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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    added REDACTED
    barracks will stock more ammo of a type if they have more weapons lockers for that ammo type
    incoming Steam Knights will have area around their arrival made visible even before they arrive
    added 10 achievements
    if you make peace with an enemy faction while an invasion is in-progress - but before enemy troops arrive - the invasion will be aborted
    added acknowledgement for various failure states for the Mad Carpenter event
    if a Steam Knight is stuck inside a building for more than 30 seconds, it will shove itself outside
    traders will place trade goods into Trade Office itself rather than on ground nearby
    made tooltip display for Brewed versus Distilled booze more clear about which will be served in Public House depending on mode selected
    animals will now shove themselves outside of structures if they get stuck inside
    added a timer to make Fishpeople less enthusiastic about intimidating your colonists
    added alert for first horror corpse disposal
    rewrote Mysterious Ore event to be more clear about its gameplay effects
    added "witnessed descent into madness"
    improved behaviour of fish cult
    improved behaviour of dominant foreign faction
    added the Steam Knight MK1, a more advanced steam knight that costs more to create (Removed gun from steam knight prototype. Massively buffed steam knight melee damage.)
    made slight improvement to chapel functionality; preaching will now only be done once per day (per chapel) and gives everyone in the colony positive memories
    added new event arc: Mystery Herb
    Arguing Rivals will now tell you if you have an NCO/Bartender/Vicar but can't use them in the event because they're one of said rivals
    Ominous Dreams event now has a number of additional possible endings/rewards
    Family Tree Research is now an event arc
    Fey Mood event arc will now tell you what item was made at the end
    did small fix to Empire Times event strings
    added Advanced Workbench to the chemistry workshop
    FIXED: Fancy Bookshelf and Vacuum Chamber recipes
    FIXED: Gun Lockers now have proper trade values
    FIXED: chicha recipe display
    FIXED: a large number of events will no longer consider dead people eligible to participate in them
    FIXED: crashes with leyden guns
    FIXED: farms/graveyards/roads/zones no longer have rendering issues after flatten terrain operations are performed
    FIXED: minimap no longer takes you to a location if you right click on it or mousewheel over it accidentally
    FIXED: various typos, grammatical errors, extraneous alerts
    FIXED: objects placed by "organized finds supplies" was swapped with "science assistance"
    FIXED: Lord Palmerstoke will give science rather than construction related rewards
    FIXED (1.0C): resupply tag fix affecting Public House & Naturalist's Office
    FIXED: more typos
    FIXED: dead arguing rivals
    FIXED: coffee
    FIXED: more overflowing memory names
    FIXED: more unclaimed REDACTED spores
    FIXED: error during Foreign Invasion event if player colony is near edge of map
    FIXED: mineshafts can only be occupied by one worker at a time
    FIXED: buildability not saved/loaded correctly (oops)
  2. DrusoMR

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    Wiiiiiii No sleep tonigth :D

    PS: For better bug hunt is better to start new maps or keep on old ones?
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  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Start new maps!
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  4. DrusoMR

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    Serving beer doesn´t seem to count for the steam achievement:

    Bottoms Up

    Sere 500 drinks from the Public House.

    And... I miss a "V" :p
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  5. Sathra

    Sathra Member

    Does the 'Organized finds supplies' event tell the player when it happens now too?

    Edit: It indeed does. Huzzah!
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  6. berjabih

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    Woohoo! My obsessive page refreshing behavior finally bear fruit!

    Thank you for the hard work, now we shall give you more...
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  7. ROADS?!
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  9. Naffarin

    Naffarin Bureaucrat-Inspector Exemplar of The Empire

    This has brought in a bug that rapidly reduces mineshorings if a worker wants to take the same mineshaft than another
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  10. I think I'll skip this experimental, since the icon bug completely leaves me out of graveyard, stockpiles and flattening. [already filed as ticket OC-5929]
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  11. Jonta

    Jonta Member

    Damnt, with all this fixes, I guess i have to join the experimental.
    But it is a bit hard to start over, I am at pop 140 now :(
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  12. Jagwithtude

    Jagwithtude Member

    @Jonta you can switch between the stable version and experimental, if you would just like to see all that's new, I switch my game back and forth when I play the shared colony game. I just put my regular game save (experimental) in a folder and switch to the stable version (for shared colony play) and when I switch back again I just put my save game back in again
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  13. I think the problem is that you can't select which experimental build you want to use, so if you have a save in EX1 that save can probably become unstable/unloadable both with the Stable version and the EX2. Luckly for @Jonta the last experimental save should be still compatible with the stable branch :D (at least, my last save was compatible with it, since it happen to me that I forgot to switch back to the experimental after the Community Colony, and I noticed it only because the map wasn't rotated...)
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  14. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Hey Devs, a question about revisions, going forward: will revisions to the Stable branch be inter-operable with old saves?
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  15. Jonta

    Jonta Member

    My original was at 1.0, but after pop 130 something it has crashed a lot.
    So started a new on 1.0D, hoping it will be better
  16. Alavaria

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    Ah this is handy :)
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  17. Sathra

    Sathra Member

    Hmm, did the 'night howls' event normally cause about 6 identical memories?

    That and there's Stahlmarkians wandering alone all over the map (possibly from traders being attacked). At least one's been around for about a month.
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  18. Naffarin

    Naffarin Bureaucrat-Inspector Exemplar of The Empire

    First crash, still the crash that happens with firing leyden rifles at selenian spores. Takes about an ingame day to reach but i think a dormant spore awakens.

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  19. mikail 001

    mikail 001 Member

    hmm i cannot access the flatten terrain button, the button is buried inside the display area, initailly i thought its due to windowed mode, but switching to full screen also gave the same problem. display problem.PNG
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  20. laendri

    laendri Member

    If you right click on the event list at the right of the screen to clean them, it reappears.
    It seems that too many event alerts pushes down the buttons.
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