancers need not get all the tongue-twisting fun! Chronoscopy? Chronopterology!
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    EDIT: Also, good packing i don't like to have to open the rar i prefer to just click: Unpack it here :)
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    So, this considered complete and playable yet? :)
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    Well I'm still tinkering with it but I've been busy with other things.

    Here's my current version with tweaked timing and a new final level:

    (you'll have to unzip it - forgot to zip it the right way again)

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    I was fairly sure you had zipped bricks in there until I saw the sounds you added.
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    Nuts, and I was working a Time Traveler mod too.