1000 Ways to Die

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    Liechtenauer's Switcheroo on a raven hovering over water. No, I'm not sure what I was thinking.
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  2. Frelus

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    The meteor from investigator is lame.
    Does not really do that much damage. and does not scale. At all.
  3. Jellp

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    1. Summon fiery lizard thingy
    2. own everything
    3. acidently click on my fiery lizard thingy
    4. Counter
    5. Dead
    6. Achievement!
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    Yeah I lost 86 hp to a pair of geologists and their friends before it allowed me to take a turn...and it turns out you can't take turns while dead. I had to settle for turning over in my grave. :dmg_existential:

    The very next character I made died on floor 1; a boss Djinn chased me to the 4-lever-teleport-room, and apparently levers are slower than fists. I pulled it, got punched (crit), died, stood up, snapped fingers, teleported to the next lever, died again, then stood up and died about 5 more times (no more finger snaps sadly) until the tombstone came up.
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  5. DungeonDragon

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    I found myself with 18:life: on the 3d floor with an opened zoo on one side and 3 Uber Octos and a horde of clones on the other. Because I emptied all the Food Dispenses on level 2 and a couple on level 3, I was out of money. Freaking elves hide their grinder so there was no hope to cook something simple, yet nutritious. I killed couple of clones, when suddently a pumpkin guy has arrived. He made a cloud that started choking me and clones were spitting acid... with 12:life: I had no chance of surviving so I used a Spatial Instability Infusion which landed me practically on the Octo who used his "Quizer or whatever" hit me for 8 dmg, however I managed to kill him.

    Meanwhile clones were getting closer and closer. my 4:life_regen: didn't look very reassuring to me, so I tried to escape. I knew I couldn't go north because of the zoo, clones were creeping from the east, so I went west opened a door and practilly kissed an Uber Unfriendly AI...

    He hit me with 2 :resist_voltaic: damage but I retaliated with a rocket punch. After that I gulped down an Inky Hoglantern and munched 6 lutefisks, while I was invisible 8:life: (yay!), then I ran south and even got 1:life: HP from natural regeneration. I was happy and eager to fight when I saw a water blocking my way. It was then I realised that I won't be able to escape to the safety of the upper levels... I tried to outmanoeuvre my oponents but mosters surrounded me and with one click of a mouse I died.....

    DD the Adventurer
    by the player :)

    I used a rocket jump which blew me to death and then moved my dead body to the other side of the river...
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    Uhm, what lizard thingy? It's a mod?
  7. OmniaNigrum

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    The Wrymling from Promethean Magic, I would wager.
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    Yes, that one. >_<
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    Well I can't remember some of my earlier deaths, some of my more recent ones I can recall quite clearly though.
    I was having a really good run for once, I had so many resistances that most things didn't hurt me, I generally just fireballed my way through everything, then at about floor 4 I found a root of t'char, I didn't really pay attention to it and decided to investigate it. Next thing I know, I was teleporting randomly and things were exploding, then in a few turns it killed me. There was also the time I went on Going Rogue with permadeath and random skills, I was bored that time. I was killed by a blobby.
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  10. Mabeso

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    I've been running a build with 100 :dodge: recently. Playing with a defensive stat maxed up like that makes you a bit overconfident after a while. And then you get surrounded by diggle geologists, they defuff you like hell and your measly 5:armor_asorb: just won't hold. That's life. So, well, sometimes you just have to wear good armour even if it's a rogue/mage build.
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  11. Vitellozzo

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    I was playing with a Clockwork Knight / crafter / explorator. I come across a mod room never saw before "Furnace Room".
    There's a lever in it, and a sign.
    The sign reads for "This lever will burn the ass down of everything in this room. This includes you."
    Think "funny, a new kind of room, I've never saw this".
    I pull the lever.
    Lot's of fire follow.
    One turn of horrible pain subsequent of the flames. I had only a regenerative potion.
    Next thing I remember I was in a grave, with an highscore on my head.
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  12. Arron Syaoran

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    Speaking of Dodge builds being nerfed by dazing, the only deaths I remember that were any decent was when I was playing a Pure Rogue Dodge-aholic. Got to Floor 13 after getting away with meleeing floors 11 and 12 with very little armour.(not having to use bolts) I come across a monster zoo, Diggle Rocketeer Punched me, ran up to me and stabbed me to death. I had no chance to teleport away or do anything. Full health to zero before being able to move. Next time I tried a Pure Rogue on floor 13, got owned by Red Deth's Spell casting during a monster zoo(this time I was making sure to use bolts).

    Lesson Learned: Never bother with Floor 13 on a Pure Rogue. Once I learned that, I beat Dredmor as a Pure Rogue.(Didn't want to wear nimbleness reducing armour, just for the challenge)
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