[BETA] The Vaults of Maslech

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    Speaking of crashes, If the effect from "When Push Comes To Shove" destroys the center tile of a closed door, and then you try to open said door normally the game will crash.

    I think this bug is with the game itself though as I've encountered it in other mods which use spells with that effect.
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  2. Bohandas

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    The mod seems to crash the game whenever I try to enter a mysterious portal.
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    The mod was never finished, and is unlikely ever to be.

    Fax put a lot of good work into it, but it is way too unstable.
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    I would not like to necro this too, but if someone wants to play this with the FAXPAX mod, skill id of both Dungeon Dweller (from here) and Haunted (from FAXPAX) is 212. I changed the Dungeon Dweller one to 226, to make it compatible with faxpax mod.

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