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  1. Koffein

    Koffein Member

    Hey guys!

    After a long abstinence I bought RotDG 2 days ago.

    I created a new char and right now I'm standing at the beginning of DL5.
    And I have Lutefisk. Lots of Lutefisk. And I can't sacrifice it, cuz I can't find a shrine :(

    Seriously .. there was not a single shrine in DL1-DL4 :(
    Does RotDG (maybe any new skill?) conflict with Lutefisk?
    I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature or just lots of bad luck.
  2. Bad, bad luck.
  3. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Indeed, just bad luck.
  4. vyletrakun

    vyletrakun Member

    Are you sure you aren't just missing it? Cause I get a lutefisk statue on every level :confused: all my characters have them so maybe I am just exceedingly lucky
  5. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    I have sometimes had a level, sometimes two that had no shrines. So it is possible, just really bad luck. :)
  6. TheKirkUnited

    TheKirkUnited Member

    This happens with with greater frequency on NTTG. If you are playing NTTG expect to get more RNG screw.
  7. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    True for most, but I have only played NTTG once or twice. This is with over 430 "recorded" hours of play. It's much higher because when I was playing with the betas, I wasn't using steam mostly. So it could easily be double to triple that number.
  8. eshafer

    eshafer Member

    I just played the weirdest yet- no shops til' dungeon level 7, 2 uberchests total (dungeon levels 11 and 14), and 4 dungeon levels with Lutefisk shrines. No shop til' level 7 was a pain in the ass for me.
  9. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    I can imagine. Not a good day to die but maybe a good day to suicide. ;)
  10. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Suicide and remain living? I think you did not mean it quite like that. :p

    That would be all but unplayable without at least a few generous things from the RNG. I would probably just delete the character if I got to level three without a shop.
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  11. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    Sure you can suicide. I've done it a few times myself.Here is how:

    1. Take off all weapons and armor and such.
    2. Just drop a bunch of traps and step on them. If no traps, find a group of mosters and let them pound on you. If no traps or monsters but you do have wands, keep using them on yourself until you die. Any combination of these works as well.

    As for not a good day to die, I was using the Star Trek Klingon reference. It's a bad day to die because you are having a very bad day. A good day to suicide because you are having a really bad day and nothing is going right at all. That game is probably just not going to get better, the RNG is out to get you. At least when you suicide in the game, you can start a new character. Probably not so much fun if done in real life. :(
  12. Warlock

    Warlock Member

    Hindus and others who believe in the theory of karma and reincarnation (I'm one, BTW) have it worse off. If WE commit suicide, according to our religious texts, we get to spend the rest of the time we should have lived as restless spirits, serving random periods of torment in our netherworld. We also get a big heap of negative karma and just have to go through our existing sufferings in the next life anyway when we get reborn. :( [/offtopic]
    If you want to pursue this further we can take it to a conversation or PM.
  13. eshafer

    eshafer Member

    I considered just killing the character and restarting, but then I started to snowball with some great drops and quest rewards, and consequently, I just beat Dredmor for the first time! I was so scared half the time, as I've always done Dwarven Moderation and Permadeath, and each of my failures were to careless mistakes, but this time I tried to play a little more carefully and it seemed to pay off. Now, for Going Rogue!

    Also, random question, but I tried asking on the Dredmor subreddit and no one could answer, maybe someone here knows? I got an item on the second floor called "Tea of O'Rlyeh" and never got a chance to use it (for fear that it would be the cause of my death). What exactly does drinking it do? From the long description I'd imagine it casts all the Zalgo curses around you or something, but I was too chicken to try it out!
  14. TheKirkUnited

    TheKirkUnited Member

    It's Deliciousssss. You should eat everything you find on the floor. Even the things with discalimers. For funsies.... the tea actually isn't all that bad though. The Root of T'Char is more dangerous but still a ton of fun.

    But if you absolutely must know what something does before you use it, you can refer to the wiki.
  15. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    ...we have a wiki for non-modders? I was under the impression that everyone used dredmorpedia, which isn't actually a wiki.
  16. eshafer

    eshafer Member

    Well, I usually do try to eat everything I find, but because this was the furthest I had gotten I didn't want to make a silly mistake with permadeath on. I checked the outdated wikis, dredmorpedia, and searched the forums to no avail, but next time I'll definitely make sure to take a sip!
  17. Bohandas

    Bohandas Member

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  18. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    That one doesn't even have pages for the YHTNTEP skills yet.

    And anyway, it doesn't include mod-added stuff, which I'm 90% sure the Tea of O'Rlyeh is.
  19. eshafer

    eshafer Member

    Yeah, it's from the CES mod if I'm not mistaken.
  20. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    It is an awesome buff item. I use them before zoos. No spoilers from me though. You can always read through the XML to see exactly what it does.
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