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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Lactose, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Lactose

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    Today I tried to enchant a new shield I stole today, the Ensigiled Shield. When I put it on the anvil, the popup box that tells you what the new attributes the item gets was blank. I used my archaeology skill to get another use out of the anvil and chose a different item and that item worked.

    Any ideas?
  2. Bakyra

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    sometimes the enchantment can go nothing. it sucks.
  3. Lucentdepths

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  4. Pecka

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    That's the funny thing, it says Krong was pleased, here are the enchantments.... nothing.
    Maybe Krong was just jerking around.
  5. afterstar

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    It's bugged with the Ensigiled Shield, I have one and tried on 10 different Anvils, they all said that the enchantment was successful but no stats were added.

    I loaded back and retry with other items and they worked fine.
  6. Lactose

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    Oh well, the shield is pretty uber without extras I guess.
  7. Bakyra

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    he was pleased! doesnt mean he wanted to give you his blessings.
  8. Mysc

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    I actually found out what causes this 'issue'.
    Although to be fair I don't think it's a bug.
    Basically some equipment is marked as an artifact. The parts that are marked as artifacts cannot be krong'd.
    For shields they are "Mossy Shield" "Hoplon" "Ensigiled Shield" | "Maple Shield" "Shield of Agnosticism" "Invisible Shield" "Shield of Caketown"
    For the first three, they may be incorrect but for the last bunch they are actually marked in a subsection called artifact shields.
    There is alot more items that are marked as artifacts. It's disappointing that if not being able to krong them is intended. Especially seeing as there isn't a proper way to identify if something is an artifact.

    As a side note: Items marked as artifacts can be museum'd regardless of whether or not they have a special name. Technically you could use this to check items before attempting to krong them, But with a 72(I think) turn cooldown it's not exactly an effective method.

    If you wish to remove the artifact tag it's relatively easy to do thanks to the game makers putting effort into mod support early on.

    I won't post how because its easy to work out and also modding isn't exactly implemented yet(Just the groundwork at the moment I think)
  9. Tacroy

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    Yeah, this is probably kinda working as expected, with UI bugs in displaying it.

    You should get a message like "Krong thinks this item is perfect the way it is!", instead of the standard Krong's blessing message; in fact, since it's possible to get no blessing on normal items, you should get that message for them too when Krong doesn't grant a net bonus.