1.0 Bandit deserter not showing up

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  1. mcnostril

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    It worked the first few times, but now when I accept a bandit deserter, I just get the bandits faction standing loss notification, but no actual laborer (it happened like twice on this save).

    (incidentally, I had like 5 of those events on this particular save, along with somewhat frequent "bandits have arrived" prompts)

    EDIT: Also in this save: A shrine that seems to be built but still shows up as a blueprint (and cannot be demolished) - it's in the barbershop.
    There's also another shrine in one of the houses that just can't seem to be built ever (but it can be cancelled and re-queued, with the same result)

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  2. dbaumgart

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    Hey! Loaded up the game and did the "take unwanted bandit" option from the Foreign Office - it gave a colonist like it's supposed to.

    So hmm, are you talking about doing this via the Foreign Office or is it the random event?

    ... tested it some more and actually, cool, just got the error! Now fixed for the hotfix, but will be fixed in the next patch. (Or next hotfix, if we do another.)
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  3. Jagwithtude

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    What might be happening at least in my game is when I have accepted a bandit deserter and clicked on the event which brings me to the bandit camp, because they have deserted and are still at the bandit camp they start fighting the bandits and sometimes die as a result, which serves them right for leaving their bandit brother/sisters :) not sure if this is the case with your game but it happens in mine quite a lot.
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  4. Unforked

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    Yep, this happens to me almost every time and is hilarious. You'd think the defector would keep their betrayal on the down-low until a least a dozen or so yards from camp.
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  5. Mikel

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    If they were that smart they would not have become bandits in the first place. ;)