Your Majesty's Finest Fan Art

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  1. Euel Ball

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    Delightful! I might have to put up my version of Fish-Men...
  2. Samut

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    Please do - it would be very helpful to compare notes.
  3. Alephred

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    This is the Fishman of my imagination, dull, brutish, easily angered by things it doesn't understand (which is most things). The bandy-legged run and bandy-armed grasp say it all for me.


    And just because it was fun to make:

  4. Samut

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    I love it! It has kind of a playful, almost Muppet-like quality, although I gather if there were any colonists in this drawing the Fishman wouldn't seem playful at all.

    Did you draw that on a tablet?
  5. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I do indeed draw on a stylus (they used to call them tablets, before things like Nexus and iPad made it confusing), mine is a Wacom Intuos CTH-680.


    Funny you should mention the Muppets, because very early on in the drawing, I realized "Oh shit, I've been drawing Kemit the Frog":


    (That's Photoshop CS6 by the way.)
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  6. Samut

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    Very cool.

    Here's another update for my Fishpeople, with some poses I've been fooling around with for a week or so. There's a lot do WRT the background, lighting, shaders etc. but I like the poses and expressions enough to put this up now.

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  7. Euel Ball

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    Interesting! Guess I'll have to put up a render of my version...
  8. Euel Ball

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    Well, it took me long enough for this... Fishpeople.jpg
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  9. Samut

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    Neat! What models etc. did you use for your Fishpeople?
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  10. Alephred

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    Somehow, your cheerful fishpeople are the most terrifying of all.
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  11. Euel Ball

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    DAZ Victoria 3, I just played with the head and body shapes a bit...
  12. Euel Ball

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    Thanks! I went to the source (HPL) as the Deep Ones are described as being a mixture of fish, frog, and human. There might even be "friendly" fish-men in the game...

    ...for certain values of "friendly".
  13. potashcar

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    Up in this neck of the wood's we say; "Dont Panic Eat Bannock."
    About all that's left is Poet.
  14. Samut

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    Just wanted to mention that DAZ is currently giving away the Steam Bike on its freebie page.
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  15. Alephred

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    I found a website ( that approximates some of that neato Google Deep Dream Recursive Neural Network hoohah that some of you may have heard about, a couple of weeks ago (Google released some sample snippets of code for public tomfoolery). The Gaslamp Devs also tweeted a horrifying fishman image that had been run through the algorithm: ( over the Twitter feed.

    Anyway, that preamble is just to say



    I particularly like that my Carpentry workshop has turned into a pretty passable King Charles' Spaniel.
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  16. razrien

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    I like how the aurochs corpse and the colonist on the left appear to turn into a small boar
  17. Samut

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    Oh man, this thing is like an endless creepy pasta/nightmare fuel generator.


  18. Samut

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    Once again, DAZ is currently giving away the Steam Bike on its freebie page.
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  19. Samut

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    For anybody who's a Platinum Club + member over at DAZ, they're giving away this cool looking prop for free. Could be very handy for cultists renders and with a little squinting could make a passable Obeliskian as well.

    Here's a promo shot from the site (not mine):

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  20. Samut

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    Hey, it's been a while since anyone posted some new art! I have some pieces that weren't really finished but any future efforts will be done from scratch, so they might as well get posted.

    First up, another shot of some bandits. I was doing bandit renders for a while because I had better options for their clothes than colonists and soldiers. Here's a group of them sitting by the fire, waiting for the sun to come up before they raid the local colony.

    Waiting for Dawn 4.png

    At some point I'd like to redo this entire scene in Iray or Reality. There are much better options for firelight, metal shaders etc. I've gotten better at posing too. The expression on the main bandit turned out pretty well, though.

    Next is a render done in Iray for one of DAZ's monthly newbie contests. It turned out pretty nicely, although I would want to go back and edit the appropriate maps so the velocipede and fishperson are leaving tracks in the sand.

    Racing, Chasing, or Fleeing 5.png

    Also, motion blur hasn't been implemented yet in DAZ for the Iray engine, so perhaps using a Depth of Field effect would make the vehicle blurry enough.