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    Toon Power (id="123)
    All the time spent in front of the TV might not been wasted.

    You have learned some powerful (and some downright hilarious) abilities from watching too much anime.


    Genre Savvy - I think I saw this in a comercial once, and this dungeon is just like that time in that movie!

    Ash Face - You know how explosions in cartoons don't really hurt, well you managed that in real life (sort of)!"

    Feel the rythm - You can hear the music of the dungeon, you can feel the rythm of the beasts!

    Normal physics don't apply to you, you can chanel (pun intended) the powers of anime to bend space around you!

    Offscreen Teleportation - They take their eyes of you for just a moment, and you chanel the power of relativity to be anywhere.

    Breaking point - There is rumored to be a weak point on any object (even living bodies). Finding one on a moving target is a little harder.

    Breaking the 4th wall -You know the truth about this dungeon, and the destructive potential it brings.

    PS: Now with invisible pants and a Lead lined tome

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    I like this idea, will try it sooner or later (I can't realky play the game in those days, university stuff).
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    Missing tome_32.png file, crash on startup.
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    weird, couldn't find it anywhere in the code, will try reuploading the latest file
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    tomed_32 is missing, there is only the 64 version.
    I've managed to create a 32 version modifing the 64 one, and now it can be loaded.
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    Thanks, you mixed up tome and tomed in the first post, will fix it even though I'm planing to move it to improbable weapon user, once it's made, but I'm still in the brainstorming phase, feel free to add ideas here.
    Here are mine:
    -broom fu - broom stick (not to be confused with boom stick)
    -hardback edition - heavy tome (not decided yet what it boosts as a tome)
    -magic mirror - 100 spell reflect, friendly, no attack, immobile, weak to crushing
    -homerun bat - chance to despawn mob

    PS: fixed now
  7. Needs more power level jokes and spells that take 4 episodes to charge up.
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    Maybe a small buff, that doesn't have a timer (or a really long one), but either enables a spell (after about 100 turns or so:rolleyes: ) , or only gives you a big boost if your HP is low (11 hour superpower:eek: ). Or a spell that increases in power with time and/or more on kills, but is brittle (about 20 hits or so). Would need ideas and how to code that though
  9. I would say a spell that puts a buff on you called "Chargin' My Attack," which does absolutely nothing, but gains an extra stack of the buff each turn as long as you don't do anything but use the Wait button. If you interrupt your charging, you lose half the stacks for each turn where you don't stand still and wait. 10 stacks goes to 5, then 2, then 1, then none, etc.. Then you can use the spell again to deal damage for each stack, consuming all the stacks in the process. That way you have a DBZ-style spell you can only use after you spend at least one turn charging up, but the longer you overcharge it, the more powerful it is, until it's capable of blowing up the planet. Or at least the dungeon.

    The fact that you can't move or do anything else while charging balances it, because that also means you can't charge it when there're no monsters around and have 100+ stacks when you find a monster.
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    Interesting idea, coupled with breakonmove it should work (exept the charge part, no idea how)
  11. Not only on move - it should break if you use an item, or another spell, or attack something. In short, it should break if you do anything other than stand still and wait.
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    I have no idea why, but I have the new dlc wizardlands and when I use this mod, whenever I use a cooldown based attack the cooldown gets stuck and does not go down?
  13. Essence

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    it's a known bug, Dedic545 -- all mod skills currently have that problem. If you use the 'swap skills' (+) to reload the same skill into the same spot on your skillbar, it'll refresh and then work normally thereafter.
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    Ah, didn't know that, thanks :D