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    Today decided to play DoD again (haven't played it since last year). I also try it's DLC along with new skills etc etc.
    But when i checked which achievements i had unlocked all other "progress" achievements reset every time i quit the game. Oh come on i thought this was fixed long time ago. I still can't get "Way of the Dodo" achievement i was so close to it, and of course others like: "High Cholesterol", "Krong is a Fickle God", "Sir Mix-A-Lot", "Monsters With Omelettes" and "The Critic".

    Will this be ever fixed?

  2. HowlingLotus

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    Just went to check my progress on Sir Mix A Lot, Krong is a Fickle God and The Critic on Steam and all were reset to 0. Are you kidding me!? I had under 100 Dredmor Statues to break and was probably at around 50-60 enchant fails after my playthrough earlier tonight. Sir Mix A Lot probably in the 200-300's as I rarely use Alchemy.

    So I'm assuming "tough luck" and have fun starting from scratch again.

    Sorry if that seemed to come out rude.
    I love the game and have invested 93 hours into it so far. So you can understand where I am coming from when my achievement progress is reset; especially ones I was so close to getting after playing for almost 100 hours! (Many of which were spend as a noob dying over and over again on permadeath).
  3. Kazeto

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    Send a bomb to Steam. It's their fault that it doesn't work now. Yes, really.
  4. Wayfinder

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    I think i had killed near five thousands of those damned diggles, but still can't get "Way of the Dodo" - my Steam DoD-stats were wiped 5 or 6 times.
  5. Foxhack

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    Weird. My stats are unaffected.

    However, "Playing for both teams" still won't activate.
  6. DavidB1111

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    Same here, my stats are not affected.
    I also got way of the dodo on Jul 23, 2011 at 2:56pm :)
    Earlier versions were buggy, but at least the achievements worked better.

    My other steam achievements for having a large number of something done, have not been changed at all.
    Other achievements I got way back when were the trap disarming and triggering ones.
    Still working on the other ones. I'll get them eventually.
  7. HowlingLotus

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    So this data isn't stored locally anywhere in DoD files to restore? Oh well :(. It was 3AM here when I posted earlier and I was happy after killing Dredmor with melee for once and then load up my stats to see all 0's.

    I'm sure another 100 hours will get them achieved. Just release another Expansion and I'll have more of an excuse to play ;). It's not really a big deal I suppose.

    Any word on:
    Playing For Both Teams
    Soylent Green Is... Soy, Actually (Nobody I know has it still)
    98 Pound Weakling
    You Used All The Glue On Purpose (I hear it's still bugged due to Wand Lore stuff)
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    Well, to be fair, killing a thousand diggles won't take that long. :)
    Compared to getting 100 statues destroyed, eating 100 eggs, and omelets, and others.
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    Well, this happens to me often. First of all, when in DoD appeared more achievements (after it's release i believe month or two) well, when they added these progress achievements including Way of Dodo, I actually reached that amount of kills but i couldn't unlock it because it was bugged. When it was "fixed" these stats simply reset back to 0, of course that was unpleasant, then i decide to gain those kills again and reached ~about 800 diggle kills, after that i stopped playing DoD, now when i came back see the OP, started new guy and BAAM! all progress achievements are reset, i think this might cause when i create new guy to play with. I will do testing when i gonna complete game with current one.

    Now, i dont understand why none of devs can't say about this issue that i have. Seems that they don't care what issues have to random people. Look at Nation Red game it's indie title as well, but when someone has problems/issues dev usually replies to their threads even it is already answered. Guy is very responsive, what i can't say about these developers.
  10. DavidB1111

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    They're mostly busy, I would imagine.
    It's not like they ignore the plight of the players. If that was the case, they never would have fixed Dual wielding, items spawning past floor 10, and numerous other bugs.

