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    Warning: there is a slight amount of profanity in this mod. Nothing to be overly concerned about though.

    Skill ID: 888.

    [​IMG]Presenting the multiverse's penultimate rockstar warlock from Mars, Charlie Sheen.

    Starting gear: Tiger Fedora. Totally stylin'. Having tiger blood requires the appropriately matching hat. A caster hat. A nice starting hat that is about the caster equivalent of Fedora for melee characters.[​IMG]

    [​IMG]Psychokinetic Diplomacy
    Possessing Adonis DNA grants you the ability to psychokinetically move things. Sometimes those things have poo poo DNA, and require a lesson in manners. Point blank knock back/damage. Can move objects with this too.

    [​IMG]Absolute Focus
    You blinked and cured your brain. Every time you blink a horny angel in another galaxy has an orgasm. She hops on her interdimensional straight-piped apehanger chopper and is heading straight for you. The smirk on her face stomps the fuck out of the one on the Mona Lisa because she is thinking of how she is going to reciprocate you. Debuff removal.

    [​IMG]Epic Regeneration
    The Nexus of Epicness shall not pass into oblivion. Your precious bodily fluids realign in a more perfect union befitting your awesomeness. Heal.

    [​IMG]Nuke Em' All
    The heavens above do your bidding and rain down starfire of asskickery in your honour. The planets pick themselves up and relocate so they can get a better viewing angle on how you roll. Party on, Dudes. Ranged AoE damage. 5 conflagratory resist.

    [​IMG]Unto ME, O Adonis Ancestor
    You will one of your Adonis ancestors into corporeal reality and it proceeds to put a smackdown on the droll, boring beings around you. Minion. Looks like Lord Dredmor:) Stats are comparable to Mortal Machine. Has flying to help with pathfinding. Possesses decent fire resist so you can bring fire down on your minion's location.

    [​IMG]My Will into Reality
    Your mind tools have evolved to such a degree that Mother Earth yields to your will. Her tectonic plates quiver with moist anticipation, and spread apart at the mere scent of you. Dig holes in the walls with this.

    [​IMG]Vatican Assassin Debate Skills
    Years of Martian Rockstar Parties have refined your vocal cords to transmit the very essence of your soul with deadly religious fervor. Lesser beings listen to you, and reach an epiphany: they will never be as karmically kewl as you. They weep with envy, and their spiritual shutdown ensues. Ranged single target damage/curse/DOT.

    [​IMG]The Avatar of Awesomeness, You
    You rapture yourself into a higher state of being. God himself puts you on speed dial so he can get pointers from you on how to get shit done. Secretly, he ascends off his comfy celestial couch, and quickens his pace in fear that you will overthrow his place in the multiverse. Caster Stats: 5 savvy and 5 sagacity. 5 conflagratory resist. (I may add a teleport...)

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    You sir, are definitely winning.
  3. Ruigi

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    oh no not the profanity WARNING OLD MEN WARNING
  4. It's Charlie Sheen, so the cursing is expected. Remember why he got fired from 2 1/2 Men :)
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    Please forgive my ignorance, but I have tried to upload the 64X64 png pics for the skills into my initial post. A popup says something about being over 1000 chars/ too large. Any advice?
  6. Host them at, then use the "Insert/edit image" button here to link to them. I didn't realize you already had icons, lol!
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    Thanks for the advice. Taken. You guys should now see the skills as they are in-game.
  8. what do the skills do
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    A summary description is included at the end of each skill explanation.
  10. no they don't they just have a description about a bunch of charile sheen quotes I mean what do they actually do
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  11. Swag:
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    Version 1.1 uploaded.

    Some resistant changes to the minion.

    Transparency changes to Tiger Fedora starting hat. (Thank you, Aquaman.)

    Some clean up of spell descriptions, and sfx stuff.
  13. Nuke 'em all is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to overpowered
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    /shrugs. It is basically the same as Obvious Fireball, in the Promethean line of spells. I still want to change sfx and sound. But a ranged AoE spell is pretty much necessary for cleaning up monster zoos with any rapidity.
  15. Used it 3 times and cleared an entire zoo on normal mode
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    I compared my spellDB.xml to the game's original. The damage is the same.

    What is overpowered now usually isn't several levels down.
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    So I was having trouble with the mod launcher not registering some mods ( I use Win 8), and i found out that it was because the mod was the folder containing the actual datazipped up, not just the data zipped up.
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    Your spellDB.xml has duplicate spells (Fireball Effect, Flamefield 1). Please don't do that.
    Also, the conflag resist of 5 on level 3 might be too much. Most skills gradually increase resists.

    Your skilltree is an obvious copy of existing ones. Changing mana costs doesn't change that, and you only made the spells stronger (Epic Regeneration).

    I also don't think adding <CharlieSheenSpells> will do anything, and you forgot to close it.
  19. As Altael mentioned this mod doesn't register as is because it's been zipped wrong, once downloaded you need to open the zip and make a new one of the 3 folders within the first folder, the folder that is in the root of the zip shouldn't be there.

    Just compare it to any other zipped mod for reference if that's not clear enough.