Already a DLC sale??

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by jackleblack, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. jackleblack

    jackleblack Member

    I bought the DLC for myself and a friend right as it became available because I didn't expect that you would do a sale 6 days later... Isn't it a bit too fast? The most I expected was 25% off. I'm not saying I regret the 6$ I spent, because your game is great, but making it 75% off that fast is a bit of a kick in the teeth =/
  2. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    I'm having trouble finding a game that is NOT on sale right now for Steam :p
  3. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    The way i see it, this means that more people get to enjoy a really fun game.
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  4. jackleblack

    jackleblack Member

    Entirely true, but I didn't expect that it would drop all the way to 75% off... Way to reward pre orderers =/

    true I guess... just that next time they release a DLC or game, I will wait a week or 2 for it to go on sale -_-
  5. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    As far as I know, it's not developers who get to choose when it's a big sale like this (I don't even know if they decide the individual sales) so...
  6. jackleblack

    jackleblack Member

    I understand... that's why I hate steam sometimes, because you end up in this situation xD Oh well, merry Xmas =)
  7. Luke00016

    Luke00016 Member

    In principle I agree with your annoyance jackleblack. But in reality, it's just a few dollars and I have a hard time feeling ripped off by a small company like GSG that's clearly producing something they care about.
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  8. Cream Magneto

    Cream Magneto Member

    bought the DLC this morning at 50% discount,but then 1 hour later its on sale for 75% FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :mad:

    actually a lot of games are still charging full price for newish DLC,i know i wanted to buy dungeon defenders and duke nukem forever DLC at 75% off,but they are still 10 dollars LOL,no thanks,ill stick to Dungeons of Dredmor :p
  9. jackleblack

    jackleblack Member

    Well like I previously said, I don't really regret the money spent on the DLC because its only 6$, but by principle, it's pretty harsh IMO.
    Heh, there isn't such a big difference anyways between 50% and 75% in price, so still a good deal regardless xD
  10. Godwin

    Godwin Member

    Totally agree, on both accounts: yes, it does feel unfair to us quick buyers, and yes, I totally want to support gaslamp games anyway since the game is too cheap really.