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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    We call this one "the Weekend-Ruiner."

    Major Changes for 50D

    workshop jobs are now queued per-module and are much more clear about what is going on
    added first pass of advanced machines; these are useful
    added event arcs; things can go Terrifically Wrong in fun new ways
    added first take on Quality of Life emotion effects for characters
    lots of UI improvements

    Consolidated 50D Changelog

    all workshop code rewritten to queue jobs per module rather than per workshop
    did first pass of UI for module based recipe selection
    added building upgrade ability: create the required modules per building, and upgrade your building
    added ability for characters doing certain workshop jobs to pick up stacks of materials as opposed to dragging logs to their workshop one at a time (currently only Power Saw, Iron Charcoal Kiln)
    character info panel now has images for skills and skill levels
    added framework for Quality of Life system
    added sleep, crowdedness to Quality of Life system
    added event director system
    added The Fishy Idol event arc
    added Foreign Invasion event arc
    added Meteor Shower event arc
    added advanced machine modules to relevant buildings (costs/recipes are heavily WIP)
    updated all building recipes to work with the new recipe system
    replaced outdated/nonexistent Stone Charcoal Kiln in the smithing loadout with a mineshaft module
    a bunch of workshop jobs can now haul stacks of things if they are being requested by a batching module
    character health now represented in the character info panel as hearts because who doesn't love hearts
    scroll speed controls exposed to the config file for internal testing reasons, but players can now mess with this too if they want (100 is default, 50 for half, 200 for 2x, etc.)
    removed redundant or unused code from lower class character info panels
    tooltips now have an actual style applied to them
    balance: all mines will produce some stone
    balance: rebalanced sleep job requirements & effects
    balance: minor emotion balance edits
    balance: middle class characters now start with one level of a random skill because it's just more fun.
    FIXED: scripterror in immigration event
    FIXED: raw cabbage will no longer be treated as a cooked meal when eaten
    FIXED: several bugs with preaching
    FIXED: lingonberry crop scripterror
    FIXED: Planets Align event scripterror
    FIXED: glow shader
    FIXED: a few crash bugs
    FIXED: game crash manually switching to module placement mode after creating a building
    FIXED: afternoon icon was very slightly misaligned
    FIXED: broken art in "find artifact" event
    FIXED: people getting stuck trying to talk to fishpeople
    FIXED: people will no longer pray at unbuilt wall shrines
    FIXED: bandits_amnesty scripterror
    FIXED: tooltip text on crop destruction alert
    FIXED: grapes couldn't be made into stew
    FIXED: scripterror when bandits (or any agent) attacks buildings w/o a weapon
    FIXED: pub wouldn't serve booze
    FIXED: rare error when agent attempts to drop stuff
    FIXED: another rare error when selenians die
    FIXED: report spectre scripterror
    FIXED: mine in mineshaft item drop logic
    FIXED: can't spam missions in Foreign Office by mashing button
    FIXED: added protections against scripterror in drop_item_for_trade_mission
    FIXED: expand buttons for individual work crews weren't responsive when the entire work crew UI window was short enough that it wouldn't scroll
    FIXED: FYI and choice alert windows inside event arcs wouldn't expand properly
  2. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Just in time to "ruin" my weekend.

    Interesting way to implement "crowding"...
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  3. Manamoo

    Manamoo Member

    I just purchased your game a few days ago, and am loving it. This new experimental patch has me a bit bummed as the overseers don't have the weird and sometimes disturbing, yet hilarious trait system was a HUGE decision on the purchase of the game...and it's gone already! I'm a sad camper. It gave it that campy feel that I love in games. Please tell me that it's not going to be permanent change and that you may possibly put it back...please...maybe? I'm still fumbling around trying to figure stuff out...the games I have gone through. I'm not great at the RTS, but you guys really drew me in with the campy, kitschy feel that just went **poof** with the latest experimental patch.
  4. Teutomatos

