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  1. Alistaire

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    What is your favourite item (and why)? - This can be vanilla, any of the expansions or a mod even.


    My favourite item is from now on the Moravician Bushdagger;
    I was browsing through the spellDB.xml and found the mechanic behind the Moravician Bushdagger;

      <!-- This is probably a terrible idea. But I'm aiming for that Dom3 open-ended die-roll. - dgb -->
    <spell name="Recursive Stab" type="target" >
      <effect type="damage" piercing="3" />
      <effect type="trigger" spell="Recursive Stab" percent="50" />
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  2. Ruigi

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    It's a deceptively difficult question, because not all items are appropriate in all situations.

    I'd have to go with the clockwork series of weapons. It's what inspired me to create the Clockwork Knights mod that eventually made it into YHTNTEP.
  3. SamuelMarston

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    Tinkering Tools, or Wizarding Keys.
  4. Haldurson

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    It varies a great deal from run to run, but I did find some incredibly useful gloves on a recent run that I fell in love with: Mittens of the Hyperborean Heirophant: They are minor artifacts with a base of 9 Hyperborean resistance, 2 block, and -3 Enemy dodge reduction -- ok not that impressive at first glance. But they also proc *100% of the time* a small snowstorm when you hit in melee, and an icebolt when you hit with thrown weapons. I can't even remember what my build was for that run. All I know is that I did great, and those gloves really helped with cold damage, something which had been my bane on 2 prior runs.

    BTW, I've never been a fan of most of the clockwork gear overall. Too often when I come across the gloves or the axe, I'll already have something that just seems better to me.
  5. Gorbax

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    Little Red Cookbook (+ Elven Ingot Grinder) for the ridiculous Lutefisk