[BETA] The Vaults of Maslech

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  1. Fast Learner is a 100% +2XP proc I believe, looking at the XML. It occurs whenever you kill any enemy.
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    Nono, I mean, if you replaced proc names with just a single character, it'd be nearly impossible to determine which of your procs activated. This could be crippling if you had a skill that depended on enemies receiving a specific debuff applied via proc.
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  3. I agree- ideally, I'd like to see the procs that have a more crucial game impact. Negating/minimizing the notification about fast learner would do that. Not the others- leave them alone?

    Anyway, I don't know if it is even possible, or if Fax really likes the Fast Learner notification. Was just feedback based on my play experience for him to do with what he will.
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  4. FaxCelestis

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    To do that, I'd have to make Fast Learner call a spell named " ", which would be confusing for editing purposes and could possibly have cross-mod issues.
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  5. mining

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    "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            v"
    Never conflict ever again.
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  6. Kazeto

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    Which is why I put the idea of being able to give spells different names than their IDs (by which they'd be called) into the modding request thread some time ago, to make it possible to have buffs with the same names and procced abilities than don't throw a text every time they trigger.

    But I digress.
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  7. Re the "Trap Hallways of Doom," I've now encountered them several times as dead ends. It felt odd to have all those traps guarding a dead end. Maybe place a floor scaled artifact or Chest of Evil at the end?

    Could encourage players without the requisite trap skill to go for the glory anyway. *evil smiley*
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    The "problem," such as it is, is that Dredmor's floor-generation algorithm only attempts to attach so many different rooms to each possible exit before concluding that nothing will fit there. The four 3x5 "closet" rooms and the 5x5 MP room (and on B2/15, the dozen-plus 6x6 "tombs") help things along greatly in terms of wedging in more rooms per floor, but they don't always get drawn by the generator. This is also why, on B2/15, there will occasionally be a large "lots of tombs" room with walls where one of the 6x6 rooms should go -- none of the tombs made it into the generator before it hit the "give up" condition.

    Of course, if the floor-generation algorithm was more aggressive about filling in gaps wherever possible while using VoM, it'd take longer to build each floor (which I doubt anyone wants) and we'd likely end up with a lot more closets smallish rooms that aren't closets everywhere.

    Tags: special="1" is a thing that exists, since when is this a gaslamp blog post, edit what edit, is it obvious i have no digglebucks, this totally isn't a blog post i swear
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  9. FaxCelestis

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    Closets/5x5 MP are marked special="1" so they'll only appear once per floor.
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    This is not really a bug, but more of a minor annoyance-- in the long hallways with lots of traps, if there's bolt type traps, the game will hang for a long time while waiting for the projectile to reach its target. It does this for monsters also-- so if you are doing a run without much trap disarm, and you just leave those traps sitting around, sometimes monsters will run into them and create annoying pauses. More of an issue on the dev's end since it has always done this, but it's particularly noticeable with this mod.
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  11. More feedback: My (previously stable) game is crashing a lot. A lot. It always happens when I go down stairs to a new level.

    It started occurring when I attempted to go from DL4 to DL5. It has gotten worse as I've descended. Some levels have taken a few as six crashes to power through, but the average is around 37. I'm currently stuck on DL 13 trying to go to DL 14, and have crashed out 53 times.

    The only other Mod I'm running is Extra Potions. Are there any traps that start potentially spawning on DL5 and become more common as you go deeper?
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    Holy Shit! 37 crashes would make me uninstall. I applaud your patience. :)

    53 and I would start plotting the Death of Maslech. :p
  13. I'm playing my second GRPD run and I want to KILL Dredmor this time. And because I haven't emptied my trashcan yet, I can tell you that there are 246 .dmp files in there. (I was doing other things while crashing and loading- not just staring at the comp in resignation.)
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  14. Whelp, the transition from level 13 to 14 bested me. I simply could not get down the stairs without CtD'ing. I have no way of knowing if VoM contributed to the problem, but I've never experienced an issue like this before with the base game.

    Really liked the new rooms and traps I did see!
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  15. FaxCelestis

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    I've run into that issue as well. That sort of crash is generally associated with an item sprite not being able to be read. I'll look over Extra Potion's and VoM's .pngs tomorrow and see if any of them are misindexed.
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  16. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Here's a new build. It will break saves.

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  17. New build!

    Did you run across anything that might explain the "crash when going downstairs" I was experiencing? Played a core game since then, and haven't had the crashing issue manifest.
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  18. FaxCelestis

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    I have not.
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    Will this work with Roguish Renovation and Interior Dredmorating?
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    It should.
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