(Beta 55) Thread of Threads (list of guides & useful posts)

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    So I was looking about on Laudanum and of course google sends you to the wiki... then I realized it seems people have questions about things like "feeding the colonists" and that we didn't have a guide or something. When I got CE recently, I think the manual I found was several releases back.

    So, let's take a look at what we have right here on the forums, there's a lot of discussions. These are likely to be the most up-to-date as well as being more discussion-based and sometimes guide-like.

    The version numbers below show what version the information in the threads/posts pertains to, in many cases a new version will leave various aspects unchanged, if so I will update the version as long as it's confirmed to be still relevant.

    Useful to know


    Please post below links to threads/posts things that you think would fit well here. I will take care as best I can of checking when new versions come out. Two things to note:
    1. Major bugs are quite noteworthy, but not the little ones (and both are usually squashed pretty fast).
    2. In general, I will prioritize the newest build (stable or experimental), so a bug in v50 that was fixed in v50A wouldn't fit in, on the other hand, if v50A added a major bug that is worth noting.
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    Well, if you don't mind me tootin' my own horn, I made a few other threads about optimization :) :

    PROTIP: Multiple Foreign Offices = Mana from Heaven

    GUIDE: Efficient food production (kitchen + farms)

    GUIDE: How to make an efficient metalworks

    Unfortunately, though, dear friends, my guide to having beds in the chapel no longer applies :eek:


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    Time to start going through these to check on references to cooking and colonists' new workshift system etc...

    Should be good for v48-A, time to wait for Black Box Farms
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  5. Alavaria

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    Since we're all enjoying 55, it's time to start looking for useful info on this version :)
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  7. Naffarin

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    I think the Tech Tree is also useful knowledge
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    Just a few tricks that you may already know:

    If you hold down SHIFT while adding to a production cue - it will multiply by 10, so you dont need click 70 times to make 70 planks

    If you remove the "first name" from an overseer the "name banner" will disappear, making your town look a lot nicer.
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