Bugs and issues still present in 1.03

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    I decided to make a new comprehensive thread about problems still in the new patch, since there's posts all over the place. And a billion posts of just people pissed off losing their saves all making a new discussion about it.

    Any problems bugs in 1.03 write it here please, so the developers see. I think it's more comprehensive to have stuff in one discussion, especially if you posted about a bug you found in someone elses discussion about a different bug, stuff is all over the place.

    Anyway this is only about bugs/issues, if you want stuff added or changed there's a suggestion section.

    I've played around with the new patch for only a couple of hours but this is what i found, it's all been already mentioned somewhere in the forums, but it's still present.

    - Stacks of items.
    There's still as far as i know, no way of unstacking items without using crafting items ala anvils, and crafting items themselves still stack and there's no way of untacking them at all.

    Another thing i found playing around with this is that you can open for example the anvil craft window, put all your anvils in it, close it.... and you're screwed, untill you find another anvil somewhere, this isn't much of a problem since i doubt anyone will come across it without deliberately messing around like me. But still, it should be fixed.

    - Horadric lutefisk cube
    This is an annoyance, you put one item inside you get one lutefisk, you put a stack you get a lot less, this forces you to unstack everything and put it in one by one, this combined with how stacking works said above does nothing but wastes your time.

    - Anvils of Krong
    I think anvils of Krong should have some connection to the smithing skill, since it would make sense and it's a bit weird that you get a "bla bla, anvil is drained as a testament to your poor crafting skill" message if you're a high level smith. Also for some reason he is much less pleased about putting stuff you crafted yourself in. That's annoying and makes your self crafted equipment feel more worthless.

    Also a question for more experienced players, i got burned by Krong enough times so i didn't try it myself, but what happens if you enchant a crafted item like a rough sword and then craft it into a normal sword, can you do that ?, do the enchantments carry over ?

    - Inventory interface
    I've noticed that the X, to close the inventory menu is visible through item tooltips, it pops through, is this a bug or on purpouse, anyway it's not really an issue, just an observation.

    - Crafting
    This again was mentioned a lot, but you should really see the stats of items you're crafting in the recipes menu, since as it is now, you can either spend an unhealthy amount of time looking stuff up and memorising it online, or take a gable and waste precious resources.

    - Quests
    There should be quest indicators on the map, since the levels are large and i find it imposible to memorise the location of every monolith, mellow shrine and play hide and seek with mobs. So im again just wasting my time strolling all over the already cleared map.

    Add your own findings and thoughts.

    EDIT: A few other things i discovered:

    - I loaded my last save and new potions i picked up in the dungeon didn't stack with my old ones, potion of invisibility and steeling in my case, save was new 1.03.
    - Kleptolobby still drops only the last item stack it stole and sometimes doesn't drop it at all - is this on purpouse ? it's annoying.
    - Psionics firestarter skill needs reduced cost or more power IMHO, you're better off using other skills for that much, especially since the previous one costs like 3 mana more and is 3x more useful.
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    The minimap thing with markers for shrines/uberchests/anvils etc etc is in the works.
  3. Incendax

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    If you have a skill that can target your inventory belt, you cannot right click on items in your inventory belt to make them the active item. For example, if you have Rod Charge as your active skill you cannot right click on crossbow bolts to make them the active item.
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    they've said unstacking items to scum lutefisk is not their idea of normal gameplay, they don't see a reason in unstacking items except to scum/cheat the lutefisk

    Other actual bugs

    Dual wield passive skill bonus's not implemented yet

    Removing a trap in brax's area causes him to think its stolen

    You can push items/pedestals out of brax's area and exploit burglary

    I disagree with the quest waypoints, if you don't want the reward don't do the effort

    agree w/ crafting, also think higher crafting skills should impart bonus's randomly

    agree w/ krong & blacksmithing helping each other

    Lutefisk works fine IMO, I think lutefisk should give zero for values under 100 sell (and remove the cheating w/ singles/lockpicks/spores)

    As mentioned before, there's no reason to unstack items except to cheat lutefisk
  5. Pecka

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    Couple of reasons for stacking/unstacking outside of the lutefisk wasting your time:

    - selling crafting items like anvils and such since you only need one, this is definetely a huge bug, say what you will, but you should either be able to unstack crafting items or they shouldn't stack at all
    - seling just a portion of stacked items (since you don't always want to sell all your potions, lockpicks, food, drinks etc.)
    - horadric lutefisk cube + horadric lutefisk cube combo

    and offcourse you always want to stack since inventory space is such a commodity in this game, even with stacking you have 50 tipes of cheese wasting your space

    also the quest rewards are rubish in my opinion i just do quests for the feeling of accomplishment and clearing a floor + exp, obviously you have mostly already cleared a map by the time you get a quest, being punished for not remembering where that monolith is isn't all that fun.

