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  1. NefariousKoel

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    After working my way up the Flesh Smithing line, I hit Zombyfycation thinking that now I'll have a decent tanking pet.. like other summons.

    Alas, it's not to be. Your zombys are still the strength of regular zombys. Far weaker than other summon spells, not to mention it requires a dead mob, and notably that it's a level 5 skill!

    Booo. :(
  2. Lactose

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    it should definately have stats close to the dead monster you zombify. A zomby isn't worth a level 5 skill.
  3. Daiug

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    That something i wanted to know. The zombify let you revive an enemy or it give you a standard pet that doesn't scale like Golemancy/Fungal?

    If so, i think it's really good past third/fourth floor where even the golemancy pet explode in one hit :\
  4. dbaumgart

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    I'll buff the summoned zomby.

    (And there's actually an issue at some point to increase summon power/level as you increase points in the magic school - not implemented yet, not sure when we'll get to it.)
  5. DragonRider

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    The entire Fleshsmithing school is comparatively weak, honestly.

    The fact that Meat Shield only lasts for a limited number of hits (and you lose the 10 health instantly when it fades) makes it close to useless in 95% of situations...it just means that your tombstone will read "killed by a buff wearing off" instead of whatever was going to have killed you anyway. (Viking Magic suffers from an extremely inefficient buff as its base spell too, but at least it ranks above "assisted suicide" in usefulness.)

    Fleshbore is functional, but seems to be weaker than almost every other nuke in every other school, so if you have multiple magic schools (which you probably need to just to survive your first level up since Meat Shield isn't that great), it'll almost never get used in most combinations.

    Knit Tissue is good, and the main reason why you'd want to take the school. Direct healing is pretty rare in this game.

    Corpus Burst is fun, cheap, and laughably weak. I think the base damage is like four or something. And it can only be used in extremely specific circumstances since it requires a corpse to cast. Look upon Obvious Fireball and weep, fleshsmiths!

    The Zomby is of course pathetically weak at the stage of the game where you get it (it doesn't even get an appearance and stats based on the corpse you summoned it from), and the fact that it can only be summoned from corpses means it can't do the one thing you really want out of a pet later on the game, which is to summon it directly onto a tough enemy to distract it.

    The last spell I haven't learned yet, so I can't comment.

    Fleshsmithing as a whole is probably the least valuable spell school at the moment. It looks good on paper, but a few low numbers causes it to be outperformed by the others. I was going to do a whole post on the relative value of all the spell schools, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  6. NefariousKoel

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    Thanks David!

    Would definitely like to see some Pet love!

    Wait.. that sounded just.. wrong.