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    You Name It
    I'll Make It
    We Play It
    Art By: MrAltamente​
    Code By: Aquaman​
    Ideas By: Everyone​
    Request Format: Requests Currently Closed
    :dmg_righteous: Use Appropriate Symbols:dmg_righteous:
    :dmg_piercing: Weapons:dmg_piercing:
    Item Name:​
    Type: (Sword,Axe, Etc.)​
    Craft-able: (yes/no)And with what​
    :resist_piercing: Armor:resist_piercing:
    Item Name:​
    Part: (Head, Chest, Etc.)​
    Craft-able: (yes/no)And with what​
    :life: Food/Drink:mana:
    Item Name:​
    Food/Drink: (F/D)​
    Heal MP/HP:​
    :smithing: Crafting:tinkerer:
    Item Name:​
    Craft-able: (yes/no)And with what​
    Only Creating Item's Using the Above Format​
    MrAltamente has recently taken on the challenge of created all/most of the art for this mod!
    What does this mean? In short, this mod just got twice as amazing! In addition updates will be more frequently!
    • Light Sabre
    • Energy Sword
    • Last Stand​
    • Bow of Mass Destruction
    • Diggle Bone:
    • Brussels Sprouts
    • UFO
    • Miners Helmet
    • Scouter
    • Banana:
    • Strawberry:
    • Raw Diggle Steak:
    • Fruit Smoothie:
    • Potion of the Unhinged:
    • Leather Strips
    • Chitin
    • Beetle
    • Diggle Hide
    • Adamantine Ore
    • Adamantine Ingot
    Complete Pack: Now with 20+ items
    Photo Galery: View all the item and skill images!
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    -----Being Created-----
    Current Requests By:
    • Loswaith(0/5)
    • sONoFhAPPYbUNNY(0/6)
    • Available
    • Available
    • shotgunkiwi(1/2)(temporarily suspended, I need some practice with target spells)
    Planned Items
    • Giant Spoon
    • Key Blade
    • Corn
    • Popcorn
    • And More!
    Completed for Next Upload:
  3. Shotgunkiwi

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    Item Name: Last Stand​
    Type: Crossbow​
    Description: Warning; Use of this item may end in death, and death dying horridly because he is being overworked because of so much death... ​
    Price: 5400​
    Damage: 10​
    Power(s): 100 :dmg_existential: -9 :life_regen: -70 :life: -50 :mana_regen:
    Craft-able: no

    I`m not sure of the powers, but I`m wanting a weapon that is almost like a sure instant kill of most creatures but even a slight brush with a foe would be extremely fatal...
    Would it be better to remove the health minuses and instead have a large resistance penalty?

    Item Name: The Leech
    Type: Wand
    Description: Who knows what kind of wonder could of made this weapon, what strange godlike power... The truth is, a homeless man shoved a stick into a leech.
    Price: 10000
    Damage: 0
    Power(s): 20 :life_steal: 20 :mana_steal:
    Craft-able: no

    I am just bloody awful with descriptions. ​
  4. Aquaman

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    Haha, even the mighty Lutefisk god, or even Krong himself would fear these! These will be fun to make :D

    However I will make a few balancing tweaks
  5. Ryvian

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    Potion of the Unhinged
    Type: Potion
    Description: Your magic powers are overloaded the spells you cast run amok! Your spells have an exceptional chance to go haywire, at the cost of casting efficiency
    Price: 1000
    Damage: 0
    Effect: +15 Haywire, -12 Savvy. (net gain of +9 to haywire chance), for 32 turns. (loss of savvy is to balance the increase in haywire chance by reducing mana cost reduction, usually dependent on Savvy, also decreases sneakiness, but it's mostly inconsequential to mages, or hybrid mages especially while spell spamming). Creates a self buff that lasts 32 turns. There was an image that was pretty cool in the spell folder, but I'm so lazy even though I can do it (and mostly already did) I'll never make a full mod just to implement it, so lol. There's a bunch of unused potion icons as well that you could use.
    Craft: yes, but at least level 4-5 alchemy, ingredients I wanted to use was Infernal Potion + Voltaic Potion + Hyperborean potion + Spatial Instability Potion for the "Unstable" aspect. Level 4 gives 1 potion, Level 5 gives 2.
  6. Aquaman

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    Haha, here is a sample of my artistic abilities! This will be the icon to potion of the unhinged's buff

    Feedback would be appreciated :D

    Also the potion icon is also finished

    edit:image tags are not working for I put a link
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    Potion of the Unhinged is complete!
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  8. Daynab

