Borderlands Co-Op group.

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  1. OmniaNigrum

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    Join us! We just started a small group to play together. I am new to multiplayer in this game, so I will need some advice from those more learned in this area.

    I now own a Steam GOTY copy of Borderlands.

    Post here to indicate your interest in joining us. For the moment at least, I am presuming there are no restrictions on player level, but it may be helpful for each of us intending to play to make new characters and co-ordinate what class and what weapons we will use.

    If I am playing a character aiming to be a Sniper, and I find a good RPG, I will make it available to any character running the "Brick" class that is basically made of fail except with launchers.

    The purpose is to play co-operative. Not to try to do better than one-another. But to help one-another. We get better loot when we play together too. Soldiers will be our lifelines. They can heal and regenerate ammo for us all. They are invaluable.

    Probably half the people reading this will want to play the Siren. She is pretty awesome. But we would suck if we were all her. We would be constantly fighting over the best loot. And ammo would be another problem. So we need somewhat rounded teams.

    Another question I have is about voice chat. I read that the in-game voice chat sucks badly. SSo what method shall we use? Mumble with push-to-talk? Ventrillo? Teamspeak? Or shall we try the in game chat and see how bad it is?

    Help me figure this out. Thanks in advance.
  2. banjo2E

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    I'm likely to join up, with whatever my first character's gonna be.

    Depends what the class descriptions are, but I'm most likely to go with some sort of glass cannon.
  3. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    That would be the Siren most likely, but it does not work quite like you are likely to expect. There is no class that is a mage or glass cannon. There are no strict limitations on who can use what gear. The skills are diverse and take a bit to figure out.

    For those new to the Steam method for activating the DLC, you have to alt-tab out of the game after going to the locations that the DLC is played in. You then put in your key for the DLC to unlock and it decrypts in the background. If you do not already know this, you would likely think your game crashed while it was waiting for this to happen.

    So copy the key to the clipboard in Steam before launching, and once you can, fast travel to the areas to decrypt the DLC. Zombie DLC is Jakobs Cove. Underdome is Underdome. I have no idea if it would work if you put the wrong code in for each of these, but the other two DLC are automatically decrypted by Steam for you. Those two are a pain though.
  4. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    About classes, the Siren is Lilith, and she uses elemental weapons better than anyone else. She also has Phasewalk that allows her to turn invisible and flee when greatly outmatched. Later, when she powers it up, she can heal while phasewalking and damage enemies that are near here, and even do 8* the normal melee damage when attacking enemies while phasewalking.

    The Soldier is Roland. He has a Turret he can deploy and can upgrade to dispense ammo packs and regenerate those standing near it. It is pretty potent too. He is more of a generalist with weapons. But Assault rifles and Shotguns are his specialty. He may be the easiest to solo since he basically never runs out of ammo or grenades.

    The Sniper to whom the name I cannot recall is great with a Sniper rifle or a revolver. He has a pet Bloodwing that will tear enemies up with ease. He also has an easy time farming money with the Bloodwing. He has the best accuracy with all the weapons.

    The last one is "Brick" I hate the idea. But I hear he rules with a rocket launcher. (And melee.) But he is probably the worst of all of them except for his massive health. I never played him before.
  5. Loswaith

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    The Sniper is Mordekai :)
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  6. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    By the way, I see that the game uses GameSpy to co-ordinate the multiplayer aspects. And since it is a Steam based game in this case, I have unblocked the largest bulk of IP addresses that both GameSpy and Steam use. If I host a game, I may have to unblock your IP address. DO NOT post it here. That would be bad for a number of reasons. But feel free to send me a private message on these forums with your IP and I will find your IP in my blocklist and add an exception. Your IP must have tried to connect at least once for me to have it in my blocklist to be able to readily unblock though. Also, if another wants to host that is fine by me.

    I am not taking my leveled characters into multiplayer. I cheated to get to a reasonable level to start the DLC expansions since I cannot find my saves from the last time I beat the game. I think I deleted them. I will start a new Siren for the moment. If we can co-ordinate a reasonable group, I will take the place of whatever is most needed. Soldiers are loved by all for their team benefits. If by some fluke there are not enough of them, I will play one exclusively.

    Note the few things I learned last time I played this. First, despite benefits to certain weapons for certain characters with certain skillsets, those are not always best. For team play, those with the skills to better use a particular weapon should get the best of them. But if one character has practically nothing to contest with what we face, it may be reasonable to give them a damned good weapon so they can help out rather than just shooting blanks. By the time you have one great weapon, you usually have several decent ones too. Share.

    Do not spend your skill points on skills that may not ever be useful. The Sniper and Soldier have the biggest potential for this. Do not take every upgrade for your weapon skills at the expense of the needed other skills. When you find a weapon that vastly outclasses the chosen skills you have, you will cry many tears over your wasted skill points and inability to correct this mistake. You will simply never have enough points to max everything. So choose the obvious benefits first. Then spend the leftovers on those you can live without.
  7. banjo2E

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    Yeah, problem, Omni: I'm pretty sure I don't actually have a static IP address.

    Should be able to host though.

    Either way, I'm gonna learn the ropes before I do anything else.
  8. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Also, I noticed that even with maxed level, in single player there is no means to get premium loot from monsters like you would if you earned the levels. I do not understand what it is doing. Perhaps it uses your number of completed quests or defeated monsters to decide what is appropriate for you? For Multiplayer I do not care. But it is odd for single player to act like you are level one when you are level 69.

    Anyone have some insight into this?
  9. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    I suggest playing through all the way to New Haven. I think by that point you will have unlocked everything and built a reasonable character. What class are you going to play? Or have you decided?

