Another GRPD Random Roll competition

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    yeah shame that I SUCK AT THIS GAME! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I already died to a thaumite trap

    OK OK... Just start a new Character I guess. 1 down, 4 to go.

    Golemancy, Viking Wizardry, Astrology, Blood Mage, Killer Vegan, Smithing, Rogue Scientist.... I'll stick with this one, it looks promising as a warrior/mage combo.
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    Bah, nevermind. Let me get some sleep before I do this >_>;;;

    (died again on a slime)
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    Meh, the Reddit weekly challenge doesn't differentiate. NTTG is definately an early game advantage (less deaths before gaining your first level), but is harder later on (less available equipment/crafting mats).

    I like NTTG for this challenge for two reasons:

    1.) It's easier to find time for multiple playthroughs

    2.) You are less likely to have those early floor one deaths where you don't really learn anything about your skills other than "yeah, stumbling into 3+ enemies before gaining your first level sucks"

    On a side note, the Reddit challenge also doesn't allow RotDG enabled, but I've been playing with it on (and I assume most have).
  4. Gaidren

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    Nice start, although my floor one Brax having a Sword of Lies probably trumps it. :)

    Not sure how viable that build will be later on, but anything with defensive outs (Burglarly/AD) and a heal (Emo or Psi) might have a chance. Not enough support stuff to run as full mage, not enough passive/proc stuff to really work for Werediggle, but as you said it might be gish-ish enough to manage in melee.
  5. Giygas

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    Yep, although I might be able to turn it in to a pure-er warrior with Artful Dodge's :dodge: and a bunch of :dodge: gear. No tinkering for rocket boot encrusts, though.
  6. Dynamod

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    OK, got some sleep now, re rolling...

    I won't be bothered listing my two previous rolls, but for this run I have:

    Swords, Bows, Artful Dodger, Necronomiconomics, Viking Wizardry, Burglary, and Smithing.

    I'm going to try boosting necronomiconomics to get the healing spell first and then work on burglary.
  7. ineffablebob

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    Just lost the game I've been playing, and my work schedule happens to give me some days off, so...I'm in!

    Decided not to play No Time To Grind, in large part just to be different from my last game. Otherwise, the usual drill: Going Rogue, Permadeath, all the expansions.

    Character One: The Y Axes (Male)

    Roll #1: Thrown Weaponry, Master of Arms, Fleshsmithing, Viking Wizardy, Perception, Battle Geology, Egyptian Magic
    -- Nah. No melee skill, multiple magic use skills with nothing to get more mana.
    Roll #2: Axes, Mathemagic, Big Game Hunter, Killer Vegan, Rogue Scientist, Bankster, Magical Law
    -- I don't recall using any of these other than Axes. Any character that had them must have died so fast that I don't remember what happened. Sounds like a plan!

    The gameplay notes in the spoiler:
    OK, so looking at this now that I've started, this was pretty bad. Big Game Hunter and Killer Vegan look like they'll interfere with each other, and Rogue Scientist get bonuses from crafting skills, of which I have none.
    Died on floor 1, to a Unfriendly AI that popped out of a doorway. Tamed animals...worse than useless.
    Score: 3920 (floor 1, died by Unfriendly AI)

    Character Two: Indianaaar (Male)

    Roll #1: Axes, Dual Wielding, Perception, Burglary, Archaeology, Big Game Hunter, Piracy
    -- Aw, hell yeah. These skills I understand. If only there was a Whips instead of Axes, but you can't have everything.

    The gameplay notes in the spoiler:
    Almost died to a diggle right away, surprised a room with three of them. Got a dodge just when I needed it. After that, the rest of the first floor was easy...until I found an Inconsequentia. The boss that spawned had some ridiculous block percentage and almost killed me without touching him. Came back with a wand of bling and killed him, just barely...and on death he spawned 6 bumblebeepersons! Didn't even know that was possible. Managed to escape into the pocket dimension and use a graffitti code that fortunately opened onto an open room where I could heal up, and later went back and killed them off.

    Halfway through floor 2, hit level 8 and finished off Perception to get Eye Lasers. No ranged attack skill? No problem! (OK, it's not AoE and it's slow, but it's still freakin' eye lasers.) Found one of those zombies-behind-bars areas and eye lasered 'em all to ashes. Good times, good times. Also cleared my first monster zoo.

    Floor 3, fairly uneventful. Bit of slow going since I don't do a lot of damage short of the eye lasers. Had to make good use of throwables, underpowered crossbow bolts, various traps I've collected, and using defensive skills to allow me to hack away slowly. Cleared another monster zoo. Kronged my crossbow into uselessness with a curse, but it was pretty sad anyway. I've been taking all the support skills, but near the end of the floor I hit level 11 and finally started on Axes. Switched from +dodge to heavy armor, too. Melee fighting is more viable now.

