Your most Anticipated Upcoming Features

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Unforked, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Unforked

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    Besides all the obvious bug fixes, balancing, interface cleanups and such, what are you looking forward to most in the game?

    Overall, I'm most excited about the completion of colonist behavior, including all traits, afflictions, madness, property ownership, cult activities and whatever other surprises are in store. I'm fascinated by emergent storytelling, and this game seems on track to deliver it in a most entertaining way.

    Beyond that, I'm really curious about the higher level dynamic building systems. I want pipes!
  2. Mr147

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    Fences! We need Fences! XD
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  3. Alephred

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    I'm looking forward to post-subsistence efficiencies. Like, I need fewer of my growing population to be farmers, because I need more people in the Workshops, so I build a steam cooker and a cannery to make food more efficiently, which leaves me more workers to building Clockwork Knights.
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  4. Honorable_D

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    I'm looking forward to more advanced supply chains and craftables, more enemy variety (lets see some more eldritch action!), and then it'd have to be more defenses such as turrets and walls!
  5. Merry76

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    Fine tuning of the stockpiles. Somehow my colonists seem to think bread is a finished good, which isnt good in its own regard. Also Merger of stockpiles, removing of stockpiles and buildings (why isnt that a thing yet? If it is, the UI doesnt have it...) or even re-purposing of buildings (tear out walls between two houses that were set up in the early days, make room for one big work area?) come to mind.

    Also some kind of investigator/commissar that goes around and informs you of misdeeds he find out about (unless he commits them himself... of course!) and writes it all down into some nice, bureaucratic overview. May accuse innocents if he is corrupt himself. Breaks the mold less than the event parser that somehow knows all about a cult forming (and then causes you to click through all colonists yourself, only to not find anything at all - because almost all of them are rotten lowlifes who look at everyone with shifty eyes).
  6. mailersmate

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    steam pipes!

    Molten stuff pipes!
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  7. Mr147

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    That and fences, I mean, I know its annoying, but we need those fences, specially for the farms XD
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  8. xragon

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    Roads and Pipes, more complex build chains, the start of the more factory/workshop stuff suggested in the design blogs... the ability to choose to integrate mysterious artefacts into my colony for exploitation and hilarious after effects.
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  9. Totally agree with the OP here, I really want to see more in depth colonist behaviour with both each other and the World. At the moment I feel that the colonists are pretty basic, I want to see drama unfolding between them; crime for reasons other than cult activity, murder, theft, mortal enemies, close friends, lovers and all those other dramas that a group of people living in an unfamiliar landscape would suffer. The psychological effects of living in the colonies and the colonists reaction to the many trials they experience - it is this that I most want to be expanded upon.

    Away from that I'm also looking forward to the various nefarious things that will effect the colonists particularly in relation to eldritch horrors. All the enemy beasts/possessions are very intriguing to me thanks to the setting.
  10. TheDrgnRbrn

    TheDrgnRbrn Member

    Less gossiping, more working!
  11. TheD3rp

    TheD3rp Member

    Le Republique Mechanique and Stahlmarkia.
  12. leXie

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    I'm looking forward to the colonial buildings getting actual, proper windows! Surely they'll look less like outhouses from the exterior that way.
  13. Euel Ball

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    Got a week? :)

    The above posters have covered just about what I look forward to. I'd like to emphasize fences, walls, and roads!
  14. Zappericus

    Zappericus Member

    Fleshing out the game with defensive structures, additional factions, trade, roads, more political options (call for independence, rebellion etc.), more colonial options (plague, riots, worker union strikes, aristocracy riots etc.) and a more advanced and complex industry would be the primary features I seek in this great game.

    Really. huge amounts of potential in this Tea&Crumpet simulator. loving every bite of it
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  15. I'm really just looking forward to the whole game coming together. I understand that a lot of core behaviors and functionality needs to be fleshed out before adding additional content makes sense, but it's been kind of a letdown buying into it in Earliest Access and seeing the game seven months later without many noticeable differences. Don't get me wrong, I love how Gaslamp communicates with their community and love the overall concept of the game, but I'm just the kind of person who could see myself enjoying it a lot more once the features start rolling in. Even if I don't like the finished project, the price of the game was well worth it just to make up for the hundreds of hours I got from Dungeons of Dredmor.
  16. Andouce

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    I am looking forward to any and every update regardless of what is in it :D

    Mostly the core features and new ones like factions, events and creatures. However at the moment I would say the clothing variety for each colonist. Pretty much any of the easy stuff that can be implemented pretty quick, like linking it up from assets to the game feature.

    Buy yeah, it is coming along every update and looking forward to future as always :)

    Be nice if it looked like the art for CE and that like these:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Mr147

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    Im soooooo ready for the new updates, you better believe it. Please keep it up guys, =3
  18. Euel Ball

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    Something I forgot to mention earlier, and something I'd love to see, is multiple stories on buildings. It would be a good thing not to have to use up scarce arable land for buildings, and it would be storage space for raw materials and goods. Besides, attics are the perfect place to stash Mad Aunt Bertha, or certain hybrids transforming, and you can't have "The Thing in the Basement" without a basement.

    This isn't something I demand for the next revision, but I'd like for this idea to be considered somewhere along the line...
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  19. the ability to DEMOLISH THINGS
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  20. Euel Ball

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    Oh, and maybe some sort of multi-story stockpile? It "houses" our "wares", I wonder what we could call it? :D
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