    As a side note, check out Crimsonland, it's basically the ancestor to Nation Red.
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    That is because you haven't been paying enough attention, or you just didn't read the thread in which they did say about it. ~sigh~

    They did say that on their side it's working as intended and the data gets raped on Steam's side. And that they guy who can fix it is unavailable now. I don't really see why would they have to write the same words more than once, in this case, since it's not really their fault that this isn't working (well, other than the expansion's skill achievements, but that's about getting the wrong one, and not about not getting any at all).
    They do care, it's just that nobody likes explaining that something is not their fault multiple times.
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    Playing For Both Teams is still borked on my end, and I don't know if the Wand one is broken or if it just doesn't show your status toward the achievement, but I really don't want to have to craft 500 wands to find out. I haven't gotten deep enough yet to test 98 Pound Weakling, since I keep having to start over from the betas...but I know I got Soylent Green during beta testing - my recommendation is to get a vegan up to to the next-to-last level, get within a few exp. points, and save the game....then level up, put the last point in vegan, and wait a few seconds...if Soylent Green doesn't activate, Alt+F4 and save that game for later...I always put Vegan in the name of the character in order to remember it's the one I needed to go back and finish if I ever thought it give it a try, if it doesn't work, leave it ready for later.
  13. Blitzcracker

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    I am finding "98 Pound Weakling" to be bugged. I only attempted to unlock it after the 1.0.10 Patch To Steam. Playing For Both Teams Still Doesn't Want To Work Either : /.
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    I understand that devs can't be here all the time but look at my post date, now it's April 7th. And not a single word from dev's.

    Okay guide me then.

    Look man, i don't care about this website i often check out steam forums since none of devs are there i came here myself, so for people that don't visit this site devs should actually be more responsive or other members that know about changes. My issue here is that only progress achievements won't work for me at all. That can't be problem on my side since i didn't coded this game. Also Valve didn't forced to implement more achievements to this and if achievement doesn't work for some people it's not Valves problem, this issue have to solve developers.
    There that said it.
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    They respond to very, very few topics - unless one truly catches their eye, they tend not to respond. However, just because Nicholas or any other staff member hasn't responded, it doesn't mean they're not aware of your topic.

    Read this post followed by this post, and you get the story.

    Um, no, I don't think the devs have any more responsibility here. They certainly get involved here, and that's not a bad thing, and it wouldn't surprise me if GLG created this site in order to better respond to their fans and consumers. But we have some very active members here such as Daynab (the moderator) who give up a lot of their time to help and support people.

    As much as I love to take an axe to Valve, your final points are completely misguided. Valve forced nothing at all, and they're the ones who designed the achievement system (with GLG choosing to implement it and so forth). It could be that something within the Steam environment is stopping them working (wouldn't be the first time), it could be that the last patch or two 'knocked' something out of place. That's for Nicholas and his team to work out, and for us to be patient over.

    Considering some of the issues within the last few patches, I would think achievements are quite low on the list of priorities.
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  16. HowlingLotus

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    It works now; finally unlocked it! I wonder if 1.0.10 fixed the Vegan achievement because I remember not being able to unlock it prior and I fully leveled a Vegan and waited awhile each time. Which got frustrating because Diggles would surround me on floor 1 and killing them debuffs you so brutal :mad:.
  17. DavidB1111

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    As pointed out, the creators of this awesome game are not omnipresent on the forum, and have a lot of things to do in real life, and only if certain threads catch their interest, do they pay attention.
    This is the case for a lot of game developers.

    Secondly, I didn't code this game either, but I understand the programer axiom of "Find a bug in the code, remove the bug, recompile the code, 99 bugs in the code." :)

    And if you looked at the list of bugs still in the game, I'm sure it's somewhere, you'd realize that Steam Achievements not working is still minor compared to some.
    Also, if Achievements don't work correctly, it is not always 100% the game developer's fault. Steam can break too.
    I'm also not sure about how issues have to solve developers...
    Perhaps you switched issues and developers?
    I've done that myself.
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  18. Daynab

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    I've refrained from posting in this thread until now because I wanted to have an official word on this, but yeah pretty much what Kazeto said, they're using Valve's code, so it's a mystery.
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    I was about to make a post about this, but a few nights ago, I went into one of those mysterious portals, got killed by a Muscle Diggle (the very first one I'd ever seen, too!) and didn't get the achievement.

    On the other hand, I DID get "Your Kung-Fu Is Weak" because he killed me with a counter. I thought I didn't get 98 Pound Weakling because of the Kung-Fu one. :(
  20. Ed Nakamura

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    this is driving me crazy... i have 103 hours of playing, on steam, and never managed to get those "# out of #" achivements... haven't played for a while since 1.09, now with .10 i thought most of the problems would be solved by now... which is not the case...

    strange thing is that, from all steam games i own, this is THE ONLY ONE with achievements problems. i honestly don't think it's steam's fault...