Any Good ideas for Clockwork builds to beat dredmor?

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    I guess it seems hopeless to rely on a Pure Warrior Melee build late game. I guess I'll give up on that and try Pure Wizard instead. Already did Pure Rogue.
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    I gives extra armor which means extra damage from rocket jump, mecha stomp and the charge of the steam brigade. It's actually a neat way to compensate for the lack of shields when you dual wield. I'd probably do something like this:
    Clockwork knight
    Master of Arms
    Dual wield

    This build would sorely miss procs though. No bleeding, no smashed bones... On the other hand it would have plenty of armor, health regen, healing and some survivability edge because of stuff like guerilla attack and swiss defence stance. And a lot of melee power from dual wielding polearms. You could probably replace geology with berserker but it would lower your chances at meleeing Dredmor most certainly.
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    There's a few more ways to melee dredmor, i assure you. One is 100 counter, recently done by yours truly by dual wielding swords + that awesome dagger stance. And there's probably something you can do with celestial circle, warlockery and universal principles in both hands. I'm gonna try the second combo with my new vampire character soon.
  4. While this is essentially a nec'd thread, i did want to keep it centered on CK. Strictly speaking, there are quite a few ways of melee-ing dredmor that don't involve getting CK AT ALL, but i've tried to keep the conversation geared towards CK centric builds. 100 counter is a good way to go, but it's not in keeping with CK's principle of (turn armor and raw melee power in to damage).
    That being said, i maintain that the absolute best build to melee dredmor is to go for a regen-stacking vampire with a ton of exotic damage/resistance coming from buffs and unarmed. As long as you're fighting something alive 1 on 1, you'll outheal his damage. Period. Dredmor himself is a bit tricky, but he'll usually have some living escort with him. Alternate hitting dredmor and his pose, and you'll be just fine.
    On a sidenote, if you are going to try a vampire build, it's dangerous to go alone. Try this.
    Vampirism, Vegan, Fleshsmithing, Egyptian Magic, Ley Lines, Banksterism, Master of Arms
    Let zombies kill the harmless animals for you for an easy floor 1 clear. Your first 4 levels should be Knit tissue + level 2 banksterism (so you can start spamming gold maker ASAP), then 2 levels in egyptian magic. From there, one level in ley lines, then max egyptian magic. After that, the world is your oyster.
    Use banksterism to buy yourself all those stupidly priced items from brax, and late game just combine your gold mountain with fiscal hedge for when you FINALLY go melee with max :life_regen: vampire. Also, contractor + animal friend is funny. Funniest is going to diggle hell to farm levels. Because hell is other diggles, and they are all animals. Just save a potion of invisibility to sneak past vlad, and you'll be just fine. hue hue hue.

    The problem with pure warrior late game is that... there's no problem with it. Really. Not joking.

    Look at it this way - for pure warrior to work late game proper, you'd need to have a persistent source of ranged damage that scales on burliness and melee power. You sorta come close with a combination of CK/Geology/Weapon Tree, but you never quite get to the point where you're spamming souped up bolts/spells every last turn. However, if you HAD a way of doing that, well, let's see what would happen...

    Currently, of all 3 pure types, warriors have the biggest chance of clearing the first few floors. A pure warrior can outright tank all enemies that spawn on floor 1, most of those that spawn on floor 2, and still tough his way past floor 3. Beyond that, he used to scale off fairly hard by the time he reached floor 10 (this is assuming extended dungeon), which made of the last five floors an extremely tough call at best. With CK though, warriors can effortlessly power down to level 7, and only start feeling the loss of power at around level 10. It's only the last 5 levels that challenge them in a meaningful way. If warriors had that "spammy ranged damage" option though, they would be able to clear even that easily.
    In other words, there would be no reason to ever play ANY pure class other than warrior.
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    Sounds effective, but I'm already doing another worthwhile build:
    Master of arms
    Shield bearer

    The synergy between warlockery and demonologist is just amasing. You can simple stand there in your cosy celestial circle and have enemies instanly delivered to you. And you will have both extra necromantic damage from vampire and aetherial from warlockery when you hit them with puissant touch. Oh well, aren't we derailing the thread?
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    Yes, but I think of it easy to derail a thread that's based on one skill. There can't be too many effective builds that involve CK, most of them would either Go Unarmed or Dual Wield because Weapon + Shield combo never seems to work in DoD.
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    Shield (before mods), as has been noted elsewhere, adds mostly to block, which you can quite easily hit 100 of with Master of Arms, some stats and decent armor.