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    decided to make a collection post of the bugs i am encountering in 1.03
    (also making some suggestions at the bottom of this post)

    <b>Bug 1: Memory leaks</b>
    <b><u>How to reproduce:</u></b>
    - Check task manager to see how much RAM is allocated to "Dungeons of Dredmor.exe"
    - Start a game
    - Save and Quit the game
    - Now load the saved game and check task manager again. memory should have increased quite a bit.
    <b>Bug 2: Just Quit not deleting savegame</b>
    <b><u>How to reproduce:</u></b>
    - start a game, any difficulty, Permadeath on.
    - save said game (save and quit)
    - resume saved game
    - now select "Just Quit" Return to the main menu.
    - Click "Load game", your save game should be still there.
    <b>Bug 3: Crafted Potions not stacking with others after you resume a saved game</b>
    <b><u>How to reproduce:</u></b>
    - make or obtain some Health or mana potions, (prolly others too) then save game,
    - continue save and make some more potions, they will NOT stack
    Note: Also noticable with Aqua Vitea, use a stack on the Alchemy kit so it places one bottle in it. try and stack that bottle back on the stack, it won't.
    <b>Temp fix</b>, drop ALL potions that need to be stacked on floor, Save game, Reload and pick them all up.
    <b>Bug 4: flames and other damaging effects not damaging when standing still</b>
    <b><u>How to reproduce:</b></u>
    Cast fireball 2 tiles away from yourself, you will not get damaged by the blast, but there will be a fire under your character.
    stand still and skip a few turns, the flames will not harm you.
    <b>Bug 5: Pets give EXP when killed</b> (only tested with Promethean Mage's Wyrmling)
    <b><u>How to reproduce:</u></b>
    - Summon a pet
    - Kill it
    - Get EXP
    - ???
    - Profit
    (sorry couldnt resist)
    <b>Bug 6: Scalding Steam mine does not do any damage:</b>
    <b><u>How to reproduce:</u></b>
    - Find or make Scalding Steam mine (if that is possible)
    - Place mine (if needed)
    - Step on mine till it "triggers"
    - walk through the resulting steam and notice it does nothing
    <b>Bug 7: Patch of dirt dissapears after a single use</b>
    (prolly intended this way but this post will give a suggestion)
    <b><u>How to reproduce:</u></b>
    - make a character with fungal arts.
    - find a patch of dirt
    - use spores on dirt
    - skip turns/move around till mushrooms grow
    (dirt either dissapears when mushrooms appear, or after they get picked up (i don't remember)
    <b>Bug 8: Crafted Equipment items stacking with picked up loot</b>
    - Had a molten orb in my inventory which i crafted myself
    - Picked up a molten orb with a LOT more stats, which Stacked with the molten orb i had in my inventory.
    - unstacking lead to 2 normal molten orbs
    <b>Bug 9: Uberchests randomly opening/closing</b>
    - Uberchests seem to randomly open/close when reloading a savegame
    <b>Bug 10: Krong not enchanting some items</b>
    - Some items cannot get enchanted (Pleased) by Krong anvil, but he can deduct stats from them (Displeased)
    <b> Bug 11: Graphical Bugs</b>
    - The dungeon is graphically bugged at some parts. (Will post a few screenshots)
    <img src="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b159/GeneralM/bug1.jpg"><img src="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b159/GeneralM/bug2.jpg">
    <b> Bug 12: Background items dissapearing</b>
    - Stuff like Diggle Nests, wall ornaments, etc dissappear
    - Not sure how/what causes it, but i had to torches near the anvil of Krong dissappear when i got the mana regen animation
    Instead of making the "Patch of dirt" dissapear, make it so it's called "Humid (or Damp or whatever) Patch of Dirt"
    then when used, make it change color (lighter shade of brown) and change the name to "Dry Patch of Dirt"
    mushrooms only grow on damp, wet, rotting soil
    <b> Bug 13: Drops from monsters</b>
    (not sure if this is actually a bug but it doesn't feel right to me)
    - Monsters only drop 5 coins when killed no matter how difficult they are, or what level you are on.
    <b> Bug 14: Questitems can be Quicksold to the vendor</b>
    <b> Bug 15: Quest Objects spawning on top of Satan Displacement Circles</b>
    <img src="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b159/GeneralM/bug3.jpg">
    <b> Bug 16: Lava eels spawning outside of lava</b>
    <b> Bug 17: Monsters reviving your dead pet (if it died closeby enough)</b>
    - and hey it even attacks the reviving monster to boot XD
    <b> Bug 18: mobs walking backwards</b>
    <b> Bug 19: HP not calculated Correctly</b> (so people know that i know about this bug too)
    <b> Bug 20: Tutorial Progress not being saved</b>
    <b><u>Achievement Bugs</u></b>

    <b><u>Some people are reporting that method 2A fixes their problems with achievements. (sadly not for me.)</b></u>

    Reworked this entire section since i found out something:

    - For some people achievements do not trigger at ALL
    - For others the wrong achievements trigger
    - For others the achievements trigger normally

    i have 2 computers at my disposal:
    - Desktop PC (made by myself, really high-end machine)
    - Dell Studio 1747 Laptop

    now here is where it is weird. i first started playing this game on my laptop, got a few achievements.
    The "My Humps achievement triggered when i got killed by dredmor.
    (but not when i got killed by a Thrusty (which was what was supposed to happen)
    The Smithing Skill triggered the Tinkering Skill Achievement, and Tinkering didnt trigger anything.

