1.08 Bugs

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Null, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Boosty

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    It seems Vamparism takes both resistance and taxonomy into account.

    From the spellDB.xml

    <!-- Vampirism Powers -->
    <spell name="Vampirism Attack" type="target" >
        <effect type="drain" piercing="1" piercingF="0.14" taxa="Demon" />
      <effect type="drain" piercing="1" piercingF="0.14" taxa="Other" />
      <effect type="drain" piercing="2" piercingF="0.25" taxa="Animal" />
      <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/glintA/glintA" frames="5" framerate="60" centerEffect="0" sfx="fleshbore" />
      <effect type="heal" amount="1" /> <!-- a free point of health, for effort. -->
    Though that effort point of health seems to be missing.
  2. Godwin

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    Isn't that RoTDG? As there were no taxa in the non-expanded game? Or did that change with 1.08 too?
  3. jzworkman

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    I dont know if this is a bug or not, but in 1.08 you now get attacked the first turn you open a door. So if you are low on health and open a door you can be killed by a monster without being able to react at all.
  4. Godwin

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    yeah can confirm that.
  5. blob

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    Yup, I think you even video taped the bug :p
  6. Godwin

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    That, and the teleporting on traps and not triggering them, or the teleporting on top of diggles. And some other stuff prolly.
  7. blob

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    And the getting hit during the turn you use the teleporter lever... ( which killed my promising character yesterday )
    That s right hehe. You nailed a bunch of bugs in that couple videos !
  8. MothBones

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    In the crafting interface, there is no tooltip name or description for items you may wish to craft. The ingredients have tooltips, but not the finished products. This makes it quite difficult to try and work out what to craft.