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    Got a bunch of script errors poped up just after I placed the macroscope in the lab. Could also have been something I tried to build in the woodshop. probably mid class beds is my guess, had built most of the other stuff before. attached the save from right after the error.

    Edit: also, people wandering into bandit camps to bury people again.

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    Hmm, those bits about creating containers reminds me I saw a colonist pick up a bushel of fungus and walk over... then stack it with another bushel of fungus. Except this stack was not on a stockpile!
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    Miners using mineshafts are still doing their "drop item" thing, meaning they will now and then wander a bit and drop their ore on the ground somewhere instead of the nearest proper stockpile.

    This is the same thing as reported in 48-B:
    Are mines still horribly bugged?


    Also, you can apparently put farms on top of buildings. Like if there's a barracks in the way, you can still drop your wheat farm down...


    It seems if you trade a lot of stuff, the game will crash. However, you can make the trade in small bits, and it's safe.

    Not safe:


    Chapel: Well I guess at least they can take confession. Doesn't seem like there's anything which triggers a, you know, coordinated sermon&listener thing. Also, people coming by when the vicar's team is off-shift and then spamming you with "notifications"


    Pub: Well my people fill up the booze vat but just ignore anyone coming in, even if they are supposed to be on the job. Does this not work at all? Also, spammed with notifications.

    Is it possible to just make the colonists go get their own drink from the booze vat, the building would be useful in that base, if just for the fact it makes them drink (compared to picking up from the stockpile)...
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  4. Just noticed weird glitches with changing amount of items in production queue: occasionally, clicking minus will remove a large number from the queue (leading me to go to -7 loaves of bread). Also, if there's enough items that you have to scroll down, which happens a lot in metalworks shops, pressing plus or minus on something further down the chain will scroll back up to the top; the same happens if you move an item up or down in the queue (I wouldn't mind the ability to drag and drop items in the queue in a future update to save on arrow-clicking).
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  5. Unclaimed guns are being picked up and glow red whilst being carried. Getting used to the farms now and quite like them. Seem to get a couple of overseers angry all the time and striking which is annoying in early game as hard to make them happier early. Nice stable build though.
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    I have 170+ Bread ready. I started making cabbages for Farmers' Stew.

    Some of my lower-class are apparently eating the raw cabbage, though there's plenty of bread, what could be causing this?
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    No crash for me for quite a few hours.. but I did get a script error..
    New food system do take some getting used to..

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    Thanks for the report, found the error and fixed for next!