    EDIT: The higher crafting skills imparting bonuses is an awesome idea and would make sense.
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    The quest thing should be much easier to deal with once the minimap is improved to show off shrines and the like better.

    Unstacking items seems like an important idea to me as well. I once had a huge amount of lockpicks and wanted to sell some off to Brax (but not sell all of them). Have had other similar desires in other games to only get rid of only some of an item.

    Maybe a key press (control or alt) + click to separate a stack in half (you pick up half the stack, rounding down). Then if you are trying to spam things you will still have to do it multiple times in order to get down to individual items. Just a thought.
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    @Pecka I don't know about enchanted crafted gear, but I did use a quest reward as a crafting ingredient. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I got the default stats for the weapon. I'd check, but I sold it. >< But since quest gear is basically just enchanted basic weapons, I don't see why you couldn't use enchanted crafted gear in crafting.

    And I would like to second the thing about stack splitting. At one point, I was carrying around 4 Tinkerer kits. I don't care so much about the lutefisk, because a lot of stuff I pick up gets Cubed, so I don't really have a lack of it. But it would be nice to be able to split stacks of lutefisk so that I could, say, give a stack of 10 to a statue and see if that triggers the reward. Because if I've got 40 pieces of lutefisk, it seems sort of... wasteful, to dump it all on a statue at once.

    As for issues... I saw something about how we can grill steak now. Exactly HOW do we do that?
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    Also if the Devs are reading this thread (oh what am I saying of course they are - these guys are awesomesauce ;)... from another thread about autolooting:

    >EDIT: apparently there is an autoloot checkbox at the bottom left of the screen
    >that does this, didnt notice before, maybe it should be moved to the esc menu
    >as it seems I'm not the only one that didnt notice

    I seriously second that motion to move it to the escape dialog if possible because until I read that thread I was very frustrated that looting "didn't work". That tiny autoloot switch on the main UI got completely overlooked by me... and I'll bet by many others as well. You have to make things more obvious for dolts like me. I'm old, slow and can't pay attention for very... Zzz
  9. Ria Hawk

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    I actually hit the autoloot button, but I didn't notice any difference. What is it meant to do?
  10. Pecka

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    About grilling steaks, find a BBQ in a dungeon, pop it open, click a steak (as far as i know it doesn't matter if you use a fresh, normal or old), drop it on the BBQ and you get a grilled steak.

    EDIT: Good post Shatner, i also think the pet sistem needs a lot of work, a lot of times i got so frustrated over the awful pathfinding, setting off traps and blocking me that i took it out on the poor guy. Also i didn't even know you can feed/heal your pet.

    EDIT II: Also that reminds me, the promethean pet, the wyrm or wahtever that dragon like creature is called, appears to be a flying creature, yet as far as the traps and water blocks are concerned, he's walking.
  11. Pets weren't really touched on at all in the patch so all the same problems with them still persist. I checked to make sure on most of these points that they were not stealth fixed. I will just post the list again so that it is noted they are still broken in 1.0.3

    <b>Pet problems</b>

    <b>Pathing or cannot reach target</b>
    The pets have some really bad pathing around small winding tunnels or water way terrain. If a monster is on the other side of the waterway he will try to get to him and just stay in place even though he cannot get to the monster as seen in this picture:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinestuck2.jpg">Mortal machine stuck</a>

    They also get stuck on one block objects and won't go around unless you come and get them as seen in this picture:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinestuck.jpg">Mortal machine stuck 2</a>

    They will constantly lock onto monsters that cannot be reached. Pet ignores lil batty while locked onto a monster he cannot get to:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinestuck3.jpg">Mortal machine stuck 3</a>

