1.0.7 Beta Bug Thread

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Copycat Zero, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. J-Factor

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    You need to have a majority of Warrior skills to get the shield.
  2. Essence

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    Not in 1.07. You're supposed to get all your starting equipment; they did away with the Archetype thing entirely. You should also start with a Hakimachi on your head and a Fedora in your inventory.
  3. Nicholas

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    No, archetypes still happen in 1.0.7. It's just that you can configure items to ignore the archetype.

    Some settings may still be off. I suppose this should be looked into...
  4. Essence

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    Ahhh, is that what "always" means? Or rather, if there is no "always" or "always=0", then the item is still archetype-dependent?
  5. dbaumgart

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    always="1" ignores the necessity for having the archetype dominant for the item to spawn
  6. Essence

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    Comprehension strikes! It's super effective! Congratulations, you have died.
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  7. Essence

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    OK, new bug with the skill modding system. If I have 2 mods that both use the same numbers for new skills (i.e. 34, 35, etc.), and I take 2 skills that have the same number in both files, one of them ends up empty. For example, if I have one mod where QiGong is "skill=35" and another wherein Ninjitsu is "skill=35", and I take both skills, one of them comes up empty on the 'K' menu once you get in-game.

    At least, I think that's what happened. I know both mods work fine individually, though. I'll test it a little more and get back to you.
  8. Daynab

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    I'm not experienced in modding at all so bear with me, but shouldn't that happen? on purpose? Don't each skill need their own ID? Unless you mean that happens even when it's not checked on the modloader.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    It seems to me it might be a good idea to allow support for skill IDs being names / text. It'd help prevent conflicts, I suspect.
  10. Essence

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    Agreed. If not, you can always just add a <!-- comment --> into the beginning of the SkillDB file that says something like "if you're going to add new skills to Dungeons of Dredmor, be sure you choose skill numbers that are arbitrarily large and don't start at a round or meme-worthy number."


    skill="55378008" level="0"
  11. Essence

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    Mind the double post. I just noticed that in 1.07 (didn't check 1.06 files), Infernal Torus incorrectly calls the effect "knockback", which doesn't do anything. It should be changed to "knock" or deleted completely.
  12. Null

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    I said that when I suggested that they make the knockback tag work here http://www.gaslampgames.com/community/threads/many-needed-helpful-suggestions-for-xml.1187/, that was more general rather than just torus. It's been like that for a long time. Unholy Warcry has it as well. EDIT: Used to, they replaced it with fear

    And just saying two dots from one spell is crashing the game for me.

    And I'm having a case where if I put no amount on a dot, it will work fine, but go on forever. If I do put an amount, the game will crash immediately.
    In either case it crashes the game if I cast it before I've moved once, but casting it on that tile causes no problems.
    It also crashes if I organize dots and triggers a different way.
    It has to have something to do with using a timed dot on a template. I'm just frustrated that it can work perfectly without a time limit, but as soon as there is one it crashes.

    What's frustrating is I had this working perfectly before but from changing nothing significant it broke and I've had to redo everything.

    EDIT: Aaaand the problem is that dots use icons as well apparently.

    EDIT: Additionally, the tutorials are a bit broken. First of all scrolling with the mousewheel counts as a click, and secondly, it uses the last skills you had instead of what the tutorial's skills are, which can make some, eg tinkering impossible. Also the resistances one is impossible because thermoblobbies are far two strong and take a small sliver of health while dealing 3 or 4 damage to your level 1 character with potentially one skill. Also entering the tutorial might make your next game considered a tutorial, thus making everything horribly wrong.
    And I just felt like seeing how they worked with the modding.
  13. Copycat Zero

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    Loaded up a save I had started a few days ago, and I ran into a cohort of diggles that were all dealing Toxic damage, as if they were Sickly Diggles. A Diggle that wasn't part of the cohort was still dealing normal Diggle damage, but a Sickly Diggle nearby was dealing Slashing damage in addition to the Toxic damage. In other words, I think the "monsters do weird things after a loaded save" is still lurking in the background, just not in the form of "monsters turn into other monsters of their type".
  14. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    OK, new problem with the skill loader.

    First, obviously, the Last button has a lot of game-crashing behavior if you switch skill mods between games, but that's to be expected.

    Far more importantly, however, there's a problem with the way skills are loading. If I load a single "3 extra skills" mod and choose any combination of those skills and normal skills, it works fine. But if I load TWO "3 extra skills" mods and choose the exact same skills that I did the time before, one of those skills will end up being wrong. I didn't notice it the first time I tried it -- I thought I had just misclicked -- but it's reproducible. Consistently, when I upload the two mod zipfiles below and choose Axes/Dual Wield/Master of Arms/Smithing/Assassin/Bushido/QiGong, the skills that I end up with when the game starts are Axes/Dual Wield/Master of Arms/Smithing/Assassin/Bushido/Ninjitsu.

    I've gone over the code with a fine-tooth comb, and I'm certain that it's not the mod code that's doing it, it has to be a problem with the loader. 97% positive. :)

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  15. Essence

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    More information about the above bug.

    I tested it some more and figured out that while you get the skills of whatever set the modloader switched you to, you still get the archetype levels of the skillset you originally chose. So in the above example, if I played forward with it and kept taking Ninjitsu levels, I'd gain Ninjitsu skills but Warrior archetype levels (because that's what QiGong is.)

    Also, it seems consistently to do this: the first skill you choose that's a modded-in skill always gives you the skillset of the skill two to the right of your chosen skill, and it wraps around, so if you want the skillset from the first skill in line, you need to choose the second-to-last in order to get it. Subsequent skills seem to work normally, but I haven't really payed a lot of attention to that part.