    Moving on to floor 4! Between Mist of the Corsair and Swashbuckling, and that heavy armor, I'm not taking much damage. Eye Lasers are good for alpha-striking one monster, although they're not outright killing things much any more. Found the monster zoo fairly quickly, used the one Bolt of Mass Destruction I had and a ton of traps, smoked 'em. Used a lot of softballs just to pull monsters over the traps, which was kinda fun. Found a replacement for my crossbow in a store.

    Second room I opened on floor 5 was the monster zoo. One unique monster hit me pretty hard, had to do some running-and-eating before coming back to Laser Eye it to death, but otherwise it was just a matter of standing at a corner and killing anything to come around it. Finished the floor, went down to level 6...and the first door was the monster zoo. Crazy! No real trouble, although one unique guy did force me to retreat up the stairs and heal before resuming the smackdown. But the best part about floor 6 was a Dwarven Express Post lever, which resulted in two axe artifacts, both improvements on my existing weapons.

    Patch 1.1.2 arrives! Biggest change for me is Lucky Pick, which I dislike greatly. Now I can be in situations where I have no picks for chests. Oh well, minor issue. Got through most of floor 7, including the zoo. I've maxed out Dual Wield and Axemanship, plus I found a Clockwork Ravager axe which sometimes does multiple hits, so I'm tearing through just about anything that gets into melee. Biggest issue now is ranged baddies doing elemental damage, so I'm going to need to figure out some resists.

    Floor 8 was a yawner. Didn't find much in the way of loot, no real challenges to the might of my axes. Any non-unique dies in at most two hits (which sometimes happen on one attack, or even a counter). Between the Piracy and Burglary skills, I can debuff big stuff, stand in melee fearlessly for a few turns, and escape pretty much whenever I want. Even the monster zoo was a bit anticlimactic, possibly because I found it near the end of the level rather than the start.

    No issues with boredom on the ninth floor. Lots of monsters who teleport, ranged fire attacks, those cloud dudes with posion gas...all things perfectly set up to harm the axe-weilding melee hero. Used up a lot of potions and food, but made it through the zoo. Found a couple of nice additions to my resists, and completed the Burglary skills.

    Floor 10! First thing I saw as I stepped off the stairs is a crossbow with 22 damage of various types. Nice welcome. Rest of the floor was a lot easier than the ninth was, even the zoo. Found a second Clockwork Ravager axe, should be pretty good if I can Krong it up a little. Floor 11 is pretty much a repeat of 10, cleared the zoo and everything else with minimal incoming damage.
    Still alive on floor be continued!
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    I am SO in on this. Looks like great fun, and as there are no prizes, just a friendly no pressure event. I could use something like that with as much stress as I have had lately!

    Char 1: Go!

    Roll: Golemancy, Perception, Wand Lore, Emomancy, Piracy, Communism, Magical Law.
    It seems good but so magic heavy without help keeping mana up.. reroll I guess. not comfortable with this.

    Roll2: Thrown weaponry, mathemagic, astrology, fungal arts, wand lore, emomancy, battle geology

    I think I'll keep this. Potentially I can keep mana going pretty good with found alcohol + shrooms, and if I get an alchemy boosting item I can make some mana potions.
    Edit: WOW I started with great stuff. 17 dwarven boomerangs, 4 acid flasks, 5 charge Wand of Tesla, 4 charge Zodiacal Wand, and 6 charge Icicly wand

    Edit2: Wow, really misjudged a situation. Killed by a sickly diggle 2 rooms in. Score = 80.. lol.
    Char 2: Go!

    Roll: OMFG: Axes, Master of Arms, Fleshsmithing, Psionics, Astrology, Archeology, Killer Vegan FREAKING KEEPING THIS

    DEAD on 3... score 72380. not paying attention and playing sleepy = bad! Killer vegan proc'd blinding flash next to brax on floor 3
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    Finished off my game with Indianaaar (Axes, Dual Wielding, Perception, Burglary, Archaeology, Big Game Hunter, Piracy), as shown above, even though the competition seems to have died and it's past the time limit anyway. Lo and behold...he did it!


    It took a long time to whittle him down since I had to used ranged attacks. Tried the axes a couple of times but never could hit him. Fortunately I'd saved up a whole lot of potions and ranged ammo during the delve, so had plenty of things to plink him with until he finally ran out of HP.
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    Grats, nicely done.
  11. Giygas

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    I think you pretty much win :p
  12. Kazeto

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    Well, still less than this one man who managed to die and kill Dredmor at the same time. But yeah, he pretty much wins.
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    Anyone want me to start up a new round of the competition again?
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    Me want!