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    @EggsAckly: If you are getting save games that crash on reload, upload 'em! Those are easy to fix. Buildings freezing up will probably be due to changes to the connected components map; we have new code going into that for 50A. Pop ups are moving for 50A so that they're not hidden under the drop down. Will look into other stuff.

    @Actual Englishman: I thought we had fixed the NCO problem. I'll take another look. Thanks!
  2. 20160417222726_1.jpg 20160417222916_1.jpg 20160417223010_1.jpg OK, I'm back after a long period of abstinence (I now I get easily addicted to this game... and I've exams to do D:). I noted I've got some graphical issues, however I don't know if they are alredy known. The visual seems to be "cut by the resolution": my notebook has 1366x768, and you see that the exit option is a bit too much in the down side of the screen and the last modules of the list are cut in half, even though the side scroll bar is at its lowest. When I switched to windowed (to check if something changed), apart from the fact that the size of the window isn't modifiable, the resolution automatically went down to 1280x720 and the "exit" button was completely removed from the screen. Same results if I played fullscreen in 1280x720, but in fullscreen XD. I can deal with it, but its ugly and disturbing as hell.... :/
  3. Also other two things: moving through the map, I don't really know why, but it really hurt my eyes... I don't rember it it was always like that though... And consider adding some dark borders to the "commands" characters: white letters on white snow is painful...
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    I am of the opposite opinion myself. While watching my folk get slaughtered again and again can be mildly entertaining, after the first couple tries, it loses its value. I was so glad to see a new version when I logged onto steam today, only to read here that the NCO problem was not even fixed. Adding lovely shiney bits and mysterious star spores is great, but not if you cannot last long enough to enjoy them.
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    I'm going to dig into the NCO thing, since we thought we fixed it internally. So... that's most peculiar.
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    Oh for @#$@'s sake. Yes, the NCOs only got fixed for *militia* NCOs. Fixed. Going to hotfix this.
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    Small hotfix Alpha 50A has now been pushed to both branches on Steam which fixes NCO rallying behaviour. I'm sorry this one got through, especially after we thought it had been fixed.
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    I have no save files from Friday or Saturday but I do have files from the 13th and previous . The zip files are always in a strange order , not consecutive by time played . Wish we could name our own save file and reload from in game . I'll post my latest crash in the bug thread .
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    I am getting some serious framerate drops with this version. I can't tell if it is periodic or just when I place buildings, but it really gets sluggish for about 30 seconds now and then before returning to normal. Attached the savegame etc if that helps.

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    Flatten terrain in swamps needs to level above the waterline.
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    Alright, responding to those that I can comment on meaningfully.

    That sounds bad! Logged as OC-4607.

    Do you have a save game with this happening? I have my suspicions about what is going on here, but it might be useful to see the save.

    I believe what happened is the traders were interrupted by an enemy so they dropped their trade goods to fight. Unfortunately when they drop their trade goods, the good disappear forever. They should probably just run away if they're not guards, so this is now logged as OC-4611.

    This is not an easy fix as it's kind of a weird case at the crossroads of a few game systems. We'll .. think of something. Logged as OC-4610. And while writing up the ticket I thought of what might be an easy solution, so this might work out ...

    That's a problem! Logged as OC-4608, should be an easy fix.

    Logged as OC-4609 to review the balance here. Tea is a perennial crop so it gets a lot less labour-costly once it's up and running, it just takes a long time to get to that point. Might be desirable to cut that down, might not; we'll look into it.

    Thanks for the feedback and bug reports!
  13. dbaumgart

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    This should be fixed by the 50A hotfix.

    Alright, that's a problem. Logged as OC-4612, should actually be an easy fix.

    Logged as OC-4613, should also be an easy fix. We've been doing a lot of work on alerts and it's quite possible that something simply broke here.

    Thanks for the reports and feedback!
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    I've seen them just arrive with nothing without fighting. Not sure if it has to do with having more than one group (especially from the same nation) when you summon a bunch of traders via the Foreign Office.