    If the pet gets surrounded trying to go after the monster he cannot reach he will just die and not defend himself since he cannot get to his target. They should attack anything that is on them instead of just trying to attack or go after one that it cannot get to. Picture of mortal machine that was trying to get to the enraged diggle, but was surrounded and died without defending himself:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinesurrounded.jpg">Mortal machine surrounded</a>
    Mortal machine stuck on deth going after something else dies to it from full without attacking back:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinesurrounded2.jpg">Mortal machine surrounded 2</a>
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinesurrounded3.jpg">Mortal machine surrounded 3</a>

    <b>Duplicating your pet exploit</b>
    I have also noticed an issue with the mortal machine or mustache (probably applies to other pets as well) when you have one in play when you save and quit. He will still be in the game when you return, but he will not count as your pet anymore. He will behave different. Monsters will ignore him and not attack him as if he was one of their own. He will still attack the monsters, but they will never attack him. Basically, he still acts like your pet, but monsters no longer attack him.

    Here is another issue with this bug. Since he no longer counts as your pet, you can summon another one like seen below. This new one will behave properly like your pet. The one that was already in the game still behaves incorrectly, though.
    Here is a screen showing two of the same pet in play:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachineclone.jpg">Mortal machine clone</a>
    Works with other pets as well:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/animatemustacheclone.jpg">Animate mustache clone</a>
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Wyrmlingclone.jpg">Wyrmling clone</a>

    This also causes a new exploit. now you can save/quit and rejoin and they will both act like they are no longer your pet, but continue to attack monsters. You can continue this and spawn a massive army of mortal machines like shown in these pictures:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinearmy.jpg">Mortal machine army</a>
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Mortalmachinearmy2.jpg">Mortal machine army 2</a>

    <b>Does not follow through portals or floors</b>
    I also do not know if this next one is a bug or by design, but your pet will not follow you down or up to the next floor. He will still be in play and still be on the previous floor if your return to it, but will not follow you. It would be nice if he would follow you to the next floor. This also applies to portal pads. If you step on one he will not follow.

    <b>Experience on pet death</b>
    It is also weird that you get experience for your pet dying. No idea if that is intended or a bug, but I don't think you should get experience just because he died. If he is near death and I want to summon a new one I will just finish him off and get the experience for it. By killing the army I summoned in the pictures above I gained 800 experience (100 per mortal machine or a whopping 1 experience for the animated mustache). This makes no sense to get experience.

    Pet experience gain on death:
    <li>Animated mustache 1xp</li>
    <li>Mortal machine 100xp</li>
    <li>Wyrmling 20xp</li>
    <li>Zomby 20xp</li>
    <b>Movement through pet bug</b>
    You can not walk through your pet if are using the mouse to move. The player will try and walk around the pet instead of through him. If the pet is in a 1 square walkway you can not get by. However, the player can walk through the pet if you are using the keyboard to move. The pet will switch places with you when you move into his square.

    <b>Pets eat potions with no effect</b>
    You can feed food to a pet and they will regain health (which is normal I hope). You can give the golemancy pets ale to recover mana even though they have none. You can also give potions to pets, but they do not seem to receive the benefits, positive or negative, of the potion. If they are supposed to be able to receive potions you should make an icon to show the pets buffs. If they are not suppose to be able to use potions then disable them from being able to take them.

    <b>Monster moves onto same square as pet</b>
    Every so often a monster will move onto the same square as your pet and the pet will not be able to attack it.

    <b>Flying pets set off traps</b>
    The wyrmling will set off traps even though he is flying:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Wyrmlingflyingtrap.jpg">Wyrmling flying trap before</a>
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Wyrmlingflyingtrap2.jpg">Wyrmling flying trap after</a>

    <b> Flying pets can not cross pits of water, lava or acid</b>
    Just like it says, pets won't fly over pits of lava or water:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Wyrmlingflyingfailure.jpg">Wyrmling can't fly over</a>
    You can, however, summon a pet over a pit:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Wyrmlingsummonedoverpit.jpg">Wyrmling summoned over pit</a>

    <b>Pets can be summoned on yourself</b>
    You can summon a pet on yourself. Monsters that attack you when the pet is on you will usually hit the pet instead:
    <a href="http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu265/William_Shatner/Wyrmlingsummonedonself.jpg">Wyrmling summoned on self</a>

    There also needs to be an icon on the mini map to show you where your pet is. So that we can see where he is if he gets stuck, player goes through a portal or teleports away from him.

