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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Bhruic, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Bhruic

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    I was exploring on level 4, and hit a Zoo. But instead of there being just one Zoo on the level, there were 2 (separate ones). Upon discovering the first, the second one was also revealed on the map, and the monsters in it were counted towards the "monsters left". I hadn't even explored that section of the map.

    So probably should either only have one Zoo per level, or have some way to count the Zoos separately if there are more than one around. Not that I'm complaining about getting 2, the XP is great. :)
  2. Ganonfro

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    I had this happen to me on my first playthrough that got anywhere. I don't mind the idea of a monster zoo, two makes it refreshingly devious... but I did wonder if it was a fluke in the code, in case zoos were a 1/lvl thing.
  3. BenDunno

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    Had the exact same thing happen to me, also on level 4. The second, smaller zoo was separated from the first by a small corridor. Perhaps a bug in the level generation placed the corridor room through the middle of where the zoo was going to spawn?
  4. Bakyra

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    It is in the bug list to be fixed :)
  5. My two zoo's were simply seperated by a door, and all of the monsters in the unopened room were aggroed when i opened the first. Anyone elses room this close?
  6. Desi

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    Yeah, the game I was playing last night was a long room with a door separating the two halves. 140 enemies remaining. :confused:
  7. Patchumz

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    Heh, I had one where the two zoos were across the map from each other, but both activated and counted the monster total accurately. Quite nice for them to show me where the other one was ;).