Your most EPIC (or Dumb) Death!

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by TopHatCat, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat Member

    So, since the forums are quiet, lets get a thread rolling.

    What was your most EPIC Death? (Or, most embarrassing)... So far.
    Picture it, You've just fought off a room of 50 enemies, tooth and nail, escaping with barely less than 5 HP...... Oooonly to turn the corner and accidentally step onto a Trap! Noes!

    Write your stories! And try to include relevant pictures or drawings, for effect.
    (Never trust ANYTHING in the Dungeon).
  2. crystal

    crystal Member

    let me play the game and i will tell you xD
  3. Guest

    I'll have to second Crystal on this :-p But it would be cool to hear about how people have died so I can get prepared for my first death.
  4. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat Member

    Indeed, that's what I made the thread for haha!
    There are gonna be some funny (or heart-wrenching) ones out there XD
  5. Guest

    Aw man. They must be too busy playing to let us in on their embarrassing deaths. That's a downer, but I can wait til I have my own.
  6. crystal

    crystal Member

    it's not like there are many people playing.and i don't really think there will be so many embarrassing deaths i mean it's a turned based game how embarressing can it get?
  7. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat Member

    Dieing to a low level monster, turning a corner just to step on a trap after winning an epic fight, killing yourself with spells etc etc.

    More stupid reasons really, and hence embarrassing.
  8. Lune

    Lune Member

    Ok. So I killed a quest monster. Some squidy sort of thing. I barely came out alive, though looking back I did have potions. I walk on the body to loot my rightful 5z...

    Oh, the corpse was burning. Then I was burned.
  9. Lord Blade

    Lord Blade Member

    Start game.
    Take two steps forward.
    Step on trap.

    Stupid game.
  10. satoru

    satoru Member

    Not sure if this is Epic or dumb but I opened a door on Level 2 and


    A room full of like 50 monsters. I spent about 2 minutes deciding which square I wanted to die in.
  11. Serith

    Serith Member

    Finally head down to level 2, open door. MONSTER ZOO!
    Finish fighting all of them off with my awesome foot and all my traps from floor 1. Clear out some weird serpent still in the monster Zoo. Almost dead, eat a Dire Sandwich. Don't wait for health to regain and leave room. Suddenly; SICKLY DIGGLE SNEAK ATTACK.
    Die to a Diggle after clearing out an army of monsters and several named mobs... ;_;
    And then the game crashed. My death was so dumb/pitiful, the game itself died.
  12. Lord Blade

    Lord Blade Member

    There's little reason not to wait around and heal. It's not like there's a hunger level or anything in this game like in most Roguelikes.

    I always make sure I'm pretty much fully healed.
  13. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    Testing out Vampire, with a terrible skillset, get down to 2hp in the first room (curse you Diggles!) go to open the door as I need enemies for health...

    *You hurt your foot*
  14. Noven

    Noven Member

    Level two. Monster zoo. Beat them all... and then I misplaced my fingers on the keyboard, walked the wrong way, right into a thing of... like... the purple infection type thing. I forget what it was, basically a poison. *Sigh* Epic for beating the last few out of the horde, stupid for being a clumsy fool lol
  15. Oakatsura

    Oakatsura Member

    Oh thats nothing, epic death for me was I was trying to get away from a Monster Zoo on the 3rd Floor since it was so open of an area to fight in, so I used a Potion of Transporation, and ended up on a island without anyway to get off. My Jump ability couldnt leap to any corners from off the island, so i was stuck, agitated, and angered. So attempted to just quit and the original save was gone...
  16. Selei

    Selei Member

    Level 3, found a named monster camping in a corner. As usual, i immediately drop a Rune of Exploding and start running back, confident that the massive damage that it does will be enough to weaken it before i go in for the kill. For extra giggles i figured I would use the digging ray to go to a new room while waiting. Fired it off, BAM, Monster Zoo. Monster zoo on one side, named boss and friends on the other. I died without my dignity.
  17. Zzinged

    Zzinged Member

    I tried to put one horadric lutefisk cube into another :(
  18. impulse

    impulse Member

    hah zinged i did that also
  19. supernaut

    supernaut Member

    I am still yet to play the game long enough to get to a particularly embarrasing death. Hopefully I find something that can top the famous "you died from kicking a wall" from nethack.
  20. TopHatCat

    TopHatCat Member

    HAH! I'm loving some of these replies... Gosh.
    My DUMBEST death so far would probably be walking into a room of 20 Batlings and going "Ooooh shiny item"... But just as I pick it up the Horde surrounds me so I can't escape, I battle down to the last 2... Try to eat some Ham, but clearly I chocked on it and died before it could give me any healing T.T