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  1. Loving the Bandit pic, very atmospheric. I think I have had dreams like the 2nd pic. Very bad dreams.
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    *Dazed look* "Gertrude! Fetch the laudanum, and a -large- spoon! I need enough to make this image make sense!"
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    I whipped up a banner for when my Twitch stream is offline:


    Unexpectedly, the tentacles were the hardest thing to draw.

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    I filmed myself painting that thing, so here's the time-lapse video:

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    Very cool. I love how this shows the exact steps taken. Conceptually I don't get this stuff at all, so it's really helpful to see the process laid it out like this.
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    "Hurray for Fire"

    Hurray for Fire - Final.png

    Brave soldiers, thieving bandit scum, and horrid Fishman obscenities - all united in their enjoyment of fire!
    Behind them: various grumblers and ingrates who refuse to Get With The Program and love fire as it deserves.
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    Huzza! A Delightful image! By The Way, how did you do it, and isn't the Fishmen's face going to get a little...toasty?
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    Thank you!

    I'll go into detail about creating this image in another post, but regarding your other question - can I get a show of hands regarding what people think is going on with the fishperson? I was trying to get something across but might not have succeeded.
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    His ear is burning? There's a torch stuck to his shoulder? Oh, the lady has it in her hand, and it's burning him but he doesn't want to be awkward so he doesn't bring it up. Humans already think fishpeople are awkward all the time.
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    DAZ is giving away a lot of cool stuff for free between now and Christmas - there's a big selection of stuff - most older, but including some really cool items. Crazy Steampunk weapons! The HMS Victory! Steam Bikes! Old-timey bikes with the big wheel in front!

    It looks like each there's a different code each day letting people get a certain number of these items for free, and it seems to be increasing each day - yesterday you could get two items, today it's three. If this continues through Christmas that's going to be a lot of free stuff. Hurry, though - each code is only good for that day.

    I'll try to put together some new renders of some of the items that are being given away, but here are a few test renders I did last year with the Steam Bike, after converting the surfaces to Iray and applying some new shader presets.

    Steam Bike Pro - Iray.png
    Steam Bike Pro - Base 100 with Red Paint.png
    Steam Bike - Wear and Tear.png
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    Five years later, here's a timely update of my previous "Hurray for Fire" piece.

    Last year I was moving an old PC that had this artwork on it and got off my duff long enough to update and re-render this one.

    The only real change was to turn the fishperson's head and make his expression more horrified. I had tried to get across that he was yelling his head off in the first picture, and the two humans are too dense to understand, but it just came off as him looking stoic instead.

    So anyway, enjoy.

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