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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by generalm13, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. generalm13

    generalm13 Member

    i tried the clientregistry.blob file thing to see if it worked for me, but nope. got killed by dredmor and the achievement still didnt trigger
    dunno if the Dwarf + Dwarf Perma achievements will trigger is not so easy to test, but "It's MY dungeon" isnt triggering and those are the only 3 i have left to get
  2. froibo

    froibo Member

    Multiple stacks of the same debuff won't show on the UI. Debuff damage does not show in the message log.

    For example if you have 5 stacks of the same poison it will only show you the first and how many turns it will last and let us say it is only one more tick. So when a turn ticks you will take 5 times that poison's damage and the stack will show the timer for the next most recent.

    This is doubly annoying because there is no messages for taking damage from debuffs, you see your health take ridiculous dips for apparently no reason, you only see messages for enemies and AoE effects.

    This is triply annoying if you are trying to play with necronomiconomics where EVERY skill gives a damaging debuff that stacks.

    Nyarlathoderp the fungi necronomiconist is having great difficulty spreading the good book into Dredmor.