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    I've been playing Chroma Squad on Steam for about a week now and it's terrififc.

    CS is a Unity-driven turn based RPG where you play a group of stuntmen working on a Power Rangers-esque show. Your director is a jerk, so your stuntmen decide to make their own show.

    Play consists of episodes (one or more battles and dialogue in between), followed by crafting, buying better stuff etc before the next episode.

    The game looks great - 16-bit graphics, isometric view, very clean layouts and design. Your team shoots episodes in an uncle's warehouse, or at various outside locations, and when you pan around, you can see your camera crews set up to record.

    The gameplay itself has a lot of good, subtle options. You can just beat bad guys up, but finishing a member's turn with the Teamwork button instead lets that person assist with attacks as well as extend the move range of teammates by launching them with an acrobatic leap. Teamwork actions as well as special powers grow your audience score, which translates into money once the episode is done.

    Crafting is hilarious; your dropped items are things like duct tape and cardboard. You use those items to make better fake weapons and armor. Later seasons (a group of episodes) introduce a team mecha you can form to battle giant monsters.

    tl;dr - It's great. Get it, play it, create your own battle cries (mine is "Let's get ready to Kickpunchinate!").
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  2. Have the game, played the game. Takes you back to when you watched those as a child (and tried to make your own superhero costume with what is available).