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    Just wanted to say this is a pretty great idea for a mod, and your icon made me laugh :)
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    Updated, Added 4 new items.
    6 items are currently commented out until the art is finished.

    completed items include:
    • Energy Sword
    • Miners Helmet
    • Brussels Sprouts
    • Bow of Mass Destruction
  10. Ryvian

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    Item Name: Scouter​
    Type: Helmet​
    Description: Allows you to accurately gauge the strength and weaknesses of your enemies. Malfunctions when enemy's power level exceeds 0x2328
    Level: 6​
    Price: 3800​
    Armor: 0​
    Power(s):3 :block:, 5 :edr:, 2 :sight:, 2 :trap_sense:, 1 :caddishness:
    Craft-able: glasses + other stuff, you decide.​
    Item Name: Unidentified Flying Object​
    Type: Thrown Weapon​
    Description: Something that's been mosaic-ed over. You have no idea what it is, but it feels heavy and you're pretty sure it would hurt if you tossed it at an enemy.​
    Level: 8​
    Damage: 4 :dmg_crushing:, 4 :dmg_transmutative:
    Powers: Trigger on thrown, 33% cast spell Identified!​
    Spell: Identified! Deals 8:dmg_transmutative: damage every turn for 3 turns, unstackable, doesn't affect caster.​
    Craft-able: None.​
  11. Loswaith

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    A few armour sugestions more for the humour aspect.​
    Item Name: New Royal Tunic​
    Part: Armour (Torso)​
    Description: A tunic fit only for kings and emperors, showing you in all your glory. Realy it's the bestest outfit ever... honest.​
    Price: (??)​
    Defense: 5:dodge: 2:resist_existential:
    Power(s): 4:caddishness: -2:savvy: 5:edr:
    Craft-able: No ... Maybe (Fine Linen Shirt + 2 Potions of Invisibility)​
    Art Sugestion: Faded Ostentatious Tunic (say 50% alpha for example) or shirt done like invisible shield​
    Item Name: New RoyalBreeches​
    Part: Armour (Pants)​
    Description: Breeches fit only for kings and emperors, showing you in all your glory. Realy it's the bestest outfit ever... honest.​
    Price: (??)​
    Defence: 5:dodge: 2:resist_existential:
    Power(s): 4:caddishness: -2:savvy: 5:edr:
    Craft-able: No ... Maybe(Adventurering Pants + 2 Potions of Invisibility)​
    Art Sugestions: Faded Pirate Training Breeches or shirt done like invisible shield​
    Item Name: Strange Blue Hood​
    Part: Armour (Head)​
    Description: Wearing this hood compels you to yell "Spoooooon!" and charge into battle.​
    Price: (??)​
    Defence: 2:armor_asorb: 2:dodge: 2:resist_crushing: 2:resist_piercing:
    Power(s): 6:burliness: -2:savvy: -4:magic_power: -1:mana_regen:
    Craft-able: No​
    Art Sugestions: A Bright Blue Hood with antenna​
    Item Name: Strange Blue Shirt​
    Part: Armour (Head)​
    Description: This strange blue shirt lets you shrug off damage as if you were a superhero... yea, A superhero.​
    Price: (??)​
    Defence: 10:armor_asorb: 8:block: 4:resist_crushing: 4:resist_piercing:
    Power(s): 12:burliness: -6:savvy: -10:magic_power: -3:mana_regen:
    Craft-able: No​
    Art Sugestions: Bright Blue Plastic Platemail/Bandit Mail​
    Item Name: Strange Blue Pants​
    Part: Armour (Head)​
    Description: These strange blue pants propel you reclessly in to batle with speed and... um... daring.... yea, daring.​
    Price: (??)​
    Defence: 6:armor_asorb: 4:resist_crushing: 4:resist_piercing:
    Power(s): 6:burliness: 6:nimbleness: -4:savvy: -6:magic_power: -3:mana_regen:
    Craft-able: No​
    Art Sugestions: Bright Blue Pants​
    For the Strange Blue set take a look here for further inspiration (it's a bit of a spoiler if you didnt guess before hand).​
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    Challenge accepted :D
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  13. I had always planned on making an item mod, but it seems like everyone else got a head start and now it seems like my own efforts would be lost in a sea of other mods. Maybe another day when I have more free time on my hands.

    Anyway, I thought I would contribute a few ideas of my own, mostly referencing a certain favorite show of mine. I had some ideas for adding more original items and weapon types, but I'll save those for later. Maybe when I have time to make my own mod.

