Your most EPIC (or Dumb) Death!

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by TopHatCat, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. NephosVG

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    I've only ever played once, but here goes.

    I explored the entirety of the first level, got some good armor, I was a Sword Dual Wielder who was full on warrior, no Magic. I uncovered the entire map, got everything I could and then moved onto the second floor.

    From there I walked around a bit, explored, killed a few "Deth's" and then went back to the staircase where I started. I hadn't explored the south side of that area yet, so I walked down and opened a door to my right. I ran into a "Monster Zoo" which appears to be large room with about 100 monsters packed in there, I tried to escape, and almost did. I used a teleportation potion and walked to my right, by the time I had done this I only had 3 health left. So I ran into a monster and it killed me in one shot.

    I scored 7886 on my first try, so I think I did quiet well, considering I've seen lot's of Let's Plays with people only getting 2000 points on their 12th try, haha.
  2. Mephi-Dross

    Mephi-Dross Member

    Well... I managed to reach Level 4 (got lucky and got an epic sword out of an Evil Chest on the first level). Then I ran into... another monster zoo (not sure if I was just unlucky, but got one on every floor beside the first). By now I knew how to deal with it, so went onto a 1 space wide bridge and just kept killing the monsters. And then... I saw a man-eating carrot. It was a named boss and I haven't seen one before, so I was cautious. Luckily just healed myself to full with Vampirism, so I thought: Let's give it a try. Went to it, stepped on a poison gargoyle bolt trap, and the monster hit me for like 50% of my health. Congratulations, you have died. :(
  3. Laml

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    That was my first time playing. I did quite well and started level 2 without having too much troubles, then stopped in a room and started waiting in order to get some health. Meanwhile, an enraged diggle ran into me and literally raped me. 'gratz, you're dead.

    I also tried 3 times to play as a hunter, and died very early and stupidly. Don't remember how it happened pretty well, though.
  4. Haldurson

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    This doesn't quite fall into the stupid death or the epic death, but it's more of a 'wtf??' type death. The character is the best I've had yet -- a warrior rogue hybrid with sword, dual wield, burglary, Deadshot, perception, assassination and smithing.

    I am on level 3, nearly cleared the entire level, and my character is closing on level 10. I pick up a quest to kill some boss mob, and said mob spawns in only a minute or so. I'm at full health, have a good bow, and tons of super ammo for it. I whittle down the mobs health with arrows until he gets within melee range. We exchange a few blows, and he's hurting me, but I know he'll die before I do.

    And that's what happens -- I kill him with about 11 or so health left. But as the boss dies, all around me spawn about a half-dozen robot AI guys, who immediately hit me and I'm dead. Wtf???

    That's just not fair...
  5. lazareth

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    Most epic death? Misjudging the proper safety distance to test out a bolt named "Bolt of Mass Destruction"...
  6. Mephi-Dross

    Mephi-Dross Member

    What I absolutely love about that Bolt of Mass Destruction is the fact that is destroys the dungeon walls =D It's quite useful to get to stuff you can't reach usually (I wish I had one before I died... there were 2 ubercheasts in an area i couldn't reach...)

    I wonder if it can be used to open the stairs out of the dungeon and if something will happen if you go outside...
  7. Mephi-Dross

    Mephi-Dross Member

    Nope, no way out of the dungeon, you cannot enter the staircase :(

    Now we need an achievement for that. "Getting out - leave the dungeon and see the sun!"
  8. swal

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    Have the feeling that I can take on rogue mode after 40000 score on dwarfish, and end up with a zombie, a sickly diggerer and a poison cloud trap in the FIRST room. :(
  9. Rikkard

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    First time making it to level 10 with permadeath.
    Kill a room of enemies. See trap on only path out.
    "45% chance" Bling trap
    14 damage
    Oh shoot, eat some food
    14 damage
    Ah crap, The Prince
    14 damage
    Aaaaaa, healing mushroom
    14 damage
    WhattheheckdoIhaveleft, Regen Potion
    14 damage

  10. torchedearth

    torchedearth Member

    Cleared level one. Got an awesome crossbow and many bolts of varying power. I was super ready for level two.

    Second or third room is a Zoo. I figure I am not ready for this and to get that headstart I need I will use my teleportation potion.

