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Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by ploki122, Aug 1, 2012.

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    it must be so because the Spirit of dungeon of Dredmor...
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    Found a Wizard name that is too long for me to enter:

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    Yeah, it's an issue with the double "unfuum" syllable (or however you want to call it).
  4. Chiming in to note that completing Egyptian Magic didn't trigger the in game or Steam Achievement. Saw other people post about different new skills, but not Egyptian Magic yet.

    Also, casting sandstorm (with the Asp/Imho/Anubis glyphs up) always inflicts a debuff on my character, despite my character not being in the AoE effect (the Sphinx Ruins of Time -5 to three stats debuff). If this is intended behavior it is confusing to me. Haven't tried casting sandstorm with the Ra skill active yet.

    Edit: Continuing the E Magic theme, the glyphs above the character sprite disappear for the male avatar upon level up. Their icons are still present on the left side of the screen, and I can cancel them and recast to cause them to reappear.
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    Dunno if this was said, but i used a floor 1 code on floor 1 for a pocket dimension, it was full of floor 1 monsters, then i opened some object on the lvl and a high lvl monster came out and 1shot me for 40+ dmg
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    This has been discussed. Levers in wizardlands are almost invariably fatal. Don't pull them. EVER. It. Just. Isn't. Worth. It.
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    Now, if they had several possible outcomes, or even two, like the Dwarven Express Post chests... But really, why pull a lever that effectively means reload?
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    Because humans have this little bit of insanity called "hope".
  9. I've been getting game freezes upon attempting to enter the pocket dimension. It seems to be a bit random; sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't.
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    I get lockups if I use the accelerated frame rate. (+) Only started using it recently so I don't know if this is an old issue or something that's popped up with this latest patch.

    Game locked in the middle of a wizard land while I was using it and now I can't use the code. :rolleyes: oh well.
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    I've just found a named (quest-spawned) Undead Aethernaut that was, apparently, impervious to attack. No "dodge", "block" or anything, the guy just didn't flinch. He did react to skill attacks, and fortunately I was able to put a closed door between him and me.

    Capped egyptian magic + blinking skills/items = dead clones. (wouldn't try it again soon, though)
  12. The amulet encrust requiring 4 gems did not work properly for me. I crafted a Window the the Elements in the Pocket Dimension, then applied the encrust in the Pocket Dimension. While the item description updated as expected, the actual stats on the character sheet did not. The resistances only went up by 2 as opposed to 5. Exiting and loading the save did not fix the issue.
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    Try exiting the pocket dimension and then taking a few steps. The stats from some things don't update until a turn has passed. This can give you incorrect info when trying out new equipment and since time doesn't pass in the pocket dimension....

    You get the idea.
  14. I hadn't thought about that, but the stats do change in PD when I swap items. They go up and down- so something is updating somewhere. Regardless, the issue persisted after a reload and an hour of play until I found another amulet. Whatever the root cause of the issue was, it stayed borked for the item despite many steps on DL 5 and 6.
  15. More issues with stacking: Lingering Weakness from Necropain is stacking, meaning that if I end up in a large fight, I'm suddenly in danger of being down as much as 20-30 base hps afterward if I had to spam any necro attacks.
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    I think that is supposed to stack. You get penalized with a debuff for every cast. Not just the first one.
  17. I feel like that means "You may as well plan on never casting necro spells as a primary attack form," since it means that casting out a few will constantly restack a 100 turn debuff stack that drains your max hp.
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    The game keeps crashing for one of my characters. I can play for 2-3 minutes, then it's over. It's happened three times, and each time it's been while blocking.

    My helmet and fire lance have a few encrusts, including one that affects block chance. The game only started acting up after I encrusted it, so maybe it's affecting something it shouldn't?

    I'm using hotfix 9 atm
  19. Yeah the point is to figure out how to offset that.
  20. There's only so much "offsetting" you can do of a stack of 30 of those. Just saying.