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    This mod is merely designed as both a starting point of my modding and as a way to try and include some kind of space marine related people in dungeons of Dredmor, none of the art assests are my own. This is because I cannot draw for any program or game. Its just im bad. However if anyone wants to make some i would quite happily update the mod to include them and give them credit.

    You are a space marine, the emperors chosen warrior. Also his bodyguards, assassins and whatever else the man-god wants

    Starting skill
    +3 to health regen

    this is due to the two hearts you have and the laraman organ that you have implanted in you as a space marine

    First skill
    This skill now allows you to focus upon a battle completly gaining a lot of dodge chance, critical strike and counter strike, but you will be vulnerable at the end of the 35 turns, so if your fight is not done then you are. Also don't try to activate this ability with power armour on because it will pretty much just negate the debuffs and still leave you exhausted

    second skill
    This is now a small buff and gives the ability to "don power armour" which then allows you to be more tanky at the cost of finess, this skill is a result of DarkPawnC's worrys about the skill being too hard on rogues and so i now give people a choice to be tanky or roguey however the rogue path is just there to get rid of the debuffs for nimbleness, crit and counter and does not give any other bonus for not wearing armour.

    Third skill
    You have now been promoted and so you bear more responsibility and so when people die, you go into suicidal rages and kick the c*** out of everything in your way. This is only a minor buff and does nerf your agility as you are becoming bigger and stronger. Also the spell it gives you allows you to be resistant to all damages by a number for 10 turns. This is here to provide you with a backup tool to either enter or leave a fight

    Fourth skill
    Chaplains are basically religious nuts and so they deal righteous damage and also resist righteous damage. It also enhances your sight so you can see traitors and also allows you to resist dark magics. However you don't really feel the need to dodge or hide from your enemies because you know the Emperor would not let you die. probably.

    Fifth skill
    This is a turning point, since there are no class changes i have made it a win lose situation, you can become a mage-space marine (librarian) however you will lose most of the advantages you had as a chaplain. Also gain the "eye of the emperor skill" which allows you to rain fire down upon thine enemies.

    sixth skill
    Basically a more uprgraded version of the librarian it also provides more mana regen as the emperor is now looking at you for an extended period of time. Also now added "open your mind to the emperor" buffing your mana regen, mana and power + some other stats, at the cost of burliness and attack power.

    seventh skill
    As you now lead a chapter this means you get the best armour and naturally can beat any other space marine in a battle of wits and strength but mostly brute strength.

    This is probably horribly unbalanced but i am not the best at finding balancing issues and so would be grateful if anyone would mind just commenting on some of the issues they have, because i know there will be a few.

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    Scout: Camo Cloak doesn't seem to actually do anything, did you forget to add an invis effect?

    Space marine level: Suggest removing buffs to savvy, sight, and righteous resist.

    Captain level: remove the additional nimbleness debuff. (If anything a captain would have better initiative). Rename it to Sergeant(Captain is higher than Chaplain).

    Chaplain: Ditch the primarybuffs, switch righteous resist to necromantic, lower both resists to 2(or ditch them entirely), and lower the damagebuff to 2.

    Librarian: Ditch the damagebuff, adjust resist debuffs to the change in Chaplain. You forgot to add savvybonus (ie mana cost scaling) to Eye of the Emperor.

    Head Librarian: Gain a spell maybe?

    Chapter Master: Why? Suggest removing completely.

    Fluff critique:

    In general the promotion path is nonsensical from a fluff perspective. Captains don't become Chaplains, Chaplains don't become Librarians, Librarians don't become Chapter Masters.

    Scout->Marine->Squad leader->Veteran/Sergeant->Sergeant->Veteran Sergeant->Captain->Chaptermaster. I think Chaplains diverge at the Sergeant stage, and Librarians follow a different path from wherever it is discovered they are a psyker, probably from the get go, and they stay diverged. There's more steps in there that aren't included in the wargame as well, and terminators are another divergent path from veteran onwards that can reach Chaptermaster. Not all chapters are the same though, some chapters might have Chaplains go on to be Chaptermasters, but I think the last time a Psyker was Chaptermaster was before the heresy(Thousand Sons).
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    Thanks for the reply

    For the fluff critque i was just trying to get all the possible aspects of the space marines in one go, i have thought about making differant roles in later mods, perhaps a librarian mod where you start as a low level psyker with some spells that damage the enemy aswell as yourself because of the perils of the warp but i was just trying to make the ranks close enough that people would understand that it is a progression. This was merely an experiment to check if i could code to any degree of efficiency. Obviously i have a lot to work on. Also i have not studied the lore in a while i will have to read up on that a bit more.