    If your IP changes, I can manually add each IP in the subnet it uses on your ISP. (There are only 256 of them) If that will not work, I can just re-add you every day.

    But if you would like to host and have a decent speed ISP that would eliminate the issue. I could probably be talked into disabling my blocklist while playing the game too, but I hate doing that. I cannot use the Internet as normal without my blocklist due to my paranoia. :)
  10. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    I'm most likely going to be sniper. When I said I like to play glass cannons, what I really meant is:

    How do you avoid dying?

    ○ Tank it
    ○ Outheal it
    ○ Dodge it
    ● Not even in the arena, lol
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  11. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    I've actually gotten this game finally installed today, pretty fun. Sniper myself.
  12. Wootah

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    I have played tons of co-op. All the characters are surprisingly robust given decent builds and the right weapons. Luckily you can respec your char as often as you like so experiment. The skills that help the team really make a difference too so don't ignore them :) I don't currently have BL installed, but I might join you guys down the line if you are still playing.
  13. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    I just played five or six hours of multiplayer. I saw one Brick, and one Siren, and everyone else was a Soldier. Literally over a dozen of them in my little gaming blitz. No Snipers whatsoever and everyone else was almost without exception a soldier. Something is up with this...

    *Edit* I take it back. There was one Sniper. But he *NEVER USED HIS BLOODWING* so I considered him a Soldier.

    Soldiers seem to never use their turrets unless they are fighting something way too potent. I spam mine and if I were playing solo, I may occasionally wait for it to recharge before continuing so I can spam it again too.
  14. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Another thing I noted. upwards of 90% of the people I played with had no idea how to coordinate at all. I was typing messages asking if they preferred we move to another area or stay where we were. They ignored me and eventually disconnected to go do something else. No replies, no hello, no goodbye. I have no idea if they just ran out of time and had to disconnect, or if they did not like the current map or even if they disliked myself for some reason. I let everyone loot whatever they wanted first before I came around to grab whatever I could sell or use.

    Only a few people actually seemed capable of communications. They were easy to get along with.

    A few players were connected for an hour or more and seemed to enjoy the game. But most were gone within 15 minutes of joining the game.

    The game is quest driven. And some quests are sheer agony if you have not already done them. Examples of horrible quests are those awful gun part quests where the waypoints are wrong. If you have done it, you will remember where they actually are and can do the quest in minutes. If not, prepare for a hour or two if you are not lucky enough to stumble upon them while wandering.

    I understand people hate typing text messages in FPS games, but when you are asked a question that matters, any reply is welcomed. If someone replied a simple "Y" or "N" I would presume they meant yes or no and try to understand them.

    If we are going to play, we need to decide upon a voice chat method or stop fighting every once in a while to decide what to do as a group via text messages.

    I have Mumble setup already for this if we decide to use this program. It has a push to talk button that works quite well so we do not drown everyone with noise.
  15. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Here is something you Snipers need to know. It does not work that way often. You kill a monster at range. Then monsters run out of rooms you have no access to to get to you. They force you to fight in close quarters so often it is insane. Your Bloodwing helps with this quite a bit, as does a good secondary weapon that is not a Sniper Rifle. Even playing a Sniper, always hoard good shotguns. A good one has stats of high damage * high number of pellets and a tight grouping. (Accuracy is what they call it) How fast it shoots and reloads is almost irrelevant. When something pops out of a closet next to you and starts eating your face, a nice shotgun will handle it quicker than anything else.

    If the accuracy is over 50%, then it is a very good shotgun if the numbers are decent. Give it a try and prepare to be surprised how good they can be. And unless you play the Siren, and probably even if you do, DO NOT pick elemental effects over damage. They help, but raw damage kills things. Elemental effects help in different ways. No point drowning you in details on that now. But this is true. Killing things with raw damage is always better than almost killing them with elemental effects. Remember that. ;)
  16. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    As as sniper used to sniping in every shooter, I always forget I have a Blood Wing until I see a soldier drop his gun turret and think "oh yeah! I have a thing too!"

    Also I have this sniper rifle that is amazing even unscoped.
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  17. Hybelkanin

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    I'd be up for some crazy with the DoD board-goers on borderlands as well. :)
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  18. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    ...the hell? I'm speccing for Bloodwing spam (heading directly for recharge decreasing before I touch any of my other trees) specifically because the Bloodwing is awesome and pwns everything.

    Yeah, I noticed just about every single thing you mentioned about Sniper in my playthrough so far (just beat the tutorial boss). I'd actually argue that pistols work great as your close-range weapon, since they have a great rate of fire and you can proc two bullets with one shot up to 40% of the time (if progression of skills remains linear).

    And the melee attack has a surprisingly long reach, too.

    This game's weapon mods are amazing. I started with a pistol with a scope, which I swapped out for a pistol with great stats and ironsights, which I swapped out for a pistol that has a poorly-defined damage bonus against fleshy enemies (which is everything I've seen so far), a bayonet, a fire effect, and the worst sights I've ever seen from a weapon, ever. Like, you know how ironsights work? Ctrl-i that.

    I've heard that without restrictions the weapon generation system made it possible to find revolvers that use shotgun shells, among other things. No idea if that stopped working, but I'd love to have a sniper rifle that shoots grenades.
  19. Hybelkanin

    Hybelkanin Member

    Not sure about revolvers using shells, but there is a specific type of revolver called "Masher" that fires 7 rounds per shot, very similar to the higher accuracy shotguns. These do absolutely crazy damage close to medium range if you hit the critical parts. Put one of those in the hands of a gunslinger specced hunter and gibs shall fly willy nilly. *nods*
  20. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Assuming I'm remembering the right game (it's almost a year since I last played BLands) there are also shotguns that fire rockets.:dmg_blast: