Any Negative Effects of Not Going Hostile to Fishpeople?

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by tzeneth, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. tzeneth

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    I was playing 51B and was curious if I could try to attempt to create Innsmouth through being friendly and non-hostile with the fishpeople. I was also hoping for a different outcome with regards to the fishy idol quest, considering I normally Indiana Jones it and say "It belongs in a museum!"
    Just losing a colonist seems like a bit of a let down for the ending to the fishy idol quest. I figured more bad things would happen.
    If there are alternate endings, please tell me.

    So are there any effects I'm obviously not aware of for not going hostile to the fishpeople?
  2. AntithesisD

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    Not sure if it's like that no (never tried) but I would assume that relationship with the "normies" from the ole empire won't like it too much.
  3. Nicholas

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    Please assume that we will be tracking, recording, and turning up the volume when you are presented with a number of Bad Decisions.
  4. tzeneth

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    Any chance I'll be able to make Innsmouth in the future? Would be fun to be isolationist crazy fishy people who the Empire only likes because I make them stuff. ;)
  5. DaCrAzYmOfO

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    Would be interesting that if you went friendly to them they would start hanging around your colony and eating your food, but helping you vs bandits and other enemies.

    After a while they start taking your colonists away one by one... no notifications.... until your colony is a ghost town...
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  6. tojosan

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    I discovered that if the fish people happen to be in the neighborhood when the bandits attack they will slice/dice the bandits. If all else fails, you can cook up the long steaks then.
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  7. DaCrAzYmOfO

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    Apparently the fishpeople already work for the empire lmao
  8. Blyn

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    well now you guys are talking about the Revenge of the Fish DLC that upgrades fishpeople to a playable faction.
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  9. tzeneth

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    That would be a hard game and a completely different game. Your goal: Either eliminate or corrupt the colonists who keep coming to the area. Also, bandits because they're delicious. Nothing like some long pork when you're protecting your caviar.
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  10. DaCrAzYmOfO

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    Devs listen up we've got a game changer right here!!