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    The latest Gaslamp Games Blog article got me thinking, it would be funny if the idea that "it’s important to have people of all colours in the game" was meant literally and you could get green people and orange people and purple people etc..

    Even in the likely case that characters having outlandish natural skin colors is deemed too silly I would like to suggest to the designers that certain conditions should temporarily change a character's skin tone. ie. characters who are frostbitten or asphyxiated should turn blue, characters who are sick or zombified should turn green,longtime alcoholics or possibly who have been exposed to raw sewage (and this should be a common occurrence) should turn yellow, et cetera
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    I personally like the work on the faces. There's been an influx of foreigners into my town of residence and I've never had much touch with non-causcassian people IRL. It's funny how certain physionomies look fammiliar regardless of skin color - some dark skinned people look like veritable pallete swaps of guys and girls from distinct local villages and small towns. So go diversity :)
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  3. I just had a thought. Wouldn't it be interesting if your first colony was populated mainly by whatever ethnic group the Empire is made of, but as you progressed in the campaign your colonists became more and more diverse in terms of ethnicity. I think this would really nicely demonstrate how diverse the Empire becomes due to its conquests and the new populations it starts to govern.
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    Coming soon in theaters : Gangs of Clockwork

    The empire was born in the street.