    With regards to the invisibility i cannot seem to replecate the error that you are getting, i am going invisible as normal however i did have to delet the invisibility remark because the validator would not accept it. This is a problem that is everywhere apparently.

    With regards to the space marine after some thought I agree that the eyesight might have been a bit much as even the perception skill tree does not give you that much eyesight a level

    With regards to the nimbleness again come to think of it an astartes might feel a bit clumsy when he gains the new armour (black carapace) augment, he should be fully ready with the limits of his body by the time he is a captain. Thanks for the reminder of ranks I need to look at my codex if I intend to make differant skill paths for differant types of people (techmarines,pyskers and chaplains.)

    I have now revised the chaplain and the remark about necromatic is a smart one. I agree with the primary buffs because when i think about it, uprgrading most of the major skills in the game is kinda overpowered.

    I have now added a savy bonus to the skill, it did not have one because i was trying to fiddle about with it and get a skill that goes on cooldown and also costs mana. This however was not possible in the end.

    For the head librarian spell i could add some kind of psychic storm which does aoe around the player.

    Chapter master was just meant to be an end game skill, i shall keep it for now but if it does prove to be too silly i will just remove it or change it

    Again with regards to the rank i know that the inquistion and the librarians are differant factions (departments) but this was just meant to be a gradual increase in importance

    Thanks for the reply, here is the updated version, i have also readded the invisible tag and so that should solve the problem

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    From a fluff standpoint their nimbleness/agility is, as a fresh marine already, at the high end of human-possible (with strength and toughness being superhuman). Have a look at the Inquisitor game stats instead of WH40k stats if you want to see what they should be like according to fluff. From a DoD balance standpoint I don't mind some nimbleness debuffing, because you're adding so many stat bonuses, so something has to take a hit.

    My invisibility remark was after looking at the code.
    <spell name="Camo Cloak" type="self" downtime="20" icon="skills/rogue/skill_burglary1_32.png" >
        <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/psionic_generic/psionic_generic" frames="5" framerate="70" sfx="magic_open"/>
        <buff useTimer="1" time="10" icon="skills/rogue/skill_stealth0_64.png"  smallicon="skills/rogue/skill_stealth0_32.png" stacksize="1" self="1" destroyonmove="1" >
        <description text="Woops ive been spotted, I better blend in and not move a muscle." />
    I don't see how this does ANYTHING other than run an animation.
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    makes sense. Btw is the invisibility working now?
  6. Aegho

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    I haven't actually played with it, but the invis looks good as far as the code goes.
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    Thanks for the feedback
  8. Aegho

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    Yes I saw the added invis line. I just meant that in the original it was missing. ;)
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    :D its all good
  10. Ruigi

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    True story, Clockwork Knight was inspired by warhammer40k, but I know nothing about the lore and I never played any of the games.
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    do you have dungeons of dredmor on steam?
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    True story, Space Marines were inspired by the Starship Troopers book, by Robert A Heinlein.

    Yes, and I have published 2 mods in the workshop. Galactic Hitchhiker and Circus Freak.
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    could you do me a favour a download the mod there, apparently people can't see my skill but i still can. Could you please verify that the skill shows for me?
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    It shows for me if I go to the "latest" tab, rather than one of the popularity tabs.
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    I mean in game skills, someone has posted in the comments that they cannot see the skill
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    Correct it doesn't show up in the skill choice screen.

    Could have something to do with the name of the startskill not matching the skill name.
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    Thanks ill change that now, would you mind rechecking in about a minute?
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    It is now updated
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    *sigh* While I gladly help out with questions on the forum, I don't have unlimited free time and I'd like to get stuff done as well, despite being quite tired because I actually have a job, and I've been a lifeguard today, making sure the kids don't drown, so this time I'll give it a pass. You can do your own error checking this time. It's not like it's fundamentally different on your computer than on mine.
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    I do apprieciate the help that you have given, i would check on mine but their is not a problem i can still access the mod. No matter i will mess around with this for a bit. Thanks for the help :D