Your most EPIC (or Dumb) Death!

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by TopHatCat, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Zzinged

    Zzinged Member

    what? you choked on ham? :confused:
  2. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat Member

    Nah, I got killed by the mobs, I healed off the meat but was just like -1 point away from surviving. So stupidly close to surviving from an epic battle just to get killed by 1 point of damage, 1 more turn and I would have been fine.. but nope, healed for 10 got hit for 11 (for example) XD
  3. RF

    RF Member

    "Huh, I wonder what'll happen if I put this Horadric Lutefisk Cube inside another one?"
    Five seconds later...
    "Oh, that... :("
  4. darklaurence

    darklaurence Member

    okay dont laugh or cry... but i started the game... got some GREAT equips i had like BEST ARROWS in the game and 4 star armor and badass weapons And i died cause i thought i was out of the Poison trap distance. GOD DAMN IT
  5. Raneman

    Raneman Member

    I've died to Sickly diggles like 5 times now. I've made it to level 2, but I'm always compelled to come back to level 1 and get slaughtered.
  6. afterstar

    afterstar Member

    Found an arrow of Mass Destruction on the room next to me on level 1.
    I wanted to try and see what it is,fired,boom the whole room explodes and i die. lol.
  7. Pelican

    Pelican Member

    I'm really going to have to start a new character or walk one block at a time when I first wake up. Woke up, hopped on what was by far my best character yet, took a few steps, hit a spell trap, whatever those do like three dam...haywire two more blurry-eyed steps later dead.

    *Yawn* Wait...I'm...wait...DAMMIT.
  8. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    I cleared all of level 1 and just started level 2. First room -- It's a little tougher, but I'm doing great -- have tons of food, healing and regen potions, etc. Open up the first door and it's a "Zoo"! -- huge room, wall to wall monsters. Well, I have three grenade thingies that I toss into the middle of it, eat food when necessary, etc. Pretty soon I level. Great! I know I can do this. And if things start going badly, I know I can simply back out of the room and head for the nearby stairs. I notice I have some squid (?) arrows -- real cool stuff, gets a lot of them. I have to flee a few times to regen, but still, I'm doing great. I notice that the next mob waiting in line to clobber me has a real odd name "Unfriendly AI" I figure that's some sort of boss. I'm lowish on health, I'm out of healing potions, but food is still ok, so I start backing away from the boss, one space at a time, knowing that it should be easy for me to get to the stairs now to heal up. I get to the doorway... and instead of clicking on a space, I accidentally close the door, locking myself in with the boss! One hit, I'm dead. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    Oh, and the worst part? I was so close to leveling a second time...
  9. EpicPale

    EpicPale Member

    This just happened, and I am sad. First character that I put no thought whatsoever into naming (Mike) and he has awesome stats (made me a little mad). Find awesome sword and two anvils, become a badass. Spend an hour and a half one-shotting every monster I come across on level 1 (just couldn't find the stairs). Get to level two, ambushed by two Deths right away, but I prevail. Fight a named enemy and some others, no problem. Find a shop, buy a crossbow, test out my new acid or poison arrows (not sure which). Die from my own arrow with not a solitary enemy in sight. Rage. Quit. :(
  10. Greg72

    Greg72 Member

    My best death was my kitten walking on my keyboard while I was cooking dinner for my patient and somehow she got me dead
  11. Moglok

    Moglok Member

    dumb death.

    On level 1, I had been doing quite well, and started to get a bit cavalier.. 2 digglet thingies appeared, and at half health, i walked myself into a corner (in only 4-5 turns), they both cornered and killed me, as i desperatly clicked on mushrooms, looking for some kind of freak escape.

    I had been killing so many of these things, it was the most pathetic death.
  12. Moglok

    Moglok Member

    When I load a save file, rather than click 'done' at the top right, I originally was instinctively double-clicking the save file, which causes your character to move a few steps..

    I just know this has killed someone out there somewhere by now!
  13. Aftermath

    Aftermath Member

    One of my earlier attempts was centered around the Geomancy and Viking DoTs, turtling with walls and just being an all-around coward mage. I had just cleared the 3rd floor's Monster Zoo by hiding in a corner near a door and Thaumite infecting everything to death. When I went to collect my spoils, I wasn't thinking hard enough and the door obscured my vision, so I walked into about 10 stacks of Thaumites. Took two turns to die, first was walking into them for about 40 damage, second was drinking a heal potion and it not making a difference.

    Now I fear my Thaumites.
  14. mwoody

    mwoody Member

    I had the astrology aura activated, as I always do, as I entered a large and particularly fantastic shop on a very promising melee character. As I was selling items, though, I noticed a single blob meandering towards the shop. I went out to deal with him, taking a single weak jab in the process...

    ...triggering my aura's retaliation, and nailing the shopkeep.
  15. Aarika

    Aarika Member

    I had FINALLY cleared all of level 1 (can't stand not having the entire level cleared with all items gathered before moving on). This took me longer than I care to admit due to constant deaths and using perma-death. So I finally clear the level and I'm feeling good, have a strong build, doing well, etc. Right when I get to the stairs leading down I see a quest mob, some genie looking thing. I think "ooh! good I'll kill this then head down".

    I start the fight and all is going well, both doing about 7 or 8 damage to each other. I eat some food just to be safe then stupidly start spamming attack. Next thing I know I'm dead .... I had a few rounds of misses and counters coupled with crits on me.

    Soooo time to start all over clearing level 1 again! Sigh
  16. LordDoor

    LordDoor Member

    I died after getting a rogue to level 6 on floor 1, after finally going to level 2 and trying to disarm a trap, and not healing when I failed.
  17. Rapu

    Rapu Member

    After roflstomping and pillaging completely the first floor with no problems. I was ready to take stairs to floor 2. Not much challenge at there either. Was roflstomping and whistling my victory fanfare all the time, until I came across room with evil chest.

    I knew there's a chance that monster could pop out one of those. I took the risk and opened the chest and a small mustache spirit popped out of it. It hit me once and took half of my health away. I started to run away with no avail. In the end he killed me.

    Now I fear everything that has mustache. Can't play Super Mario anymore. :(
  18. Detnom

    Detnom Member

    Definitely falls into the dumb category. Was working my way through level three on a char I'd been playing for a while, had a full inventory so I was exploring desperately for a shop. Manage to find one and start selling my unneeded items. After finishing, for some stupid reason, I right clicked on Brax and threw a fireball at him. Needless to say, I didn't last long. =(
  19. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat Member

    Kinda similar to the above, I had a full inventory and wanted to pick up an item.. Had noooo health at the time and no food.. Just went;
    "Huh a Mud Wen Mushroom, I'll just eat it, get the buff and carry on!"
    *nom nom nom*

    Ouch T.T Poisonous Mushroom...
  20. Lokloklok

    Lokloklok Member

    Wasn't paying attention and charged straight into a monster zoo with a character really not meant for that sort of thing.