Annual Roguelike Release Party & Shameless Plugging.

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Psiweapon, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Yup, I was happy it finally came cause there hasn't been many roguelike releases lately. Haven't found anything I personally liked but there's some creative stuff!
  3. Downloads for Into the Dungeon are broken due to shutdown of MegaUpload.

    I'd really like to check this out!
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    Yes, they are :<

    Contacting the programmer right away...
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  6. Casual-friendly? I served my time playing NetHack, Dwarf Fortress, and Zork in college - I'm not super interested in super hardcore anymore.
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    It's not as grueling as NetHack - no food clock, for example. Although there *is* radiation poisoning. And alien impregnation. For me it's less hardcore than nethack - the original Zap'M is one of the two RLs I've beaten - the other one is DoD.

    Try it if you like sci-fi references. Ever wanted to chop up an alien queen with a light saber while a dalek is trying to exterminate you?
  8. Are there tilesets available for Prime? Prime looks interesting, but I just can't get into the acii art.
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    Unfortunately not :(

    There are few things I'd like more than making tiles for that game, but I don't have the ninja skillz to do it myself and asking the other developer to do that seems like too much.
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  10. I'm still extremely interested in ITD++.
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  12. Is it just me, or is the scroll of identify automatically identifying items as I pick them up? I got a helmet and its stats said that it was cursed without me having to check it.

    Should I be super-happy to have a +4 armor shield? Its text is in blue, which I assume means it's above average or magical or something.

    Really, really, really digging the music. The "HUD" of sorts in the lower left looking more like a table of goods than a HUD is pretty classy too.
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    Into the dungeon is pretty good, not tried the other one yet but it sounds very interesting as well. Is it the same Fall from Heaven setting as the Civ IV mods?

    Anyway can into the dungeon be played maximized or fullscreen somehow ? Thats my only beef with the game really (besides that boss level i found being damn impossible :p), the sprites are soo tiny on my screen.
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    In ITD++, item appearance is not randomized, and IIRC there are some that don't require identification. What the ID scroll does is telling you whether it's cursed or not and the exact bonus of the item.

    Yes, you should be pretty happy to have a +4 shield, the only real way to survive deep Into the Dungeon is to grab a hold of several armor items that give you +3 each or more (or at least that's how I managed to).

    Thanks a lot for the compliments, and yeah, that dude doing the music is AWESOME. I dig his stuff too.

    Yes, Fall from Heaven has the same setting as the Civ IV mods :)

    I don't think you can play ITD++ in fullscreen :/ and yeah, the sprites are little tiny 32x32 things.
  15. When I was starting out, I would have liked some sort of feedback to let me know that the dead bodies weren't interactable. Granted, this only affected my first ~20 minutes of play, but it was still unnerving not to know whether I was supposed to do anything with them or not. I hit Enter on them, I tried to go [d]own them, I turned my back on them to see if they'd wake up and attack me at that point, I tried to use scroll of identify on them... you get the point.

    Maybe make it so that when you press Enter on a corpse (the decorative kind, not dead enemies), a dialogue window pops up saying "This poor soul died on his quest for adventure. [press Enter to close]" Or maybe even randomized, like "This bloke died of stabbings" "This jerk succumbed to corruption" "This poor fellow looked a dragon square in the eye... and died!" "The gentleman before you ate a cursed potion." Stuff like that last one even acts as a sort of hint/reminder system warning you about the dungeon's dangers!