    Ha! Now I'm standing in the *middle* of the Zoo room.
  11. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat Member


    Just cleared out a huge room.. Was on little to no HP so I sat down and began eating a Diggle omelet I crafted earlier.. Om nom nom.
    So I stand there, spamming the Space Bar to skip turns.. then suddenly! BOOM! DEAD!


    The irony.. but also, the rage, THE RAGE! I was so far! *cry* Damn you and your invisibleness!!!! Worst part is I was spamming turn skip so fast and he hit so hard that by the time I realized I was already dead T.T
  12. mrmrmarnie

    mrmrmarnie Member

    I just finished the second level easily, one-shotting almost everything. Explored everything, and went upstairs to find a shop to dump my crap into. Do this, and have about 22,000 zarkmids or whatever they're called, and I see a Potion of Radiance, and don't know what it does. I'm stood next to Brax. I drink the potion, it hits Brax for like 4 damage, and I get killed in two hits...
  13. DuckSauce

    DuckSauce Member

    I've just come from a game where I was most blood mage using Promethean magic and Golemancy, explored almost everything of level 2 and then encountered a monster zoo, my mage was pretty powerfull already by then and together with my mustache golem we kicked some butt, then I levelled up and improved my promethean magic with the fire run spell.

    I gave it a shot while there were little enemies coming and, after the single monster that was there triggered it, I was surrounded by a large sea of flames.

    No problem! I thought, with 2 conflagatory resistance and dragon's breath leftovers never hurting me I thought I'd be ok, well this mighty flame sea is apparently fueled immensely by magic power or something(which I had a good amount of) and so it ended up eating up all my health in 3 turns before I could get out.

    Became too powerfull for my own good? :)
  14. Bakyra

    Bakyra Member

    I died as a warrior, to a boss, using a ranged attack and having it countered (at a distance). How dumb it that...
  15. ArchoX

    ArchoX Member

    I went to satanic glyph and i came to room full of enragered diggles - they blocking the way so i cannot move. They gave me for 8hp each and i died :D. DAMN you glyphs
  16. Milaha

    Milaha Member

    I opened the first door in dungeon 1 to a company of diggles as a pure mage. Consume all of my booze to take them out (feeling pretty proud of myself). Approaching the door to close it and rest up... slime steps out. You can guess the rest.
  17. DuckSauce

    DuckSauce Member

    Another dumb death, I was a warrior this time, I entered a zoo on level 2, killed some monsters, then got cornered by a steamy golem boss, which was too much for me to expect to beat.

    I had an invisibility potion and with some luck he let me pass while I was invisible(enemies are really dumb when it comes to this), then I ran into some trouble with the other monsters and barely got away from that in one piece, then I continued killing, only 20 monsters left and the steamy golem boss is back.

    I run from him to the nearest stairs these going down, I'm in a room with no enemies closeby, though there's walls blocking my sight, there's a shiny chest of evil right in front of me. Knowing that these can contain loot(but forgetting they can contain... evil) I open it like a silly noob and... an even higher level boss pops up, I run and then two other enemies show up, I kill one and almost manage to kill the other before kicking the bucket, but alas, I died in a corner anyway.
  18. lBReTTl

    lBReTTl Member

    The lutefish ( or how its spelt ) box thing i tried putting another inside it while standing next to braxx in a shop... not a good idea, 5 hours wasted lol
  19. waitwhat

    waitwhat Member

    How about epic saves?

    I was on 6hp, surrounded by a blobby, deth and djinn. I didnt have any heal potions, am still unsure about what various items in my inventory do, and the items I did know about couldnt help me withthe primary problem of only having 6hp.

    Not knowing if it would work in the situation, I used a potion of invisibility for the first time. It worked! The enemies moved away and I went to a corner to heal and dance a jig.
  20. Ria Hawk

    Ria Hawk Member

    So I'm running around on level 1. I can handle everything on that floor, no problem. So I decide to go downstairs. And walk right into a named AI boss who promptly kills me all over the room.

    In another game, I had found a Squid Bolt. I had no idea what it did, so I used it on a particularly annoying boss. "Ooh, it's an AoE damage attack! Sweet!" And then I walk into it to get a shiny and keel over.

    Then I was trying to disarm a Thaumite trap. Bear in mind that I have yet to play with a magic skill, so I don't even know what the heck Thaumites are. Naturally, I fail the disarm check, and say hi to the Thaumite swarm. "AUGH! GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF!" *flail!ded*