    Maybe you can make it if you get so far away or if he is stuck for so long he warps back to you.

    Also, it would be nice if we could pick things up that the pet is standing on instead you kick, attack or cast on your pet and do damage to him. The same goes for traps that the pet is standing on.

    I also think you should be able to legitimately have more than one pet out so you can mix schools or have pets tier with spell power + level of player so they are stronger. The pet basically becomes a blocker because he is so weak in deeper levels.

    edit: added issues with wyrmling as I just started playing as a promethean mage
    edit 2: added more pet issues summoning on self and summoning over pits
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    @Ria Hawk - you have to enable that button like you did and then go into the menu brought up by the escape key and use "configure auto loot" to filter what item types you want the hero to automatically pick up as he walks over them.

    Which reminds me of another request (oh yes I can see the way your eye is twitching and that funny vein on your forehead above it is making such strange throbbing movements) - I love, love LOVE the functionality of the new patch in allowing one to bash open doors and attack monsters, but I think we both know that we would all love YOU just *that* much more if you could add breaking barrels/crates/vases/etc. and bringing up standard dialogs for flipping switches, drinking from pools, bashing chests (or automatically trying to pick them if you have lock picks) and so forth.

    Basically if the hero bumps into something act as though we left licked on it (maybe leave out traps and anvils and whatever else might be probably be best left "un-automated")

    Sooo.... ummm... yeah there's that then.
  13. Ria Hawk

    Ria Hawk Member

    Ah, I see. Thank you. I will try that~!
  14. Aramis

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    A little bug: achievements:
    If you master the Smithering skill, you'll get the Tinkering achievement.
    (I don't know what happens when you master the Tinkering skill)
  15. Slimeherder

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    Store bug?

    Followed into store by a diggle, placed a trap to kill him, he didn't set it off, beat him
    to death and recovered trap. Brax sees this as stealing I guess and wont let me out, only says buy something. Killed him and was wasted by dread collectors outside shop :(

    Although, I did have the stolen crossbow I used to kill Brax when I met the collectors. I had taken it after he wouldn't let me out.

    rogue/permadeath mode so it was game ending. Incidentally, it would be nice if the difficulty mode would default to your last choice or let you set your own default :)
  16. ZZSmufa

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    Just a few small things I noticed while browsing the xml-files:

    Unarmed Combat, Throwing Buffalo Technique: Doesn't grant the 20% passive chance to trigger in combat like all the other weapon skills.

    Master of Arms, Thick Skin: The description says it increases life force and block chance. Increases only block chance because of wrong secondarybuff id.
  17. jvarnes

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    Is there any way you could let us permanently dismiss the two popup dialogs after creating a new character (aka "Welcome to Dredmor" and "If you haven't played the tutorial yet...")?? I know. I know. It's a silly, inconsequentia-l, nitpicky, type of thing, but apparently I die... a lot. So I see them... well... a lot.
  18. jvarnes

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    Ohhh and since I do (as previously stated) die a lot, I would like to throw the suggestion back out there about a random name button-thing for the naming dialog and/or maybe just default to the last name used, Even a generic default name like "Hero" (bleeech) or Trap Tripper, Dungeon Fodder #23 or even just "Diggle Food" might work for my unfortunate saps.
  19. Pecka

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    Those aren't really problems with the game, altho a checkbox "don't show this message again", wouldn't hurt and shouldn't be hard to fix in I reckon.
  20. jvarnes

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    Oh look it's been 3 minutes. Time for another great suggestion post!

    So Key Binding is tre awesome, buuut I would really, really like to have the ability to bind 2 sets of keys (I'm sorry OK!) because I often find myself drifting to the numpad by mistake so if I could bind WASD *and* the numpad (with num5 as a second rest key) then that truly would be incredible and make the game most definitely better than any other game I have played. ever. No i mean it. Why would I lie?

    Alright I'll quit posting suggestions in the bug thread.