Artifact titles that make sense.

Discussion in 'Stories & Fan Fiction' started by jareddm, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. jareddm

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    I found a ring the other day that seemed like the name actually fit what the item did.

    "Gerlfex, the Eater of Strength"
    +2 Nimbleness
    -2 Life Force

    Clearly the ring feeds itself on your own life force in order to grant extra speed.

    Anyone else found any items whose names seem to match exactly what the artifact does?
  2. marsgreekgod

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    I got a cursed item that was the the bane of cod. It made me weak to cold. It kinda made sense.
  3. marsgreekgod

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    double post I know but I juts found "Pakkull, the eater of cake" - "Just don't call it a fatsword."
  4. Marak

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  5. Kaoy

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    [Random Name], the Little Strength
    +2 Melee power
    +1 Armour Absorption

    I forget what the actual name was, but this probably the only sensible random item name I have come across.
  6. I found an artifact toque that was called "_____ the thoughtless Canadian" once. I laughed my ass off when I found it.