    Now i am playing on my Main computer, for the FUN of it i decided to try and see if the Tinker Achievement would trigger.
    IT DID.
    The getting killed by dredmor achievement does not trigger for me on both machines.
    (have gotten myself killed on Elvish and rogue, both didnt trigger it.)
    now i have multiple speculations:
    1. It's hardware related (i doubt this one but decided to put it in also)
    2. It's software related on a larger level (It's your current windows install for example)
    3. it's software related on a smaller level (Steam could be the culprit)
    3b. it's not the game itself as far as i know because i have seen people reinstalling it.
    (but i'm not sure if they wiped their config file too)

    The following things could be tested:

    <b>Reinstall of Dungeons of Dredmor</b>
    (make sure you make a backup of the "Gaslamp Games" folder in your documents)
    - Uninstall Game
    - Delete Gaslamp Games folder in My Documents
    - Reinstall Game

    <b>Steam Client Validation</b>
    - Close Steam
    - Browse to your Steam installation folder
    - Delete the ClientRegistry.blob file
    - Restart Steam

    <b>Reinstall of Steam</b>
    - Close Steam
    - Make a backup of your steamapps folder
    - Reinstall Steam (make sure you delete any files if they get left behind by the uninstall)
    - Restore steamapps folder using backup you made
    - Restart Steam

    <b>Complete Reinstall of Steam </b>
    - Make a backup of steamapps folder
    - Reinstall Steam (make sure you delete any files if they get left behind by the uninstall)
    - Download a Fresh copy of Dungeons of Dredmor

    <b>Complete Reinstall of Windows</b>
    (though i DOUBT anyone would be nuts enough to do this for a single game)

    PLEASE test and give feedback on the results, it might just help the guys at Gaslamp a bit ;)

    <b>Now for the suggestions:</b>
    i see a lot of people saying mages are overpowered, i disagree.
    Warriors get too little HP to make a decent tank, give them that and they get easier to play with.
    Warriors with a small Healthbar are easy pickings when they get surrounded.
    Mages can take only a few hits from monsters and they are toast, so tactics are needed to keep monsters at bay.

    Short version:
    Fix Stats bugs.
    Leave rest alone.

    Fix bug 4 and the life of a mage will get a LOT harder

    My 2 cents,

    <b>General M-13</b>

    Edit: Removed version history, am running out of typing room XD
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    I rather like that Warriors are underpowered. Forces you to seek alternative situations other than marching through when things go tough (then again I don't play especially tanky builds).

    They'll get buffed anyway though since the HP thing is a bug and Mages will probably lose HP as a result (but they should also get working haywire).
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    Excellent post and well formatted.
  7. generalm13

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    thank you.
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    Warriors are underpowered?

    I just walk through everything on the first 5-6 levels (On dwarvish moderation).

    A dual wielding warrior with lv4-5 smithing gear 1 or 2 shots everything before DL6.

    Without vamparism or fleshcrafting health might become an issue if you run out of food, but I've yet to have that happen.
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    they are underpowered because they lack a good healthbar
    but i rephrased the post a bit to make it clearer.
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    I did notice the scalding steam traps bugs, but I think they still damage enemies, just not the player.
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    Regarding Bug 3's temp fix, you don't have to drop them on the floor, just saving and reloading will restack the potions and Aquas.

    As for the Bug 7, I've not encountered that bug before. I've managed to camp at a patch of dirt and just repeatedly create spores and plant them.

    And as for Bug 8, I've only noticed them stacking with Molten Orbs, and not any other equipment.
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    about: Bug 7 was that in Patch 1.03? if so then i guess it's a random bug.
    about Bug 8: i've had it happening with all kinds of orbs, nature orbs, dark orbs, you name it (maybe it's related to just orbs then)
  13. Besides some graphics glitching, there are sometimes priority issues, like being a square under a door and having your head under it, dead diggles clipping with the lava thingies in the ground (the 3 burning slits, dunnow what to call them) and a few other I can't remember right now
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    am making a compilation of the bugs i encounter during my rogue run. not putting them in here in order of severity but in the order i find them etc.
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    I would love it if they could develop an iPad version of this game.
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    wrong topic, go somewhere else
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    An important note about Warriors and Mages hit points: They are currently BUGGED.

    The two HP Stats are Burliness and Caddishness. Warriors are SUPPOSED to get 2 of each per level (4hp/warrior skill). Mages are SUPPOSED to get 1 Burliness and 0 Caddishness (1hp/Mage skill).

    Currently, its glitched so that mages receive 2 Caddishness and Warriors receive 0. This is being addressed in the next patch...

    I wrote a post about this some time ago, but the interesting thing here is that means a PURE (all 7 skills are "Mage" skills) Mage will start off with a whopping 12 HP. (5 base + 7 Burliness). Warriors will get 33 HP (5 Base + 14 Burliness + 14 Caddishness) once the patch is implemented.

    I'll bet you'll be seeing less threads about people clearing GOing Rogue as pure mages in 1.06 :-p
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    let's just wait and see what 1.04 brings first XD
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    A lot of these are known, excellent work finding and categorizing them
  20. generalm13

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    wish i could do more, like provide fixes, it seems the Clientregistry.blob thing with steam helps in making achievements work for some people