1.0D Ammo Autoloader production will not start

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Dennis B. Hansen, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. I have stockpiled all the goods needed for producing an Ammo Autoloader (and I have double-checked that the goods are actually located on my stockpile square).

    FMJ Ammo x 30
    Iron Plates x 10
    Brass Cogs x 10

    My Steam Knight Manufactory can produce other items - but for some reason it will not start the production of the Ammo Autoloader.

    Could it be that the bill of Ingredients is not complete or correct?
  2. Naffarin

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    The bill of ingredients is not correct if you look into the file workshop_jobs.xml
    The required ingredient for the Ammo Autoloader are 30x ammo2 which is Ball Cartridge ammo.
    If you want it to behave as it is displayed change line 2633
    <require_multiple_gameobjects input="ammo2" amount="30"  tag="ammo2"...
    <require_multiple_gameobjects input="ammo2" amount="30"  tag="ammo3"...
    Otherwise produce 30 units of Ball Cartridge Ammo
  3. The code modification works fine.
    Thanks mate.