Almighty Dredmore

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    It's part of the issue.

    Your :melee_power: is split evenly between :dmg_blast:, :dmg_crushing:, and :dmg_slashing: if you have those types.

    Say you have 60:melee_power:. Your melee damage is 1:dmg_slashing:.

    Dredmor has 30:armor_asorb:, so you would deal 31:dmg_slashing: to Dred. 30:dmg_slashing: is nullified.

    Now, you have 60:melee_power: with a melee damage of 1:dmg_slashing: 1:dmg_crushing: 1:dmg_blast:.

    Dredmor has 30:armor_asorb:. :armor_asorb: acts as one point of :resist_crushing::resist_slashing::resist_blast: each. You deal a grand total of zero damage to Dred. 21:dmg_crushing:, 21:dmg_slashing:, and 21:dmg_blast: are nullified.
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    That shouldn't be right (not saying isn't right but it shouldn't be). That means Smithing is a huge nerf to sword/axe/dagger builds.It would make more sense that :melee_power: gets added to the highest :dmg_blast:, :dmg_crushing: or :dmg_slashing:.
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    What I've heard, that isn't true.
    I thought that armour protects from the total damage, so if you do 21:dmg_crushing:, 21:dmg_slashing:, and 21:dmg_blast: in a single attack then the armour will protect against 30 of that damage leaving you doing 33 damage at the end.

    I could very well be wrong about that, so do you have a source confirming what you are saying?
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    I'm not entirely sure; it's only what i've heard. However, one run at some point before CoTW I had gotten a single random point of :dmg_blast: and I was dealing around 10 or so :dmg_blast: from then on. When I got a point of :dmg_slashing: it dropped to around 6. Of course, it was a while ago, so i'm not entirely sure.