    Teutomatos Member

    50 D Ok lets Go !
    Beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a base ball bat Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh Oh
    Joey Ramones

    1/ Create new world. New game. Seems it suggest a map by default but theres no light, i don t know where it is.
    Never mind i choose one myself.
    2/ Kitchen What is the use of lower class rug ? ( a box ... )
    3/ Kitchen What is the use of windows ? ( 0 quality )
    4/ No time to build kitchen and carpenter game crash
    => Go to bed myself !
    Edit ****
    => Relaunch New game same map location
    Biomes Temperate Moist Mixed forest / High prairie
    Load Out : Instant colony - just add labourers
    First Day
    5/ ( multiple Hunting orders all around 2 times a day )
    NCO kill one beetle et 9 Aurochs => kill some wild game Hapiness + 3
    But i don t know if with only one, did he get the same ?
    Day 2
    I closed and relaunch the game later.
    NCO characterization
    Traits ; Hale & Strange
    Quality of life :sleep icone change with red arrow ( ok )
    She hasn t sleep for a day is feeling irritable.
    Feeling summary :
    Hunger : rather hungry
    Tiredeness : tired and looking for a bed
    6/ Feeling list : transparency have almost completely fade away description lines
    7/ Hapiness / Despair / Anger / Fear
    Pop up, passing on columns :
    Title Hapiness 36
    0 : character based line value
    - 5 : A day without sleep
    + 10 reasonably safe
    + 10 well fed
    + 0 working outdoors
    + 9 Pleasantly spare
    separate line
    - 4 : ( blank information )

    i don t understand the title value no more than the last blank line.
    Same kind with the 3 others feeling columns

    8/ How affect low class worker to ad hoc characters traits mid class overseers ?
    9/ Don t know when beguin workshift for each one
    Don t know strategical or tactical employement of worshift start time.

    Edit ****
    Love the new building modules but ...
    10 / Anomaly with production numbers. I command 2 loading bay door and i got 3
    11/ I don t know how to use Switch job order type
    12/ RoooOOo ... turn a quarter the mini map ! ( as a lozenge )
    13/ Bandits arrive but zoom to location doesn t work.
    14/ Dig strange artifact that i can t see
    15/ Change overseer affectation, his icone face disappears
    16/ Box of bricabrac icone appears like logs in stockpile
    17/ Foreign ennemy attack day 8 at night, 5 tragic death, NCO + militia
    Barracks under construction, not finish => game over !
    New NCO flee, don t fight, not accept or support any workers

    Conclusion : what did u expected really ?
    Following character s one by one with one screen by day for each about their feeling summary and evolutiv traits ?
    Quick descript about environnement, quality of life ... ??
    What would help ?

    To my point of view it s difficult to appreciate characters reactivities around a walkthrougt without game stabile environnement and especially major achievements. Because it needs a calibrating references. If the game suffer too much of breaches, comments will be only factual without projections or other possible assessment.
    I hope that, this is not too confusing. :)

    To follow multiple edit mod
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  5. mrclint

    mrclint Member

    Your or our weekend, that the question.
  6. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    The traits are still there, desires seem to be gone though. Desires never really had much impact, but they did add a little extra flavor.

    Hmm, also property ownership is gone... is that not going to be a thing anymore?

    Overall I think the new character panel looks pretty slick! Gotta love those Zelda hearts. :)
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  7. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The UI for the panel is somewhat in flux, and those two items are taken out temporarily until we solve some UI issues.
  8. Windows are just decoration for now; personally, I think you should get *some* value from external items, since there's so many, but make it half of what you'd get for equivalent indoor items or something along those lines.
    Also, is battlefield promotion fixed? The multiple problems with that lead me to not play 50c at all after the first few days.
  9. Bricabrac is still showing up as logs in my inventory.
    EDIT: But rugs and carpets are actually being made, though there's no quality info for the Cheap Rug.
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  10. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    What was wrong with battlefield promotion?
  11. When the NCO died, it would claim that another soldier got promoted to commander; the portrait in the work crew would change to the new commander and the other members would still be part of the crew, but they'd be unassigned from the barracks and I'd be unable to reassign them to that or anything else, and none of them would work. I could remove the underlings from that crew and put them in other crews and assign the barracks to someone else and they'd work fine, but the promoted CO would just idle until it was time to eat or sleep (they weren't unkillable unlike characters trapped in take confession or serve drink jobs). If I saved after the promotion and loaded that save, the game would load normally, but crash as soon as I clicked on the work crews button.
  12. Jacq

