A Question with Respect to Mineralogy Reports...

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  1. Mikel

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    Will mines placed on an untouched Mineralogy point still produce the expected ores? Do we still get a report of what to expect from the building after placing the mineshaft?

    With the borrowed naturalist not doing much of anything, and the high cost of a naturalists office, as well as the dearth of surface nodes, the starting location is becoming increasingly important.

    Although it feels like a bit of a cheat, I wonder if it is possible to drop a mine blueprint with shaft to gather the output data from that spot, and then cancel the construction.
  2. razrien

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    They do!
    Generally if you see hematite or sulfur or clay or whatever, its a safe bet to just plop a little mine down next to the rocks, and it'll tell you what you'll get from it once you place the actual mining module.
    (at the moment, you're guaranteed to get 3-4 of whatever the main rock was, plus a random little handful of rock or clay with it)

    The naturalist reports seem to only be useful for the deposits that you 'don't' see on the surface, and it tends to take them quite a long time to find those, so I don't like to waste the prestige on them.

    I'd say just make your mining shacks small, so you don't have to cancel them. They only have to be 3x3 or 4x4 to work, technically speaking.
    The biggest hurdle is the iron ingot each one requires, which forces you to be very careful and picky about what you build until you find a couple good surface deposits to start you out.

    Another problem becomes trying to remember where all those little shacks are, seeing how we don't have a way to track where our individual buildings are just yet.
  3. Mikel

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    My memory was that you were given the mining yield of the module at the time of placement rather than the time of completion... this would remove the need to have the resources actually on hand to build it.
  4. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    I have verified that you can place a mine and mineshaft to capture yield and then delete the construction. Feels like cheating.