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    [​IMG]This screenshot contains at least 3 bugs I've encountered during ~3h of playtime.

    The main one is that some boxed modules tend to dissapear in stockpiles,
    making it impossible to place them, even if you already crafted them multiple times
    (I had the same issue with decor workbench in my carpentry - I had to craft 2 extra
    workbenches before I could place one). As you can see on the screenshot - I can't
    place kiln even though I got it stored.

    P.S. - boxed module placement is bugged aswell. Workbenches in my carpentry
    refused to get placed right next to eachother or 1 tile away, so I had to make it 2.
    Colonists just won't place them there no matter how much time will pass.

    Next bug is relative to the same boxed modules topic - top right corner of the screen.
    Spice rack boxed module, near the brewing stand. It lies there since I placed kitchen.
    Nobody picked it up since, they just can't, for some reason.

    The last bug is ...you guessed it - boxed modules.
    On the bottom left corner I got pub set up. Nothing's getting placed there,
    not even the foundation. I got materials necessary for building it lying in both
    stockpile and at the building itself, nothing happens.

    One additional bug that comes out of it - I got 3 spare overseers.
    They can't build, they can't haul, they can only do basic labour,
    (Chop trees. mine surface nodes, clear terrain, forage)
    not to mention I got only 2 of them available in the assignment tab below.

    Maybe I missed something and that's not the bugs?
    But if it isn't the game features, please, let me know how to fix these.
    Here's the savegame file:

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    Two additions so far: I've made wrong type of kiln and I had planks split into two different stockpiles so they had to stack them together first, the rest of the bugs still remain.
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    You've only got 2 spare overseers. Farmers don't count as spare and tend to be listed a bit odd in the various game lists.
    In the save, your plank orders are lower than the public house needs.
    Can't actually replicate the workbench one. I have found an intermittent issue with my own games where colonists can sometimes fail to place stuff if its too close together. Something to do with pathing problems I guess?

    And the spice rack is glitched. Looks like the one where they get interrupted during construction (combat or you deleting the order) so the module is in the weird state where its 'consumed' but not really.
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    I was just in the game as well and as you stated @Sathra I got the public house built after I made more planks. I also discovered that you built the Brick Charcoal Kiln but put the Brick Ceramics Kiln in the workshop, (which is the kiln you need to make glass and bottles) this is why it was never placed as it was not the right kiln. Publichouse_built.jpg ceramics kiln.jpg