    Jacq Member

    Sorry if I'm late to the party but...
    The Palmerstock loadout option doesn't give you the materials it says it does. There's no lacquered planks for building a lab.

    edit 1: I'm not sure how I feel about the new workshop. On one hand, it's cool to have a "dedicated plank workbench" (this is effectively what I was doing lategame before with multiple workshops - one carpentry shop for planks/bricabrac, one for goods; ditto metalworks for smelting and refined products). On the other, I find it kind of annoying in the early game (If I want 10 beds asap, I've got to set each bench to make 2-3, then remember to go change it to something else after). I'm also not 100% sure how it works. If I tell a bench to make a cot, and I don't have any planks, will that bench make a plank first (or make one if there aren't any in the stockpile?)? If so, that's really good and I like it a lot.
    I can see it being really frustrating with the ceramics shop (though I'm not there yet in my playthrough), since I usually do fine queueing up 7-8 items at a time there and forgetting about it.

    edit2: I dunno if it's just me, but lately/the last few revisions, I'm finding night time tedious. I've started tabbing out of the game and browsing the net until I hear the "day" music start (and being annoyed that I left an overseer/colonist message up for ten minutes lol).
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  13. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    I haven't had time to play extensively, but the UI changes feel great, much more solid now. I think players in general will appreciate more direct control of the workshop outputs, even if it moves the level of detail a little more toward the micromanagement end of the scale.

    An interesting consequence of the new workshop UI system, though, is that it's not possible to queue up more Carpentry projects (for example) than you have workbenches, which will lead to even more frequent micromanagement.
  14. Tyshalob

    Tyshalob Member

    Spice racks are missing from the carpentry.
  15. Manamoo

    Manamoo Member

    That's what I meant...I'm still a "newbie" when it comes to this game...they dampened the desires down as well and buh bye traits...which is what I meant to was late for me...thanks for the correction.
  16. Jacq

    Jacq Member

    "FIXED: added protections against scripterror in drop_item_for_trade_mission"
    Is this the error that causes foreign trade convoys to say "sorry old chap, I appear to have lost some items!" and then loiter around your colony forever and ever and ever? I ran into that in 50C but the new build came out before I reported it.
  17. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Desires did nothing, as far as I can tell (yeah they sometimes could fufill them but it didn't -do- anything). Also, a bunch of traits did nothing as well.

    Still, it sure looks sparser now. Hopefully overseers, at least, will get back their desires in future.
  18. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Should the Power Saw be constructable right from the Carpentry Workshop menu? It requires only one plank (which implies I don't need to build it at a Metalworks). Attempting to build it this way results in a script errror and no Saw being constructed.


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  19. Manamoo

    Manamoo Member

    I didn't mind that it was was twisted and hilarious...and it did draw me in. That and telling the peanut gallery what kind of nut jobs were running my colony in hopes of convincing him to buy the game as well. LOL For me, personally, it's those little touches (especially when it's dark humour) that really sets it apart for me. By all means it's not a deal breaker, just a bummer.
  20. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    We did a lot of cleaning up of things in the UI that were sending a lot of mixed signals, which is terrible. Some things were important to the player and some were not, gameplay wise, and there was no way to tell, which makes the game feel buggy and unresponsive until you learn through trial and error what is which.

    The concept of characters wanting specific things will very likely come back, but we need to either hook it up to clear game information (ideally) or ensure it is clear to players that it's flavour only.
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