    Other stuff in no particular order:
    • I beat a boss! In hindsight, he was not so bad, but it was scary because I didn't know how long he'd take to kill. Think I was down to 25% HP when he finally kicked it. I never got caught in his AoE template spells though, for all I know those would have been murder. Part of me wishes he had a visible HP bar, part of me enjoyed the suspense.
    • I've walked past the purple floors' stairs multiple times not realizing that they were stairs. I should look at the minimap more, maybe... but that particular sprite looks pretty much like part of the floor
    • I've upgraded to a +6 shield!!!!!! It has -2 attack, so in theory I guess it's a wash with the +4 shield, but this is a roguelike therefore err on the side of defense!
    • So far, the corruption candle hasn't been a serious threat. The stairs seem to always spawn very close to you on a new floor, so it's trivial to explore for awhile and then backtrack. Maybe if monsters from the floor below had a small chance to "come up the stairs" and spawn near the stairwell, they could throw a wrench into your plans of an easy exit.
    • Related to the above, I typically explore every inch of a floor and backtrack multiple times in order to juice as much EXP as possible from the floor. My only death so far has been death by combat, so I figure the real challenge is not the candle, but the threat of being underleveled and unable to handle the next floor's denizens (sure, you could avoid them, but then you'll just wind up MORE underleveled).
    • Sometimes spellcasting seems to be a "free action" that doesn't use up a turn, sometimes enemies seem to move/attack after my spells. Is this on a per-spell basis or am I just not paying good attention?
    • I finally found some gear that said "unidentified" on it, so that clears up my previous question. Kudos for not making it ambiguous and a hassle. Also kudos for not letting my noob ass waste a scroll on gear that already is identified.
    • Atmosphere and mood, again, are really good here. Nearly as good as Binding of Isaac, maybe, though not in the same league as World of Goo. Despite the tiny pixels (sometimes an eyestrain, I have bad eyes), simple mechanics... it's got a satisfying, pleasurable play experience. There are times where the music or decor of Dredmor set my teeth on edge by being annoying, garish... not so far with ITD++, although the boss level was a big boring rectangle.
    • I look forward to finding a better helmet. -2 attack +2 defense seems sad, hardly worth equipping. On that note I have shoes, helmet, shield, amulet - are there any other slots?
    Thanks for letting us know about this game!

    Also, add working download links to the OP for folks who don't like to read full threads. You'd be amazed how many people have downloaded and used outdated versions of FaxCelestis's mods due to him updating them in later posts, but not in the OP.
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    Hello everyone! I'm the designer and coder of ITD++. Thank you for the wonderful feedback, but don't be afraid to send it to intothedungeon[at]gmail[dot]com.

    I started developing the game in March 2011 and I'm still doing it in my free time. I never expected it to reach this level so I will do my best to polish it up and finish it proper.

    So to answer your questions:

    Fullscreen - the game does have it, press alt+enter (it is only upscaled)
    Equipment slots - Helmet, Shield, Sword, Boots, Ring, Amulet, Armour
    Spells as a free action - depends on a spell, things like fireball aren't a free action
    Candle/Corruption mechanic - it is there because it makes you not get too much experienced but at the moment is tuned so that you have enough time to explore the whole level. The second purpose of it still needs to be implemented and it will influence the story (yes there is a story in works)

    What will be added:
    - Traps, Chests, new Enemies and Weapon Effects (shocking, freezing etc.)
    - Story that ties in with Bosses and has non obvious choices and consequences

    Those are the main things that need to be added in order for me to see the game as finished. Ofcourse the interface still needs polishing and I will probably add community requested features like Two-Handed weapons

    P.S. The game has a small chance of dropping unique easter egg loot. Those items aren't balanced and some offer special properties that don't appear anywhere else.

    Edit: Oh, and I'll be finishing the website soon and move the game info + uploads there. I'll keep you posted. It's feedback like this that get's me and I'm sure Psiweapon and Foox going!

    Edit2: Sorry it took me so long for a proper reply, I'm done with final exams for this semester and I'll keep on working the game for next 2 weeks that I'm free :D
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    Cool to see you here! I saw your game a few times over at roguebasin, I'll give it a try very soon.
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    I so much liked that idea of pressing enter on decor Skeletons that I implemented it right away. It is fully working with randomized tips and easter eggs (of which is a tribute to Rarefied Horse Meat) :D
    I still need to write a lot more tips (there are 4 + 1 error tip) but on the other hand I made a "dialogue" for it (displays text with icon of who is talking) so it will come in handy when I put in that story I told you about.
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