Blasting Fix for use with DMM

Discussion in 'Modding' started by OgreSamanosuke, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. 123stw

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    If you want to test yourself, just add blasting = "100" to diggle, and watch your character die in 1 hit.
  2. J-Factor

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    I'm not sure how the current version of DMM will handle monDB.xml changes. Let me know if you have any problems.
  3. DavidB1111

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    @OgreSamanosuke What does a Zodiac Wand do exactly? If it's required for Decursive Curse? That sounds a bit overpowered if it needs a wand to fix it.
    I'm not a big fan of that then.
    Resistances = lower spell damage is how games should function.
    Requiring a specific item to fight a non-special boss is a very bad move for a game.
    Ragu O Ragula requiring immunity to fire makes sense, he's an optional hidden boss.
  4. Kaoy

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    It removes debuffs and DoTs from you.
  5. DavidB1111

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    Oh, okay then. So it's like a Potion of Purity. I'll keep that in mind.
    I can at least stock up on the Potions...
  6. Kaoy

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    I'm not certian, but I think PoPs remove buffs as well, so if you are playing a buff centric build, may want to think about it.
  7. @DavidB1111 Yeah it's a dispel, without being a full blown purge. I also never take alchemy, so finding those wands is always a godsend for me.
  8. Kaoy

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    Same. I tend to keep and I an find in a small stash until I reach floor 7, where I keep them on hand at all times(unless I have a Hat of Kaneda).
  9. Inferno232

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    Wait, Blasting Damage is broken? Damn, I never noticed. :confused:
  10. Daynab

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    The last post in this thread was on Aug 18, that's almost two months ago. There's been 1.05 in the meantime which may have fixed it.
  11. IanExMachina

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    I don't think they have yet.

    I just got a Uberchest ring on dungeon level one with blasting damage and none showed up still.
    (I can't find the google bugsheet anywhere also.)
  12. Daynab

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  13. kuhchung

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    I had some item with 2 blasting damage and it wasn't working either (I was savescumming anvils for double rainbow). I wasn't sure if that was because it was being resisted completely, but I guess not. I can confirm IanExMachina's report.
  14. Nicholas

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    Blasting, along with Crushing and Slashing, is actually one of the three "primary" damages. If an item has multiple damage types in its attack, we simply lump all the primary damages together and assign them the type of whichever one is the highest. So if you have 5 slashing and 2 blasting, it becomes 7 slashing.
  15. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    I swear it didn't show up in the damage log :s
    Next time I find an artefact I'll see if I can screen shot to see if I'm going mad or something.
  16. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    So that means that loading up on damage bonuses spread between the 3 main types is a quite viable strategy, since only one of the enemy's resistances to those three main types will apply. On the other hand, enemies that deal multiple basic damage types are more dangerous than they appear, since only one of your damage resistances will apply.

    That's odd...why the decision to run things that way?

    [edit several days later: Also, if an attack is 5 Blasting, 5 Crushing, 5 Slashing, which type applies and why? Thanks!]