    Item Name: Buckler of the Purple Time Traveler​
    Part: Shield (Tier 10, Artifact value 10)​
    Description: "Forged from a magic stronger than any metal from a different era. It will do more than a good job of protecting you from any spell."​
    Price: 30000~​
    Defense: 6:resist_piercing: 3:resist_aethereal: 3:resist_transmutative:
    Power(s): 6:armor_asorb: 15:block: 20:magic_resist: 30:reflection: 8:magic_power: -6:nimbleness: 2:stubborness: 5% chance to recover 10 HP when hit​
    Craft-able: Yes: Filigreed Silver Shield + Ruby + Spingloaded Powercore + Potion of Dire Empowerment (Tinkering 6)​
    Item Name: Saber of the Blue Knight​
    Type: Sword (Tier 10, Artifact value 10)​
    Description: "Once used by a valiant warrior to uphold justice. Some of its magical powers still remain."​
    Price: 25000~​
    Damage: 15:dmg_slashing: 8:dmg_piercing: 5:dmg_hyperborean: 5:dmg_righteous:
    Power(s): 2:nimbleness: 6:life: 2:life_regen: 3:counter: 2:resist_slashing: 2:resist_crushing: 2:resist_piercing:
    Craft-able: Yes: Blue Steel Sword + Sapphire + Hyperborean Potion + Silver Ingot (Smithing 5)​
    Item Name: Beret of the Yellow Gunner​
    Part: Head (Tier 8, Artifact value 8)​
    Description: "Shines with a brilliant yellow glow, truly holy in its nature."​
    Price: 15000~​
    Defense: 4:resist_righteous: 3:armor_asorb:
    Power(s): 15:edr: 5:dmg_righteous: 10:dodge: 3:nimbleness:
    Craft-able: Yes: Leather Cap + Aquamarine + Citrine + Poition of Radiance (Alchemy 4)​
    Item Name: Chain-Spear of the Red Hunter​
    Type: Staff (Tier 12, Artifact value 10)​
    Description: "Empowered by superior magic. This was used to slay hundreds of powerful demons. Wielding it properly takes quite the amount of skill."​
    Price: 30000~​
    Damage: 3:dmg_slashing: 10:dmg_piercing: 5:dmg_crushing: 10:dmg_conflagratory: 3:dmg_aphyxiative:
    Power(s): 2:burliness: 3:caddishness: 2:nimbleness: 10:block: 5:haywire: 8:magic_power: 10% chance to proc root​
    Craft-able: No​
    Item Name: Bow of the Pink Goddess​
    Type: Crossbow (But pictured as a bow) (Tier 15, Artifact value 10)​
    Description: "The powers of this bow ascend both space and time. How it even exists is a mystery."​
    Price: 50000​
    Damage: 10:dmg_piercing: 5:dmg_righteous: 5:dmg_transmutative: 5:dmg_aethereal: 5:dmg_existential: 5:dmg_blast:
    Power(s): 5:sagacity: 3:mana_regen: 10:magic_power: 20:edr: 20:magic_resist: 20:reflection: 50% chance to proc radiant aura blast on hit​
    Craft-able: No​
    I could help with weapon sprites. Also, items might need a little rebalancing.​
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    You should include a contract type item in that list haha. But dayum, thats some high end equipment right there. I'd love to use this stuff.
  15. Now that you mention it, that gives me an idea

    Item name: The Contract
    Type: Tome
    Description: "Pledge your life in the pursuit of defeating evil, and in return gain incredible magical powers"
    Price: 20000~ (Tier 10, Artifact value 10)
    Damage: 8:dmg_transmutative: 8:dmg_aethereal:
    Power(s): 10:sagacity: 5:mana_regen: 15:magic_power: 20:haywire: 30:mana:
    Craft-able: No
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    New Update!
    Over 7 new items added! Including requests from Ryvian.
    Art updates to previous items also!

    New items include but are not limited to:
    • Scouter
    • UFO
    • Chitin
    • Diggle Hide
    • Beetle's
    • Adamantine Ore
    • Adamantine Ingot
    • AND MORE!
  17. Ryvian

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    Dude lots of errors in your XML file, better recheck the times where you wrote price="whatever" instead of price amount="whatever"

    There was also a missing "/" backslash at the end price amount="20" for your beetle item.

    Finally, there was a missing space between level="4" and craftingoutput="1" for Potion of the Unhinged.
  18. Aquaman

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    My apologies, I coded those while under the influence...of being tired X.X haha, fixed!

    And even more of the art updated! Namely the helmet scouter! Thanks for catching those mistakes.
  19. Aquaman

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    Hmmm what exactly is the name of the show?
  20. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica