1.0 [1.0B]Naturalist keeps doing the "intimidated" animation every 5 seconds

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by berjabih, Nov 14, 2016.

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    A Naturalist was hunting for game and chance upon a fishermen nest, of course there would be a fishman on guard and it started to to chase away the Naturalist. So the Naturalist kinda freaked out while doing the "intimidated" animation and gained the "Intimidated Angry Fishpeople Thingy"(Sorry cant remember) memory. I was amused and thought "That was cool..".

    The issue began when the Naturalist since then could not stop doing the "Intimidated" animation and keep getting the "Intimidated Angered Fishman Whateva" memory despite there being not a fishman in sight. This happen every five second whilst doing other basic task such as walking. The result is a very despaired and hungry man with a serious tourette.

    I am currently unable to upload the screenshot and save file but will do so later.

    Edit: I'm back! Seems the save file is to large for the forum to handle, so I end up using google drive instead. So here it is, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3exY9xakMd8V2pxSktNd3BoWG8

    Also the memory is actually called "Fishpeople Intimidation Angry".

    Oh and a screenshot.
    20161109223637_1 (Medium).jpg
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    This is definitely a weird quirk. In loading your game, it will eventually resolve itself (at least), even if it's annoying.

    What's most strange about this to me is the fact that the fishperson seems to be able to fire intimidate from farther away than 5 tiles - or so it appears, unless there's an invisible fishperson doing this somehow...

    In any event, I'm going to add a timer to fishpeople so they don't do the "intimidate" action without giving a reasonable pause between actions - and clean up the requirements to fire this job in the first place. This fix should appear in experimental 1.0D.
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    I would like to add that during my playthrough, the "tourrette" does go away eventually, but the next in-game day it came back.

    Hmmm, a hassling pyschic fishperson you say? That actuallly connect the dots...since the said fishperson wasn't that far off from the colonist...maybe I can try kill the suspected fishperson and hopefully it will solve the problem.
    Edit: yup killing that fishperson actually solve the issue.

    Nice to know this bug has been addressed so quickly, thanks!
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