Am I the First to Spot This?

Discussion in 'Stories & Fan Fiction' started by LonePaladin, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. LonePaladin

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    I had an idea pop into my head, and fired up my browser to check the domain and see if someone has already taken it -- and, if so, to see what they did with it.

    But apparently, no one has done anything with and the guy who owns the domain (you can see the details here) is going to see the registration expire next October. Given that the registering organization is listed as "Community Cybernetics", the owner at least sees what the name spells.

    So, anyone got any good ideas worth attaching to the domain?
  2. Psiweapon

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    I crap cyborg / skeletal bot designs effortlessly, and I'm generally interested in cyberpunk things. In fact my G/F is working on making into a t-shirt design a bot head I drew yesterday while having a beer.

    So if you want any creepy bots or cyborgs drop me a line.

    Also it says "expiration date october 2012" which unless I'm reading the information wrong, it's still a year away (we can wait, though)
  3. LonePaladin

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    I've found that unused domains that are listed as owned fall into the "call the owner and make an offer" category. I tried to take advantage of this in setting up a site for HeroForge, but the people I had paired up with didn't follow up on it. We ended up having to use a much more clumsy domain name, which didn't help any.

    So, yeah, there might be a way to get it from the owner before the expiration. Or just snag it next year if it's not renewed.
  4. Daynab

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    Just so you know, clever names like this can go for upwards of thousands of dollars easily, so...